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  1. Games dead. Onto 2022
  2. peanutt2000

    Season Mode

    No it’s stupid. Real season start should just be the real season with a real driver but for some reason codies couldn’t arsed.
  3. Was very quick on the inters at Portugal but soon as changed to west I lost a 14 lead to the car behind me.
  4. I’m doing a championship season, can you change to equal car performance between sessions? Be good to turn this on when it’s gonna be a wet qualifying.
  5. Ferrari could do with a speed up
  6. What temps should we be looking for?
  7. It would be nice to have a definite answer.
  8. Anybody else having trouble with the soft tyre in Austria? I’m doing a championship season with Sainz on 94 AI. I’ve struggled every session to match Leclerc then pulled a magic lap out on the mediums in Q2 then back on the softs for Q3 and struggled again. In the race I went Medium, Medium, soft and my pace on the last stint was shocking and drivers behind were catching me on mediums. Anyone else have this problem?
  9. The AI should really do multiple laps in qualifying in the wet to get heat into the tires just like in real life
  10. I agree with race pace qualifying pace as in Leclerc is probably a tenth or 2 quicker than Sainz on a Saturday but very even on a Sunday
  11. The tires shouldn’t be hard fixed for what you have to use, going into qualifying with 3 softs and 1 medium is wrong, that means for a midfield team they’ve only got 3 softs to try get into Q3. The tire selection should be open to use how you want through the weekend.
  12. What’s the best operating temp for the tires?
  13. Avoid the curb on the inside and take a wide line late on the breaks then easy on the throttle. Make sure the car is as straight as possible.
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