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  1. Aston Martin will be British racing green was confirmed by Stroll a fees back.
  2. So you download this to your iPhone, then how does it connect to ps4? Sorry I’m not the most switched on person when it comes to technology. Cheers if anybody replies.
  3. Just thinking a bit differently here, could the awareness be another way of saying how tentative a driver is? Maybe Bottas’ awareness stat is so high because he knows/aware that he’s not as good in wheel fo wheel battle as Max and Lewis so that makes him more tentative/aware therefore less likely to throw one up the inside of the first corner in Monaco maybe. Awareness might be just a stat for the AI drivers knowing there own limitations maybe. Just a thought.
  4. Albon, Russell and Norris should all be the same really in my opinion. If they were all in the same car there’d be nothing between them.
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