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  1. Fetal

    F1 2020

    Rivalities eh... is that in the next mortal kombat? "Rivalries" perhaps the word you want? Hamilton v Rosberg was pretty intense, Hunt v Lauda seemed like a big rivalry but was overblown by the press.
  2. 1212.02mb and 110.93mb... 1024mb = 1 gigabyte. think perhaps that should say GB (gigabytes), not MB (megabytes) otherwise this is going to be seriously small install.
  3. I think the point he was trying to make, that many seem to have missed, is REAL F1 drivers chose not to take part, because the "official licenced F1" game drives like a dog (NOT A SIM) and is infested with multiplayer bugs, and makes many of the actual drivers avoid it. We know Lando and Leclerc will drive any sim you put in front of them, see the hilarious events between Lando Leclerc and George Russle trying to drive trucks in Euro Truck Simulator 2.
  4. Fetal

    F1® 2020 First Look | My Team

    the simulation inside a simulation is why church of scientology members don't have their likeness in games/toys. because humans are a simulation ...argh its too complicated to explain
  5. Fetal

    F1 Open Beta

    once it releases it will be in Open beta if history is anything to go by. *chuckle*
  6. Fetal

    Too much arcade physics this year

    the curbs do cause a loss of traction, except you are forgetting these cars have enough downforce to make then stick to the roof at speed. so in simpler terms, yes at really low speeds they would not have great traction on the curbs, but they very, very rarely touch curbs at really low speeds. note: the game is not a sim, and probably never will be.
  7. Fetal

    Monaco Map bug still in F1 2020

    its not a bug, its just laziness. it loads that graphic for every team celebration on every track.