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  1. peanutt2000

    Mechanical Failures: Still just for AI?

    Agree on the failures my friend. I only play championship mode and this would make it more realistic.
  2. peanutt2000

    Practice times

    Hopefully in this years game you can see the results from each practice session results, qualifying results and race results from races throughout the season. I really Hope over the race weekend you can see practice results. This will add a little more realism as you can see who’s had a bad start to the weekend then come good or the other way around. I’m sure this was in previous games when you could check this.
  3. peanutt2000


    Well said pal
  4. peanutt2000


    Agreed mate. I only play championship mode. Career is very unrealistic. I wanna do a season with a real driver
  5. peanutt2000


    Please reduce the flashbacks to 3/4 per weekend as I’ve a tendency to over use them when they are unlimited. Adding a limited number adds some jeopardy to the weekend. Thanks
  6. peanutt2000


    Have they actually confirmed F2 or people just guessing?
  7. peanutt2000


    Bet they’ve done nothing to change championship mode for all the players who don’t like career or play online.
  8. peanutt2000

    Top 10 Features We NEED in F1 2019

    Championship mode with more depth!!!! As much depth as career mode!!!! Not everyone plays career some people like championship mode and it’s negleted year after year after year. When you start a career in 2019 it should ask you to start with current driver or create your own!! Simple!
  9. peanutt2000

    F1 2019 wishlist

    The ability to do a season with a real driver!!! I know this is already on but championship mode needs more depth!!! Not everyone like creating there own driver and doing career mode. Make championships mode more in depth. Give us the ability to upgrade our car throughout the season just like in career mode.