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  1. Never a prob at the start for me. The popup is there for a short moment, but dissapear after some seconds.
  2. Hi @BarryBL, as already written it happens to me only, when returning from a race to the main menu (and never during a race). Nevertheless for me it is a bug, as it happens every time and most of the times it takes minutes until it dissapear. Often it stays and i have to reboot the game. This drives me nuts and avoids me to fire up the game.
  3. Hi @BarryBL as already written it will happen for me when returning to the main menu after each race. And... i'm not willing to add any further informations, as everything is written in this 8 page thread over months now.
  4. @BarryBL i'm speechles as well as this thread... next update with no change in game and no conversation here... eregious
  5. Racer4711

    Newbie with very BASIC Question

    Unbelievable... that's exactly what i've red, too and doing with the same feelings and thoughts in every racing title since then. 😀👍
  6. Sorry, i really can't believe, that this obvious issue is still not resolved. I have exact the same problem since launch and none of the released patches had any effect here. Moreover there is no more official communication in this context? Whats going wrong here? Edit: Where is the problem to implement a short routine to abort the process after some seconds, if there is no connection possible? So you will leave us alone with the need to reboot your game every time i have to come back to the main menu? Are you serious, Codemasters?
  7. Patch 1.05 installed on PS4 Pro, but this issue is still coming up here. Everytime you are coming back from a race, timetrial etc. to the main menu this popup message blocked the whole game. Sometimes for seconds, most of the times for minutes and sometimes i've to close and restart the game. Absolutely no other issues with my internet connection. You can also switch to the PS4 mainmenu and go the PS Store in the background without any problems. The screen "connecting to online services" remains in the game. Very bad experience...