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  1. Jack4688

    The Car Class Allocation Thread

    Couldn’t agree more. I have only downloaded the 01 Focus, 01 Impreza and the 206, the more advanced stuff from the era which technically lasted from 1997-2011 should really be split in two and that Lancer should be in there with the 206, bug-eye Impreza and Mk1 Focus - not competing against cars from the early ‘90s Group A era. I’d also like to see as much of the post ‘86 Group A stuff lumped in together in rallies as was the case in-period.
  2. Jack4688

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Car Inaccuracies

    The thing I noticed with the 206 is the driver moves his hand down towards the gear stick when changing gear but the 206 had a paddle-shift style gearbox 👍🏻
  3. Jack4688

    Golf Skin

    Can we just have a Forza-style livery editor then please? Probably not until the next game in the series, but I’d like to know Codemasters’ thoughts on it nonetheless
  4. Perhaps then it would be more likely we could expect expansions to existing locations for when DiRT Rally 03 comes along!
  5. Jack4688

    Your Stage 2.0?

    I simply asked if you find this idea boring then how bored are you of the game in its current form. It only required a simple answer, but clearly that was too difficult for you
  6. Jack4688

    Your Stage 2.0?

    You also clearly haven’t read the content of my post. There would be no tile system involved; instead taking real-world locations - which in their current form we mostly seem happy with (purely from a quality point of view, not necessarily quantity) but offering more routes through that real-world location
  7. Jack4688

    DiRTy Gossip

    My thoughts exactly. It’s bad enough we have to put up with the ‘98 test livery (before Martini came onboard as a sponsor for ’99) but all the other livery options are this same DR2.0 obsession with browns and weird choices of orange and grey/grey and blue etc. DR1 had some pretty good liveries for stuff like the Delta Integrale and Focus ‘01 but in 2.0 the choice is pretty poor tbh
  8. Jack4688

    Your Stage 2.0?

    If you consider variations of stages in the Sweet Lamb complex boring af then how bored are you of the exact same stages we’ve had since DR1?
  9. Jack4688

    Your Stage 2.0?

    Oh right, I didn’t know that about VR4. Yeah procedurally generated from an open world rather than procedurally generated from a set of Scalextric track tiles is the best way to describe it 😁
  10. Jack4688

    Your Stage 2.0?

    Well in theory it wouldn’t have to load all parts of the roads at once... I hope. What is in V-Rally 4?
  11. Jack4688

    Your Stage 2.0?

    Yeah this wouldn’t be anything like the boring Your Stage from DiRT 4, try actually reading the detail of my post.
  12. Jack4688

    Your Stage 2.0?

    I’ve suggested this on reddit before but thought I’d do it a bit more officially on here. More likely on a future title than added to DR2.0, I wonder if Your Stage could be re-implemented but using a real-world location rather than using the tile system as per D4. The photos attached are of Sweet Lamb and Baumholder, showing the extra roads in the area that could be used - sorry for the **** iphone scribbles. I know this would be a lot of roads to model but think of the possibilities in terms of randomly generated stages! Would this even be possible, or am I dreaming?
  13. Jack4688

    Irish stages!! Please

    I’d love to see Moll’s Gap above all else added to this game!
  14. The other side of the road from Sweet Lamb is Myherin, a lot of which is open moorland type scenery, or further north you go into Hafren forest. But as it’s strictly speaking set in Powys, the biggest county in Wales, there are plenty of other brilliant stages we could have in that location! Although as ‘Hawkes Bay’ is actually the Whaanga Coast stage in Waikato on the other side of the North Island, they could just use creative license and create anywhere in the same country and call it ‘Powys’, ‘Ridabelles’, ‘Värmland’ etc. I’d also like to see some more of Monte Carlo and Argentina added, those two rallies are so much more than just Col de Turini and El Condor respectively.
  15. True, what I really want is Project Cars 2-style full range of weather conditions! But something like that would have to wait until DiRT Rally 03 comes along I reckon