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  1. SASColfer

    Mercedes on iR

    The external sounds for that are incredible. Hopefully next years game can be as good.
  2. I've just got into the third season and I'm totally with you here. Just moved to Ferrari and it's a bit of a pain. Too much wheelspin with perfectly reasonable throttle application. I think as stated by everyone else it's the upgrades. They don't balance the cars properly with the upgrades generally. Downforce just pushes the car down (you'll notice the scraping sound constantly) and power just straight up adds more power, whereas in real life they would balance power upgrades with new throttle maps to improve drivability. More downforce they would stiffen springs (generally) etc.
  3. I have to agree that the newest wet weather effects are pretty disappointing. If you're further than a second behind a car there literally no spray. Very little in terms of a visual drying line. I don't think the car actually reacts to anything live on the surface, it's more just a set of effects and performance stats determined by the overall weather.
  4. Surely it's a no-brainer to fix this one way or another.
  5. I believe the increased speed default is the one that reduces downforce on the car so you go faster in a straight line? If so then naturally you're going to find that uphill section more tricky but generally the key is to do as little turning as possible. Line the car up to make that whole section as straight as you can with only the tiniest steering required. Any jerky turns are going to cause the back to come spinning round as we've all experienced probbaly once or twice. Try doing it in practice just slow to get the line right then get faster as you get used to it.
  6. Despite having no real desire for more tracks in this game, I have to admit I'd be keen to drive Mugello in these cars.
  7. You get lots of different sets of tyres for qualifying. Generally you would only do one or two fast laps on each set before swapping. I'd generally expect to start the race with about 5-10% wear on the tyre. You can swap them when in the garage before you leave.
  8. I can confirm discussion was not the intent. Pure satire regarding unreasonable demands. 😅
  9. Most likely a no. Far too little time before full focus moves to 2022.
  10. https://www.planetf1.com/news/formula-1-announces-qatar-grand-prix/
  11. Resurrecting this thread since I got a HDR monitor. Appears there is a fair bit of artwork that wasn't mastered for HDR. Causes the above issue.
  12. I'd suggest they need to hire more people to work on the tracks if they're struggling to release them in that amount of time. Not having Jeddah ready when it was announced in October 2020 is poor. Can't recall when Imola and Portimao were confirmed but I think it was quite a bit later so they are more understandable. You can argue "well it takes them this amount of time to train AI etc.." but ultimately as a consumer, that's not my problem. When buying the licenced product, having it accurate with tracks and cars is the bare minimum.
  13. I've had quite a few since the update but I am running a career from the release patch so not sure if that makes a difference.
  14. How far into the career are you? I'd suggest probably set up related but could be due to upgrades causing issues/bugs.
  15. @Jobling1983Interesting that the particular kerb there would be so dangerous. Thanks for the screenshots, I'll give it a go next time around. I assumed the damage was caused by the bottoming just before going up the hill.
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