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  1. The AI should really do multiple laps in qualifying in the wet to get heat into the tires just like in real life
  2. I agree with race pace qualifying pace as in Leclerc is probably a tenth or 2 quicker than Sainz on a Saturday but very even on a Sunday
  3. The tires shouldn’t be hard fixed for what you have to use, going into qualifying with 3 softs and 1 medium is wrong, that means for a midfield team they’ve only got 3 softs to try get into Q3. The tire selection should be open to use how you want through the weekend.
  4. What’s the best operating temp for the tires?
  5. Avoid the curb on the inside and take a wide line late on the breaks then easy on the throttle. Make sure the car is as straight as possible.
  6. So what’s coming today? Portimo and the performance patch?
  7. Car performance has gotta come today, the game needs it after monza.
  8. I’m not talking about a real driver season where you can control a real driver and move team just one were you can be a real driver and have all the bells and whistles of career mode such as upgrades and managing parts and things like that. Basically how real season is now apart from you can be a real driver! Not really fussed about driver transfers in real season.
  9. Hopefully real season start with an actual real driver please codies don’t let us down.
  10. So gotta keep starting over and over again in career
  11. No way next week! Imola as well??
  12. Do we think we’ll get 1.10 this month?
  13. Just completed a 100% race with Carlos Sainz and finished 4th but after the race Ocon was classified as 4th and me 5th. Ocon was 13th though and his fastest lap was 55 seconds.
  14. peanutt2000


    Hopefully they make some improvements to real season, as in your can actually be a real driver.
  15. peanutt2000


    What do we expect from 1.10 then?😂
  16. peanutt2000


    So what do we expect from the patch next week? Surely the performance update?
  17. Regarding AI pace in practice, are they quicker in practice than in qualifying?
  18. Is it me or does the handling feel different?
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