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  1. Cant see existing club memberships in-game. Only new ones I join. As an admin of our club I would rather not leave and re-join. Edit, tried rejoining another. No change. Only NEW club memberships show in game. Did I miss the line that said old clubs dont work in DR2?
  2. I am signed up to two Clubs on my racenet account. DR2 in-game shows no clubs available to race in. I have unlinked and re-linked my racenet account. Confirmed I am using the same email address on both. My steam account is also linked. Anyone else have the same issue?
  3. This kind of defeats the purpose of clubs though right. You are supposed to bring your A-Game first time and if you cant, you deal with the consequences. Much like the real thing. I do however agree that letting the organiser pick a number of restarts could be useful for more casual clubs.