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    Ps4 to ps5

    I’ve recently upgraded to a ps5, and I’ve got the F1 game for PS4. How do I upgrade to the ps5 version?
  2. Where’s the performance patch!
  3. Well why don’t codemasters set a new standard and start doing it? Not blaming you for this 😂
  4. Do you have to start a new career or championship season for new ratings to take affect?
  5. But was it quick?
  6. Anybody got any good setups for Monaco? I’m really struggling with understeer no matter what setup I use.
  7. Is it me or are Ferrari a bit slow?
  8. Hope so Ferrari seem very slow
  9. It’s like buying fifa and not been able to be a real team apart from in a friendly. It’s just ******* stupid
  10. Let’s get this thread going probably and get codemasters to patch the real season start so we can be a real driver!
  11. Why can you not be a real driver because of the license?
  12. Do we think they’ll patch this? I’ve seen a few threads on here about the same topic so you’d think they’d patch this, surly can’t be a big batch
  13. I’m praying they patch this so you can be a real life driver, it’s an absolute disgrace if they don’t.
  14. Is it me or should all tyres be a available during a race weekend? To me it should just recommend what tyres to use. I find myself getting to qualifying and only having 4 sets of softs when really it should be 5
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