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  1. As my post I totally agree wildcat the game is broke to broke to be released the games testers must be on some serious amounts of drugs to think that it was fit for release anyone wanting to join in and try having some fun races add i-am-bommer there is around 7 of us that play f1 at the moment it would be nice to have more
  2. It needs updating big time multilayer is very buggy you can finish last but still end up on the podium, you never know your true position untill race end, what a laugh your stuck in second when coming out of the pits, lag ,when you hit another car you get spun and have damage but the Ai drivers just carry on as nothing has happened and that's just a few things I could carry on and on but people would probably get board as i have got of your game already it should of been free in the ps store not £50 of peoples hard earned why release such a pile of crap I know it's a new game just released
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