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  1. Where was the logic in there? I missed it 😂 KT Racing are contracted to make WRC10 and WRC11 to be clear: ”WRC Promoter, which owns the commercial rights to the FIA World Rally Championship, has also confirmed WRC 10 and WRC 11 after extending its licensing agreement with game publisher Nacon and development studio KT Racing until 2022.” https://www.wrc.com/en/news/season-2020/esports/wrc-9-video-game-set-for-new-generation-consoles/
  2. WRC is confirmed for two more titles after WRC9 with Kylotton
  3. I predict something along the lines of DiRT 5. Good news that there will be something to really look forward to aside from the next launch too 👍👍👍
  4. There’s not many cars I dislike, but like has been said already if they drop NR4 that’ll be no big loss. Also if H1 were dropped I wouldn’t miss the Mini, DS or Fulvia - they’re just too underpowered to be worth it for this game. In terms of cars I wanna see I’ve got a soft spot for some of the obscure Group A stuff - ‘87 Audi Coupe quattro, ‘93 Audi S2, Nissan Pulsar GTI-R, Mazda 323 GTR/GTX, Opel Calibra Turbo 4x4, Ford Sierra Sapphire, Delta Integrale 16v (that’s pre-Evoluzione), Lancer Evo I. It would be nice if there was a flow between the demise of Group B and into Group A when
  5. I just had an idea on the career mode calendar of events on my drive to work: the WRC used to be 13ish events but only a certain number of scores counted towards your season tally, also the ERC used to be just about a rally every single weekend (sometimes more than one per weekend) and drivers chose their most favourable events to compete in and score points. How about the career mode features all 13 locations (in a logical order as well!) in a Project Cars-style yearly calendar. Only 6 rallies count towards the championship (as they do in 2.0) so you only need to pick your 6 favourite/st
  6. Having been playing the Flat Out pack non stop since I got it I’d like to make another suggestion for this thread: More Scenario game modes. The Colin McRae game mode is actually way better than I was expecting - it gives you the opportunity to have a taste of someone’s career highlights when you don’t have the attention span to do an epic 12-stage, 12-round rally championship. Maybe, in addition to a return of the Colin McRae mode, we could have a Richard Burns mode if it were released in time for the 30th anniversary of his British Rally Championship win? (In time for the 20th anni
  7. Right understood, but what did that have to do with either Scotland (as per my original quoted post) or NZ (as per NATOaddiff’s post)? Remember when DR2.0 was launched last year there was no WRC-NZ connection
  8. You’ve completely lost me. What does WRC have to do with Scotland? And what ‘new NZ stages’ are you on about?
  9. It needs to be at least..... twice as big as this
  10. My point is there is a comically low amount of snow at this year’s Rally Sweden. It was a joke. 😑
  11. I just wanted to post about a very glaring error in DiRT Rally 2.0, which has been there since DR1 actually. As evidenced by the attached pictures Rally Sweden is run on gravel, without any snow in sight. The devs must have gone to Värmland at the wrong time of year or something, lol they must be kicking themselves for this ****-up 😂 Sort it out Codemasters! #GameIsBroken #Unplayable #SnowNoBuy Pictures credit: https://www.ewrc.cz/foto/60140-rally-sweden-2020/515/
  12. Abarth 124 confirmed for DiRT Rally 😁
  13. Well, considering there is no real rally version of the M2 I’d be very surprised if anyone had ‘Seen it for real’ 😉 If we’re getting more dream cars in the next DiRT can we get a modern day interpretation of Group A - but with cars like Mk7 Golf R, Hyundai i30N, Mk3 Focus RS, Mk3 Audi S3, Mk2 Peugeot 308 GTI, all with 4WD (so not modern day Group A really) and a 2.0l turbo 😜
  14. While that would result in a much better game in the WRC series I reckon that would severely limit what Codemasters can dish out to us each time. They’d have to make a new game each year - or presumably have to justify if they wanted to take a year’s break - and they probably wouldn’t be able to include all the extra cars and locations which gives DR quite a lot of USP. I also think the competition between DR and WRC is healthy - they’ll both be trying their hardest to make the best rally sim so my hope is one day I will buy a WRC game and keep it for more than two days 😅
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