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  1. yeah happens if you speed up the time. the real time page will not update to the point in time you sped up to until you go out on track upon returning to the garage it will be real time again. codemasters ... clearly this name is chosen cos it sounds cool, because its definitely not based on fact.
  2. heres the problem with the Qual program. "hey Bob, we expect you will qualify around this position with a time roughly 1.23.456" and its pretty accurate (assuming you dont bin it). now here the problem... thats the time you set with the car turned up to 11 during qualifying, AFTER prac 1 2 and 3, when the track is nicely rubbered up. so in other words they expect a time that you can only achieve after the car is FULL BEANS during a session the track has more grip. they want you to kick a ball 100m, against the wind. which you can do, when kicking with the wind.
  3. if you are running speakers plugged into the back and mic plugged in the front (of pc), you have to unplug the speakers from the sound ports in the back. yes most software that controls sound will disable the back plugs when you plug into the fronts.. but the game can only look at one set of inputs at a time it seems.
  4. yes except G Hub is still in beta and doesn't work properly. you need to go into the json file and find the g29 entry, then change a line from true to false or visa versa. meanwhile logitech gaming software, which logitech does not support does work. now the kicker, if you decide to uninstall ghub, your logitech g29 will no longer function properly and windows will only ever see it as Logitech g29 G HUB racing wheel in devices. (baring a format). so you MUST use the software from that point on. Switching profiles between different games becomes a massive pain in the a......
  5. here ill fix it for you mathematically ... using non decimal places to keep it simple. 90 degrees (angle) = 0 camber .. straight up and down. 91 = -1 camber ..smallest tilt (min camber) 93 = -3 camber ... biggest tilt (max camber) now its min - max mathematically as well as left to right and no one can misunderstand it ..
  6. -2.5 is the MIN camber you can set. -3.5 is the MAX you can set. all the way right should be for speed (monza) , and all the way left is for corners (Hungary) .. its simple if you ignore the smaller number vs higher number and think of it as tilt... MIN tilt vs MAX tilt. its counter intuitive to have it min max by the math because its about the TILT of the tyre... you are not talking which number is bigger or smaller, you are talking about which ANGLE is bigger... -2.5 is small and -3.5 is big. you put a picture of a tyre sitting flat at MIN (left) end and you put a angled tyre
  7. Fetal

    "Pars fermé" bug

    thats correct, if qualy is dry and race is wet you can change your setup. if qual is wet and race is wet, you can only change front wing, break bias, and tyre pressures (from memory) I too can confirm Parc fermé on, but able to change any part of the car.
  8. same thing here.. exactly the same (inc g29 and shifter)
  9. Rivalities eh... is that in the next mortal kombat? "Rivalries" perhaps the word you want? Hamilton v Rosberg was pretty intense, Hunt v Lauda seemed like a big rivalry but was overblown by the press.
  10. 1212.02mb and 110.93mb... 1024mb = 1 gigabyte. think perhaps that should say GB (gigabytes), not MB (megabytes) otherwise this is going to be seriously small install.
  11. I think the point he was trying to make, that many seem to have missed, is REAL F1 drivers chose not to take part, because the "official licenced F1" game drives like a dog (NOT A SIM) and is infested with multiplayer bugs, and makes many of the actual drivers avoid it. We know Lando and Leclerc will drive any sim you put in front of them, see the hilarious events between Lando Leclerc and George Russle trying to drive trucks in Euro Truck Simulator 2.
  12. the simulation inside a simulation is why church of scientology members don't have their likeness in games/toys. because humans are a simulation ...argh its too complicated to explain
  13. once it releases it will be in Open beta if history is anything to go by. *chuckle*
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