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  1. chrishoult

    Podium Pass Season 4

    Has it been confirmed that there definitely will be a season 4?
  2. chrishoult

    Strategy mfd

    Do you know if the 'known issue' includes strategy suggestions of no stops which clearly see my disqualified at the end of the race? That suggestion keeps coming up fairly regularly for me.
  3. chrishoult

    Is it possible to go from Digital copy to Hard Copy?

    I doubt you'll see any real difference. At the end of the day the patches which are downloaded to the hard drive ultimately change the code from what is on the disc so I don't think after the first install it's really using physical copy to do anything other than verify the purchase (as opposed to a digital key with the digital copy). Thereafter I expect they run the same code. With that in mind if the game boots I'd expect them to perform the same.
  4. I have a near identical problem. Also running a Logitech G920 wheel on the xbox one x. As you describe, having beaten a rival it seems to be as it loads a new rival the game crashes & I am sent to xbox home screen.