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  1. I’m doing a championship season, can you change to equal car performance between sessions? Be good to turn this on when it’s gonna be a wet qualifying.

  2. 1 hour ago, Nuvolarix said:


    about Q2 yesterday I had a similar case but all in all the behaviour of the AI was interesting: as you can see from the picture both the Mercedes and Verstappen did a first lap on (M) but while Bottas with 1:27.6 was probably at serious risk (with hindsight), for Hamilton and Verstappen with 1:27.2 wasn't an easy call, and... one assumed the risk to not go out with S, the other did! It was nice to see ☺️



    What rather still looks weird to me is how they run tons of compounds during practice 1-2-3. Time ago I tried to 'study' the phenomenon, but without clear success. If I well remember in the list of the tyres, the icons are repeated each time one gets out for a run, no matter if with an already used set.

    Perhaps it would be nice at least to distinguish, something like the current Image2.jpg.6e7bfaab85c193f9e8cd95169b45b82c.jpg for an used set, and a new icon like this Image3.jpg.7442f2c979fc53498b20b47c1cf28fbe.jpg for a new set (@BarryBL).


    I agree

  3. Anybody else having trouble with the soft tyre in Austria? I’m doing a championship season with Sainz on 94 AI. I’ve struggled every session to match Leclerc then pulled a magic lap out on the mediums in Q2 then back on the softs for Q3 and struggled again. In the race I went Medium, Medium, soft and my pace on the last stint was shocking and drivers behind were catching me on mediums. Anyone else have this problem?

  4. 12 minutes ago, Wynterdust said:

    Pace should indeed be split into two different stats; qualifying pace and race pace. 

    They desperately need to add a stat editor into the game so we can change stats ourselves. Would be nice if we can change them between races even as an option so we can decide if a driver will perform better for a race (Like Leclerc at Silverstone or Perez at Baku for example) and then change it back after if we want to. Can also imagine our own driver growth or decay as the game goes on. They also need to remove permanent stat boosts since they make the driver stats largely irrelevant. (Gasly actually being better to hire than Hamilton is a glaring example of this). But it would also be nice to edit the stats ourselves so we can fix the poor stat choices for Russell, Sainz, Alonso and Ocon.

    I agree with race pace qualifying pace as in Leclerc is probably a tenth or 2 quicker than Sainz on a Saturday but very even on a Sunday 

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  5. The tires shouldn’t be hard fixed for what you have to use, going into qualifying with 3 softs and 1 medium is wrong, that means for a midfield team they’ve only got 3 softs to try get into Q3. The tire selection should be open to use how you want through the weekend.

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  6. 5 minutes ago, Luke1991 said:

    It’s not the exit I’m having issues with, I’ve got no issues with the throttle control. The back end is just swinging round mid-corner. Firstly I thought I was just going too fast on entry but I even tried to take it a bit slower and the back end is still so unstable, even after trying multiple different setups.

    Avoid the curb on the inside and take a wide line late on the breaks then easy on the throttle. Make sure the car is as straight as possible.

  7. I’m not talking about a real driver season where you can control a real driver and move team just one were you can be a real driver and have all the bells and whistles of career mode such as upgrades and managing parts and things like that. Basically how real season is now apart from you can be a real driver! Not really fussed about driver transfers in real season.

  8. Just completed a 100% race with Carlos Sainz and finished 4th but after the race Ocon was classified as 4th and me 5th. Ocon was 13th though and his fastest lap was 55 seconds.

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