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  1. SASColfer

    F1 2020 - Engine Sounds

    Great stuff, appreciate the response.
  2. SASColfer

    F1 2020 - Engine Sounds

    @issueskid Any plans to rework the trackside engine sounds (replays etc), is there any specific reason they're noticeably less detailed than you might expect when watching the real footage? Also this thread can sound quite negative at times but from the 2020 videos I've seen and compared to where the onboard sounds came from a few years ago, the sound is actually very good. Top work on that.
  3. SASColfer

    Learning to drive with all Assists off

    They've improved it massively for this year's game but the sounds of it.
  4. SASColfer

    A.i in france 2019 game.

    Yeah this is known and it's same for me. It's not unplayable but they're certainly a bit quicker. For me it's the same in Baku and Japan.
  5. SASColfer

    Mechanical failure

    This can't be a difficult thing to add really either, the random mechanic must already be half coded due to the AI having retirements. In future titles they could expand it to include an option when upgrading the car as to whether you want to the part to be reliable or fast. This would then affect a general reliability rating of the car that would factor into your chance of mechanical failure in a race. You can go super conservative and try to play the long game with a car maybe not as quick or go full experimental with the risk if breaking down in each race (McLaren 2004/5?) Obviously mechanical failures are much rarer these days in real life for the chasis but it's still a factor. Another area to expand is half-failed parts similar to how they have now for DRS. Random brake failures that reduce their effectiveness by 20% lets say would be cool or ERS failures that reduce engine power. They're both things that happen in real life. This should also feed into a wider damage system that has things like floor and diffuser damage.
  6. SASColfer

    F1® 2020 | Pre-Season Testing

    Yes this! I've absolutely wanted this for a long time. Just a small optional couple of practice sessions at Catalunya. It would make the career a lot more immersive between seasons and provide a proper split between them. At the moment I think it's too quick of a jump straight into the next one. It would also make moving teams really cool as you test and get used to the new car. You can probably throw some balanced R&D point generation in there for completing all the tests etc.
  7. SASColfer

    Historical F1 cars

    Personally love all of the 00's era cars, especially the V10's. Love to see the 2004/06 Honda's in the game. Livery might be a little boring without the cigarettes though.
  8. SASColfer

    Change team position in the pit lane.

    The licensing thing is a good point though if they have agreed to have differing performances then you would assume that moving pit lanes wouldn't bother them. In fact none of it makes a blind bit of difference to real life anyway so if that is the case, it would be very annoying,
  9. SASColfer

    F1 2020 Lapped cars on SC-conditions

    I reckon the issue is likely due to race distances and how much time it takes to pick up all the cars and then let them past. In 50 or 100 races it's less of a problem but for those playing 25% and considering somewhere like Spa is only 10 or so laps then to spend 4 of them waiting for the safety car to release all the cars could be quite boring. Plus you have the issue of drivers being careless in games and could crash into the unlapping cars.
  10. I obviously have no idea if this is in the new game but I think it was be a great immersion factor for career modes. I'd love to visually see that I'm moving my team up the pit lane at the end of each season. You used to be able to easily mod in pre-2015 games but not any longer.
  11. SASColfer

    Mechanical failure

    I'd love to see this implemented. I've seen it on developer discussions before when they said it's not fun to have random failures which is why it wasn't added in. It definitely needs to be optional and agree that it's not necessarily fun but to have highs you need to have lows for balance!
  12. Driver of the day cards incoming with increased stats - Yours for only 1500 F1 points each. Buy points on the steam store! I gest but in seriousness, I'm worried this will lead to an F1 Ultimate Team. In FIFA's case this just led to the career mode being abandoned.
  13. SASColfer

    Renault power unit wears quickly

    I noticed this in my last career going from Alfa->Renault. The Ferrari engine was much slower to wear. I think the game has inherent differences no matter what upgrades you apply that stem from the 2019 real life performances.
  14. SASColfer

    Real 2020 calendar

    If they add them I'd expect it for free. I'm buying a fully licensed game that should represent the current season. I don't expect to have to pay more down the line due to changes. That being said, if they don't add them due to the work (definitely most likely) I won't be angry. Designing however many new tracks for a one-off would take such a long time when they would usually use that time to develop next years game.
  15. SASColfer


    Somehow the colour scheme on this looks closer to real life than the current games!