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  1. 2 hours ago, ScaredDuck said:

    Just thought what the big upcoming exciting thing will be 


    braking point chapters 4-6

    There was only 3 chapters in the first exciting instalment, wasn’t there? i only managed to get to chapter before I lost interest.

    i think the prelude in 2019 was more entertaining 


    oh god please let it be true.   Started France weekend.  Opened the weather report in my usual way one eye closed and the other squinting.  Hallelujah sun sun sun every session. 

    Did practics qualifying and I just assume I stumbled on perfect set up cause monstered it.  

    I know France is very flat.  But is it just me but it looks like someone  has gone round the edge off the track with one off those huge tarmac rollers

    Don’t say that *****! 

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