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  1. 2 hours ago, KNT2011 said:

    What grates about this is that they were so vague about it and let people assume that's what it was, so they could include it in their new features video. Knowing full well as soon as players discovered what it was, it would immediately lose any excitement it might of had. It's borderline dishonest.

    Why is it a career? Why does it lead into a career? It offers nothing as that. If they had kept the full championship mode, they could have added this in there, instead of starting from the first race, hey you can start right now where the season is! And play the championship as the standings currently are. That is a feature, and I would have loved it personally as a championship player. 

    It might have slipped under the radar for most players, and lord knows I do get tired of the constant negativity on here, but you are right to stay mad about this mate. 

    All I want is a career mode where you can play a full season with R&D and all the goodies but play it with an actual F1 driver instead of creating one!!! It’s like buying fifa and not been able to play as a real team unless it’s a friendly. I thought real season start was gonna be what I was after, playing a full season as Lando Norris against Danny Ric but with all the R&D stuff that you can do in career but obviously codemasters let us down and all they are interested in is creating a made up driver for a made up team! Stupid.

  2. The real season start should be a real driver career mode that’s for sure. It’s ridiculous how you can’t be a real driver when playing real season start. Absolutely ridiculous 

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  3. Agree with this they never do a Sainz in Austria an go super long then are super fast at the end, never happens 

    2 hours ago, SmokyAtom07 said:

    Completely second, or third (as Dino78 got there first) this. 

    They literally have no flexibility in their strategy as, say you have a 100% race of 50 laps and they're supposed to pit on lap20, then they will pit on lap 20, regardless of whether you also pitted lap 20 and then they'll stack up behind you.  They can be stuck behind a slower car and they'll pit on the same lap and be stuck behind them again. Rain could be trickling down and if they held off for 1-2 more laps then intermediates could work but they'll pit that lap and then the lap after to change to inters. 

    Sometimes you do get different strategies from the start. Like they'll start on mediums or hards but as soon as the race begins, they're boxed in to what they intended to do, usually. 

    AI behaviour on-track has improved this year so i'm optimistic this will be resolved within a year or two. 


  4. The first corner kerb at Spain is very hard then the left handed uphill kerb at Spain is also really hard. Not that many set ups out there yet to help ride the kerbs

  5. 3 minutes ago, Silverchris said:

     I started 95 last year and started there this year and now I got used to the kerbs doing about the same as this  time last year 

    The kerbs are a *****

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  6. 5 minutes ago, NinjaElmo said:

    As a ballpark I would say start at 80 and work it up from there as you get more used to the cars. 

    Wow that seems low. There’s seems to be very little grip on this years game and it’s very hard to get on the throttle. I’m currently doing a championship season with Sainz and just got to Spain, I can match Leclerc through the first 2 sectors but in that last sector he pulls a second out on me.

  7. I like the game it’s a step forward, apart from real season start not been able to be a real driver, that’s heartbreaking hope it gets patched so you can be a real driver. Not done a full race yet but, full practice full qualifying on championship mode feels good. Car feels good as well. Like the handling this year and each tyre feels very different.

  8. 9 hours ago, SmokyAtom07 said:

    It’s basically just your normal run-of-the-mill career mode but you can be lazy and you don’t have to start from the first race. 
    That’s it, that’s the entire premise. 

    It’s a disgrace is what it is 

  9. The fact you can’t be a real driver in real season start is an absolute shocker for me, they’ve removed championship mode as well, so in the official F1 game you can’t be a real driver apart from in a one off Grand Prix mode, that’s like buying fifa and only been able to be play with real teams in a friendly.

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  10. I don’t no what it is mate it just looks stupid. Looks like just a normal driver career so there’s 2 driver career in the game now. You’d think at least one you could be a real driver seen as though they’ve removed championship mode 

  11. 5 minutes ago, KNT2011 said:

    I think that's the finished feature mate, massive disappointment. 

    I’m so disappointed, I’ve asking for something like this for years. Why is it codemasters always let you down

  12. Will Real season be patched so we can start a real season with a real driver? I wouldn’t of bought the game if I’d of known had to create a driver AGAIN!!!

  13. Will there be an update so you can play real season start with an actual real life driver!?!? The fact you can’t do this is an absolute disgrace.

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