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  1. peanutt2000

    Your list of 7 iconic F1 drivers

    What are you talking about?
  2. peanutt2000

    Your list of 7 iconic F1 drivers

    Been able to use drivers that have past away or long since retired in my team.
  3. peanutt2000

    Your list of 7 iconic F1 drivers

    Very unrealistic
  4. peanutt2000

    Career Mode - Driver Market

    Well said.
  5. peanutt2000

    Career Mode - Driver Market

    Any plans for being able to control a real life driver in career mode to go along with the option of creating a driver? You don’t start a career in fifa and create your own team.
  6. peanutt2000

    Career Mode - Driver Market

    The game should be opened up for you to edit freely.
  7. peanutt2000

    When to expect new game news

    When can we expect news of F1 2021?
  8. peanutt2000


  9. peanutt2000

    Singapore 100% dry race strategy?

    That’s the problem with this game the pit stops aren’t realistic. Lot of races nowadays are only one stop yet the AI very rarely do one stop.
  10. peanutt2000

    Suzuka 100% dry race strategy?

    Medium hard is the way to go, gives you track position if others go hard then soft.
  11. peanutt2000

    So It’s Official EA Sports/Codemasters

    Just get involved when codemasters need some extra pennies
  12. peanutt2000

    What is the Best f1 game ever

    F1 2004 was good, think it was EA Buttons unbelievable season. Should of won Monaco 😩
  13. 8 if no leg break. Irvine nearly won it so I’m sure Schumacher would of ****** it in 99.
  14. peanutt2000

    Game release

    Not moaning
  15. peanutt2000

    Game release

    I’ve no doubt the game will be delayed this year because imola has just been added to the calendar