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  1. peanutt2000

    Driver line up 2021

    Who thinks Merc - Russell - vettel and Ferrari Leclerc and Hamilton? They let Ocon go for a reason Merc. They really like russell
  2. peanutt2000

    F1 2021 driver line up

    With Merc letting Ocon go who thinks Merc will partner Russell with Vettel in 21 with Bottas leaving and Hamilton going to the red car? They really like Russell.
  3. peanutt2000

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    Danny Ric AI!! Sort it!!
  4. peanutt2000

    Will AI drivers performance be updated?

    It’s a ******* joke the Danny ric AI is absolutely shocking.
  5. peanutt2000

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Discussion Thread

    Please patch Danny Ric AI!!! Can’t be that hard to patch surly!
  6. peanutt2000

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Discussion Thread

    Is the safety car actually in this game? I do 100% race distance and I’ve never had one.
  7. peanutt2000

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Discussion Thread

    Could of updated Danny Rics AI
  8. peanutt2000

    Albon to replace Gasly

    You’d think they’d do this wouldn’t you. But we know the won’t.
  9. peanutt2000

    AI driver performance

    I’d say hulk, Danny Ric, sainz and Norris all be the same.
  10. peanutt2000


    This needs patching. Not acceptable if you mid session save you can’t get highlights. Unacceptable!
  11. peanutt2000


    That’s really really poor
  12. peanutt2000


    Might be because I did a mid session save! That’s poor if it’s the reason
  13. peanutt2000


    I’m currently doing a championship season with Carlos sainz I did the first GP on 100% and after the race the highlights were there under view replay, then I did the Bahrain GP also 100% and the view highlights option wasn’t there, bug?? Very annoying and strange
  14. peanutt2000


    How do you save highlights anybody?
  15. peanutt2000

    Tyre wear percentage

    What tyre wear percent is considered a good percentage to pit?