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  1. My list in no particular order Ayrton Senna Michael Schumacher Alain Prost Juan Manuel Fangio Jim Clark Stirling Moss Niki Lauda
  2. I still have them in 1.17. Last race I done in Abu Dhabi, 2 AI cars DNF through mechanical problems. Safety cars still also happen. How many races have you done since the 1.17 patch?
  3. I have overtake linked to R2 which is the PL button on the Ferrari F1 add on and moved the Limiter to the same button as the DRS button (circle) as they’re not going to conflict during racing
  4. I do play on 101 and have played on 100 and there’s a definite pace difference between 100 and 101, probably more than the difference between 101 and 102. Less mistakes and more consistent?.... probably, I just haven’t noticed it much. The pace increase is the most evident change, imo.
  5. Yes. 3 different sponsors, even in different colours. Just note the different number of sponsors overall stays the same
  6. We had 11 spots before for sponsors, just crammed into 5 spaces we controlled. Now we control all 11 spots. Very handy if previously option 1 controlled 2 different spots and our sponsor decal colour worked for one spot but not the other due to the livery
  7. I suspect they don’t do either. I’m leaning towards them using standard fuel and medium ERS. I could be wrong though.
  8. I’d persist and practice a lot on Elite. I made the transition from pad to wheel in 2012 and started to play a lot of rFactor with the 1994 F1 mod using Senna’s Williams at Imola and my early lap times were not impressive, like 1:35. After much practice and persistence with a wheel, I started to lap within a couple of tenths of Senna’s Pole time. Eventually you’ll get the feel of it, all it is is transferring some skills from your hands to your feet, very much like when drummer Rick Allen lost an arm in a car accident in 1984, he started using foot pedals to use with his left foot. He practice
  9. I think I’d bring back the Jordan name and it’s iconic yellow, black and red colour scheme on it’s best liveries
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