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    Hopefully they make some improvements to real season, as in your can actually be a real driver.
  2. peanutt2000


    What do we expect from 1.10 then?😂
  3. peanutt2000


    So what do we expect from the patch next week? Surely the performance update?
  4. Regarding AI pace in practice, are they quicker in practice than in qualifying?
  5. Is it me or does the handling feel different?
  6. Next update will be F1 2022
  7. When? This is ridiculous
  8. Oh my god, I think it’s the exact opposite.
  9. I’m doing a championship season with Sainz and just do wondered what battery mode the AI use on hot laps in practice mode? cheers
  10. And still no performance patch
  11. peanutt2000

    New patch

    New patch out for PS5, any ideas?
  12. Come on Codies! F1 is back this weekend please release the performance patch
  13. I’m unreal in Bahrain no offense
  14. Be nice to have a time frame then at least we’ve something to look forward too
  15. How hard is it to implement a performance patch though? The running order is very clear now
  16. I don’t understand how this hasn’t already been implemented
  17. Found it mate thank you
  18. Can you save the game mid race on the PS5? Don’t see it anywhere on the option menu
  19. Does your save from PS4 to ps5 carry over?
  20. Cheers thank you, hope it’s that easy
  21. peanutt2000

    Ps4 to ps5

    I’ve recently upgraded to a ps5, and I’ve got the F1 game for PS4. How do I upgrade to the ps5 version?
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