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  1. speeddemon8021

    SDG Xbox League

    This is all total ****** the drivers are all filth,nah just kidding I race in this and if your looking for a league that’s competitive and fun and not too sweaty this is the place for you,all the drivers are good guys and it’s generally just an enjoyable league to be a part of.
  2. speeddemon8021

    Error 1008:h on PC F1 2020

    I have exactly the same problem,all was fine until today,nothing about my set up has changed,so this is clearly on codies end!im on Xbox wired connection
  3. speeddemon8021

    TT is a mess as usual

    Once again trying to get the leaderboards to work in TT is nigh on impossible,when I’m in the garage and I want to see the leaderboard or to steal a set up I just get loading content forever,also having set my time I quit the lobby I get a “contacting online servers” screen that just stays there forever and I have to dashboard! I go back in and on the rare occasions the leaderboard will show my time has not saved!And now as I’m writing this I’m trying to load into a track and it’s just stuck on loading and guess what I’m gonna have to dashboard again! This is a complete broken mess and I guess more fool me for buying this **** again!this company are completely incompetent and sell us all a lie year in and year out.