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  1. SASColfer

    My Career Mode Summery: Season 3

    The transfer system has been really badly implemented. The R&D is really killing the immersion as well. The game needs the ability for teams to develop and win but limiting factors need to be added to some teams. A chance factor needs to be added to the end season development based on the previous seasons final pace chart so that the top teams have a higher chance of staying there. Obviously it needs to be possible for teams and players to rise to the top but it needs to be a challenge and should be reasonably realistic. I hate that I can take my team to the top only for the other top teams at that time to be Toro Rosso and Racing point, with Ferrari and Merc at the bottom.
  2. SASColfer

    Difficulty in keeping up with AI in R&D

    I've had exactly this but moving to McLaren. We were third best. The best me and my teammate could do was 17th and 18th.
  3. SASColfer

    Difficulty in keeping up with AI in R&D

    I'm hopeful but I have little faith this will be fixed. I'm not sure they've even acknowledged the issue.
  4. SASColfer

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    Bottas and Gasly swap seats by France in S1. Ridiculous.
  5. SASColfer

    Eau rouge the nose cone killer???

    This issue persists on 1.07
  6. SASColfer

    Heading into season 4, no sign of SC

    It's not supposed to but apparently has some effect. One thing that I remember is that for my first career I started it with the option for safety car off and changed it later on whereas my new one I made sure it was on. Dont know if that was the issue
  7. SASColfer

    Heading into season 4, no sign of SC

    I restarted my career in 1.05 and I'm now getting vsc's. I didnt have anything in my launch career of 2 seasons.
  8. That all makes sense but it would mean that the team ranking graph is way off and that's the order is incorrect. Racing point shouldn't be anywhere near as good as they are. They still seem to have some crazy straight line speed advantage. Coupled with Mclarens drag issue, that doesn't exist in real life anymore, it means the team order isn't correct.
  9. Has anybody else noticed nonsense car performance in career mode. I'm racing for McLaren who are 4th in the performance ranking. I have the difficulty set to be about level with my team mate Sainz. We are both regularly struggling to get into Q2 across the first 5 tracks of the season. This should not be the case across a variety of tracks and the performance we apparently have. Racing Point are regularly qualifying 5th-8th and finishing in 3rd-5th despite having a lower performance rating. It doesn't make any sense! The only thing I can guess at is that the 'Power' rating is having a much much larger effect than the chassis or downforce and the ranking system is just wrong.
  10. I had the exact same issue after changing teams. My S1 with Toro Rosso I was beating my team mate by 0.4/0.5 in quali. I moved teams to the 4th placed McLaren and I qualified in Australia in P18 with my team mate in P5. I really believe something in coding is broken for R&D/team changes
  11. Isn't fixed in 1.06. @RedDevilKT do you have any update from the dev team at all?
  12. SASColfer

    Nonsense AI R&D developments

    I wish it would slow down a bit, both for player and AI. At the moment its a bit silly.
  13. I can confirm this isn't fixed in 1.06.
  14. SASColfer

    Race Starts - F2

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to get a good start in the F2 cars. I play with medium TC and can hold the throttle on the F1 cars to get a good start most times but on the F2 I seem to get a good getaway and then a big drop in power and a few cars fly past. This seems to happen when I have the throttle at any level for the start, even full power.