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  1. I’d just like to know if this was an intentional design and if so why? @David Greco some of the kerbs in this game make absolutely no sense,Spa for instance is nigh on impossible not to spin if you so much as brush a kerb,Hungary the same,Suzuka the same,anyone that says these kerbs are fine and realistic most likely only plays career mode they are anything but realistic.
  2. Yea only to reappear in the next iteration,everything about this company screams shoddy and don’t care,even this website is cheap and nasty,If they cared they wouldn’t keep releasing games in an unfinished state,necessitating a raft of patches that break just as much as they fix year after year,if they cared they would respond to their consumer who is rightfully angry instead of maintaining radio silence whenever there is a game breaking issue,hell if I worked on a product and I had pride in my work I would try to defend it if people ran it down but you see and hear nothing from codemasters be
  3. They care up until the point they’ve got our money then they couldn’t care less.
  4. This! It’s a downright disgrace that this company has been getting away with releasing these unfinished games for years and I for one have had enough,I will complain to FOM and I will complain to the gaming industry regulator whoever that might be,this company is literally stealing our money and too many people are just letting it happen and making excuses for them! Would you buy a TV and keep it if only half the screen worked? Of course you wouldn’t so why should this be different don’t let these clowns steal your money.
  5. i cant tell you how angry this is making me.i literally cannot play the part of the game i bought it for,i want to know whats being done about it im sick of the radio silence when something gamebreaking like this happens
  6. When I first started properly league racing back on the 2013 game if you wanted to compete you literally had to turn the assists off because assists were patently slower(it might of been some sort of weight penalty) assists had less straight line speed and the car just felt heavier,so that was a big incentive for people to turn assists off,but ever since that time there hasn’t been that incentive because people can be just as quick if not quicker with assists on,that should just never be the case! So it’s on codies to restore the correct balance but we all know they won’t.
  7. Literally just made a thread on this myself,I personally think these kerbs are completely unrealistic,you can get spun if the side wall of your tyre is against the side of a kerb! It just would never happen in real life F1,on a good proportion of the tracks it is death to go anywhere near a kerb,I also think the kerbs are too high having drove proper sim games where they actually laser scan the tracks.
  8. Can we stop throwing oil on the kerbs please guys! The kerbs in this game are just not right at all,you can’t even accelerate next to one without spinning,the real life cars run all over the kerbs with no problem but in this game I dare not go near one,I cannot be the only one that feels these kerbs are just wrong.
  9. Not exactly the same issue but you might have more luck getting a response here Matt although I wouldn’t hold your breath https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/80600-xbox-disconnection-in-lobbies-in-online-modes/
  10. This won’t help those of you that just want to join random online lobbies,but the league I am a part of just could never get everyone into a lobby until we tried it on invite only then strangely it worked and has worked ever since,this might just be blind luck but I thought I’d put it here might help a few of you.
  11. So this was known in the beta! The arrogance of this company releasing a game knowingly in this state! People literally cannot play the part of the game that they bought it at quite a high price for! And you people are on here still trying to blame our connection when you know full well the problem is on your end! Absolutely disgusting I for one will be getting a refund and I would encourage everyone else who has this issue to do likewise,these people do not deserve your money.
  12. The bigger issue here is that the whole system is just a farce,I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I’ve been rammed or crashed into and it’s me that receives the penalty as the non assist user being hit by an assist user,the whole thing has nothing to do with skill and everything to do with who can survive without being given a penalty or put out of the race! Also when I know codies are fully aware that online lobbies are populated by cretins whose only intent is to demolish your car why oh why is damage on by default?
  13. This is all total ****** the drivers are all filth,nah just kidding I race in this and if your looking for a league that’s competitive and fun and not too sweaty this is the place for you,all the drivers are good guys and it’s generally just an enjoyable league to be a part of.
  14. I have exactly the same problem,all was fine until today,nothing about my set up has changed,so this is clearly on codies end!im on Xbox wired connection
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