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  1. 11 minutes ago, Morsify said:

    1 mid race saves - put them back in!

    2 end of season driver transfers - put the options back in!

    3 anything you like, just give me 1 and 2 before I buy.

    Mid race saves are in??

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  2. 13 minutes ago, ScaredDuck said:

    But is it... drivers success is as much about their image as it is their skill.

    dont think anyone would like to see images off themselves being terrible at their job 

    But it’s not real 

  3. 47 minutes ago, ScaredDuck said:

    It must be conditional for developers getting licenses for using drivers.

    I’m guessing drivers are concerned they will see YouTube with titles... ie Hamilton kills max... and a video off someone playing as Hamilton ramming max off track

    oh hand on that did happen


    That’s pathetic 

  4. 1 minute ago, KNT2011 said:

    Not to **** on the parade as I would enjoy this too but there is no racing game that allows you play a career with a real driver, F1, MotoGP, NASCAR, WRC, none. 

    Well why don’t codemasters set a new standard and start doing it? Not blaming you for this 😂

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  5. 23 minutes ago, marioho said:

    Oh, Monaco… There’s bound to be more players looking for advice for this one. If you don’t mind, I’ll throw some generic comments in here.

    When it comes to setups and handling it really pays to be detailed on the reporting. Not only because what one thinks is, say, oversteering could in fact be understeering resulting in snap oversteer, but specially because the “fix” entirely varies depending on when and how the issue happens.

    The best way would be to provide a short video clip demonstrating the “predicament”. Too much? Then:

    What corners are giving you the most trouble?
    For every corner mentioned, what is the issue? Oversteer, understeer, locking front wheel, locking rear wheel, wheel spin?
    For every issue mentioned, when does it happen? Corner entry, steady state cornering, corner exit?

    Summing up these three cornering phases:

    • Corner entry – When you brake and input your steering into the corner
    • Steady-state cornering – When you’ve lift off the brakes and is keeping a fixed steering angle. That’s when you hit the apex. On fast and/or prolonged corners (think of T11 and T12 in Bahrain, T3 and T4 and T9 in Spain, T11 in Monza, T4 in Brazil, T5 in Hungary) there’s also some degree of throttle applied.
    • Corner exit – When you’re past the apex and aiming to straighten your car, on your way to full throttle.

     The last setup I used for Monaco was this one:

    FW		10
    RW		11
    OnDiff		60%
    OffDiff		70%
    FC		-2.5
    RC		-1.3
    FT		0.12
    RT		0.41
    FS		1
    RS		3
    FARB		1
    RARB		6
    FRH		2
    RRH		7
    BP		97%
    BB		56%
    FTP		21
    RTP		21.9

    My goal was to reduce understeer on corner entry, be able to put power down exiting slow corners, and not lose it all if I needed to put a wheel or two on the curbs there on the swimming pool.

    How did it work?

  6. On 8/4/2021 at 6:02 PM, XboistonXx said:

    Honestly cannot agree with this more, there’s literally nowhere to play as the actual F1 or F2 drivers all it is just career mode with your own stupid ass fictional driver. I really think they under-appreciated massively how many people just want to play as the actual drivers and do a career mode season as one of the real drivers 

    Well said.

  7. 4 hours ago, KNT2011 said:

    If I'm honest about it I don't think they will. It's easy to say it wouldn't be a big patch but you're talking about removing the career element as you can't have that with a real driver, at least we think due to licensing reasons, and if you were able to add it here you'd need to also add the option to full career mode. 

    So you're talking about programming the above or converting this into a championship style mode (which it should have been from the beginning) and I just don't see the resources being allocated to do it, given the sheer amount of bugs and problems around the game that will need to be worked on as it stands. 

    It might be something they take on board for next year. Of course I'd love to be surprised, I'm not trying to be negative just to be negative, I just can't see it being a priority for a patch. 

    Why can you not be a real driver because of the license?

  8. Do we think they’ll patch this? I’ve seen a few threads on here about the same topic so you’d think they’d patch this, surly can’t be a big batch

    14 minutes ago, kalamazoo123 said:

    Agree, it’s pointless in the manner it was intended if you don’t take over one of the existing drivers.

    You could have the option of coming in as yourself if you want to jump into the real season, but you should come in on zero points as any other new driver would in this scenario.

    Both should be options.


  9. 8 minutes ago, DutchRacer87 said:

    I’m trying to balance out the AI a bit to match my speed, but I’m struggling to find the right balance when using ERS. Does anyone know if and how often the AI use their ERS during a lap? Do they always use it on the straights for example? Or do they only use it if they want to overtake?

    Great question 

  10. Is it me or should all tyres be a available during a race weekend? To me it should just recommend what tyres to use. I find myself getting to qualifying and only having 4 sets of softs when really it should be 5

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