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  1. How can people get this Achievement while someone wins the race and i got booted or disconnected from the session but on the guys screen he said i finished 5th but i never saw the results screen my self, i did not even cross the finish line for it for pop so i have to do this again!!! Codemasters please fix this this is getting so annoying
  2. Guestyboi

    Regulation Change (bug?)

    In 2019 you get emails from carl to say which department could be affected if theres a reg change that are "rumoured" like Powertrain, Aero, Chassi etc. I always check the email to see what is going to be affected do like a mental note to remember which area will be gone, think you have upto 7 weeks in game to decide to keep the upgrades or they will revert back where you last brought them at and you have to rebuy them at full price. I'm not which race confirms the reg change it could be around Russia, Japan i think but not sure where roughly (Sorry if its long to read lol)
  3. Yeah its the same on xbox too i have done 11 races online and i have not got it popped to be unlocked, i can see Faya has confirmed it is a bug for playstation and xbox so f1 players just be patient 🙂 I mean i can wait for a fix to come for it 🙂
  4. Guestyboi

    What are the things you Like? F12019

    There is a rare chance a mid season transfer for a driver could happen! But its so cool how it works out 🙂
  5. Guestyboi

    What are the things you Like? F12019

    About a day i have the Legends Edition so i have the 3 days early deal 🙂
  6. Guestyboi

    What are the things you Like? F12019

    I love the driver transfers in F1 2019 it makes the career mode to go longer and interesting where the drivers go to other teams I'm in season 2 of my career and some of the top drivers moved to other teams. (Xbox Player)
  7. Hello Codemasters I do have the Legends Edition of f1 2019 on Xbox I have a bug or something where the Number 1 is not showing in the number selection at all im not sure if its same for the PS4 i want this fixed when it fully comes out on Friday this week. And as well i have twetted lee about this issue as well.
  8. I appiled late to join in the beta is there enough time for me to join or am i too late?