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    Time trial not working on PS4

    I also have the same issue, feels hit or miss whether the track loads up. Leaderboards are also not loading up either
  2. DrewDGriffiths

    F1 2020 sound issue

    I noticed this and it’s because the master volume by default is only on 6 out of 10
  3. DrewDGriffiths

    Worth getting F1 2019 now?

    Wait for F1 2020 if you’ve got the cash 💰
  4. I’ll throw in a name that’s worthy and hasn’t been mentioned... Martin Brundle Never was in the right car at the right time. Was Schumacher’s teammate at Benetton in 1992 scoring 38 points and 5 podiums to Michael’s 53 points and 8 podiums (I hope I have the numbers right)....solid effort. Never won a Grand Prix but I’ve felt in the right car, he would have been a worthy champion, let alone race winner.
  5. DrewDGriffiths

    When will F1 2020 be available for pre-order on PS4?

    I’ve already pre ordered the Schumacher Edition with steelbook case from Game. However, checking the PSN store and I couldn’t find it and I suspect many other titles are missing too as I saw only 4 titles available for pre order
  6. DrewDGriffiths

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    Why not use the British flag?. I thought the Manx was a part of the United Kingdom and not a sovereign state that’s a member of the United Nations in its own right
  7. I was hoping someone would say Stirling as he was streets ahead of the others named. People forget he actually was world champion in 1958 for a very short while as his rival Mike Hawthorn was penalised but Stirling protested against it as he knew it was unjust and got the penalty overturned, giving Mike the championship.... by 1 point iirc
  8. The unbalanced AI and simulated times
  9. DrewDGriffiths

    Cool down lap added to game

    Yes, I’d have it as an option and you put a very good idea of driving the cool down lap as a top 3 finisher, driving to your car to park ferme to your sign. Then have cutscenes in first person view of the cool down room and I’d even have the podium in first person view too (why not have a longer podium sequence with national anthems?.... skippable for those who are impatient of course). Good little ideas for that extra gloss and immersion
  10. DrewDGriffiths

    Cool down lap added to game

    Yes but there needs to be a purpose to it. I’d love to have it in anyway for pure immersion but have it so that if you pick up X amount of rubber, you get X amount of resource points... just an idea. tbh a lot of things can be added for immersion like after each practice/qualifying session, the session still runs until all cars cross the line..:. Races as well tbh. I don’t trust the simulated times after a sessions ends and a session should only simulate if the player requests it. Even if a player crashes out of a race in career mode, the player should still be able to spectate if they wish.
  11. DrewDGriffiths

    Wheel Transitioning Tips

    I’d persist and practice a lot on Elite. I made the transition from pad to wheel in 2012 and started to play a lot of rFactor with the 1994 F1 mod using Senna’s Williams at Imola and my early lap times were not impressive, like 1:35. After much practice and persistence with a wheel, I started to lap within a couple of tenths of Senna’s Pole time. Eventually you’ll get the feel of it, all it is is transferring some skills from your hands to your feet, very much like when drummer Rick Allen lost an arm in a car accident in 1984, he started using foot pedals to use with his left foot. He practiced for 8 hours a day and made him a better drummer and the first album he made afterwards sold 25 million copies, it’s called “Hysteria” by Def Leppard.
  12. DrewDGriffiths

    F1 2019 FFB settings? Share

    I’m on PS4 with TM T300 with F1 rim and T3PA Pros FFB 150 On track 20 Rumble 50 Off Track 40 Wheel Damper 10 Understeer On Rotation 360
  13. DrewDGriffiths

    Is F1 esports Ready?

    Maybe with the PS5 having an upgraded VR headset, the first F1 should be VR compatible and eSports should use it and restrict players to cockpit view as well as no assists and many HUD components disabled (ie proximity arrows, track map)
  14. I think I’d bring back the Jordan name and it’s iconic yellow, black and red colour scheme on it’s best liveries
  15. DrewDGriffiths

    Is F1 esports Ready?

    T Cams should be banned in eSports, it’s a clear assist. Proximity arrows and some other display options should also go.
  16. DrewDGriffiths

    The F1 2020 calendar starting from Austria

    I’d say it’d be a good idea to add this in as an option to have in the first season for those choosing to race full calendars
  17. DrewDGriffiths

    What's your favourite F1 Track

    For me, I like nearly all the tracks, so it’d be easier to mention the tracks I don’t like. I’m no fan of Baku nor Paul Ricard and I’m a bit mehh with Abu Dhabi