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  1. The first corner kerb at Spain is very hard then the left handed uphill kerb at Spain is also really hard. Not that many set ups out there yet to help ride the kerbs
  2. The kerbs are a *****
  3. Wow that seems low. There’s seems to be very little grip on this years game and it’s very hard to get on the throttle. I’m currently doing a championship season with Sainz and just got to Spain, I can match Leclerc through the first 2 sectors but in that last sector he pulls a second out on me.
  4. If I was using 94 difficulty in 2020 what difficulty should I be in 2021?
  5. I like the game it’s a step forward, apart from real season start not been able to be a real driver, that’s heartbreaking hope it gets patched so you can be a real driver. Not done a full race yet but, full practice full qualifying on championship mode feels good. Car feels good as well. Like the handling this year and each tyre feels very different.
  6. It’s a disgrace is what it is
  7. The fact you can’t be a real driver in real season start is an absolute shocker for me, they’ve removed championship mode as well, so in the official F1 game you can’t be a real driver apart from in a one off Grand Prix mode, that’s like buying fifa and only been able to be play with real teams in a friendly.
  8. peanutt2000


    Hands up if looking forward to f1 2022 even before F1 2021 is out
  9. I don’t no what it is mate it just looks stupid. Looks like just a normal driver career so there’s 2 driver career in the game now. You’d think at least one you could be a real driver seen as though they’ve removed championship mode
  10. I’m so disappointed, I’ve asking for something like this for years. Why is it codemasters always let you down
  11. Will Real season be patched so we can start a real season with a real driver? I wouldn’t of bought the game if I’d of known had to create a driver AGAIN!!!
  12. Codemasters are having a ******* nightmare
  13. Will you be adding a patch so that we can do a real season start with a real driver?
  14. Was really looking forward to this, been after this sort of thing for years from codemasters but obviously codemasters always let you down.
  15. Will there be an update so you can play real season start with an actual real life driver!?!? The fact you can’t do this is an absolute disgrace.
  16. Thanks for the feedback 😂😂
  17. Just hope that when you start a season from scratch on real season it incorporates the real season performance of that race.
  18. It’ll be absolutely fantastic if real season is a one season career mode with updates and all that good career stuff, only been asking for this for 4 years!
  19. You can start the season from race one or jump in from any race that’s been completed and carry the season on from there I think.
  20. So from a video ive watched on YouTube it looks like F1 2021 Real season is a fully fledged career mode with R&D but you just control a real driver obviously. Massively excited about this and it’s about time. Hopefully the YouTuber is correct though he says he’s had it confirmed by codies so hopefully true
  21. Been able to use drivers that have past away or long since retired in my team.
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