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  1. I've just got to Silverstone in career mode, AI at 100 and noticed exactly the same thing. They're impossibly fast around Copse and Becketts for the AI level you're playing at. The overall lap time was fine in qualifying but in the race it's ridiculous. I could be 0.9 ahead before the corner then be 0.2 before hitting Maggotts. This is the case in clean air, it was even worse in dirty air.
  2. I was really glad they added this feature a few editions ago but would certainly love them to make it a little more realistic, but I guess that would require a lot of work. Certainly an option to turn off mid-season changes would be appreciated. Outside of RB/AT that hardly ever happens.
  3. I have to admit, I was majorly disappointed by the lack of updates to career mode. I don't see how playing someone elses story can be as interesting as making your own.
  4. Having played this for a few more days now, I actually really love the handling and kerbs. Really hope they don't change it.
  5. This is for the driver name isn't it? How can that be offensive, and what right do 'brands' have to the character creation? The MyTeam name is slightly more understandable, if still ridiculous.
  6. Just a quick suggestion that I'd love to see an improved amount of wet weather spray from the cars. At the moment you only really see any meaningful effect if you're directly behind a few cars at speed, this however disappears if you drop back and it almost looks like there's no spray at all after that. We've all been amazed watching a wet race start where you suddenly can't see any cars. That would be cool. Obviously a on/off switch in the settings for those that don't like it would be good.
  7. For me it's pretty much only if I mount the kerb with the near side front tyre to the apex. You used to get away with it but not anymore. Not too much of a problem as it's usually always by mistake. The kerbs the drivers attack in real life seem just as useful in the game.
  8. The PC version definitely looks better than 2020 so hopefully they can sort it for the Xbox too.
  9. Can also confirm it works.
  10. It absolutely looks awful. Another boring circuit.
  11. I'd just really like them to unchain the PC version a bit. I completely understand that they needed to make a smoother game for the last-gen consoles with 2020 but it seemed a bit harsh that PC players had to come down too, surely that's what the settings are for!
  12. @BarryBL Hey Barry - Just a heads up, it's doesn't look like this ever got fixed.
  13. I think the problem is the calculation of tyre wear, fuel usage, pitstop strategy doesn't scale very well or requires a huge amount of work to essentially make it look something like a grand prix. You've also got to throw engine and gearbox wear into that too.
  14. Quite simply lowering your wing settings to match. I generally always lower by a level at least just to keep pace. Generally as your car gets better in career you notice it less.
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