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  1. So from a video ive watched on YouTube it looks like F1 2021 Real season is a fully fledged career mode with R&D but you just control a real driver obviously. Massively excited about this and it’s about time. Hopefully the YouTuber is correct though he says he’s had it confirmed by codies so hopefully true

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    1 hour ago, BarryBL said:

    To play devils advocate, if you are in the Career mode specifically, you are simply the driver.

    If you'd have said 12 months ago that Perez would be at Red Bull, Albon's out, Sainz is at Ferrari, Vettel is at Racing Point, Racing Point are now Aston Martin, Ricciardo's at McLaren, and Alonso is back at Renault, you'd be mad. That's not even covering Haas, Tsunoda and Hulkenburg & Russell's cameos. 

    If you want more control on the driver moves that affect you, then I'd recommend moving to MyTeam. That is the owner mode you're requesting.  In real-life, drivers don't get to pick their teammates.


    Any plans for being able to control a real life driver in career mode to go along with the option of creating a driver? You don’t start a career in fifa and create your own team.

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