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  1. Sorry for my half answer. I have the newest update on my wheel/base (402). From 1st day, it was not a fanatec problem. The ffb issues stopped with sensitivity 2250, no performance mode, no 120 fps, no VRR, no AMD freesync, no xbox live party on xbox (only xbox app on handy is possible) @BarryBLtoday i make a bug report about the xbox live party. When i write the report, should i write all problems who make fps problems or only the one part with xlive party ?
  2. The driver is not the problem but thanks for your try to help.
  3. Since the report day, 14th July. Today (since release i learned about the bugs) i think the FFB failure had nothing to do with the setup in start formation. The first days after Release i drove with F1 "performance" setting, 120 refresh rate, VRR, AMD freesync and to this time, i had ffb problems and hugh screen/fps drops. Since i drive with "quality" performance, 60 refresh rate, no VRR and no AMD freesync, i had low ffb problems and no screen/fps drops (but It's very disappointing because i want play with full series X / fps power) Is there a chance that Codemssters fix the 1
  4. Sorry that i forget to clear the report. Not sure why but since this day, i never had this problem. I write this issue in my league forum. When someone else had this problem, i write you the count and wheel. And at evenning, i try to repeat the issue in all settings (5 laps, 25&50 % and career mode).
  5. The lobby issue happend most times by peoples who use Vodafone, you too? I understand you! I'm so happy to use 120 refresh rate, VRR ... and nothing works. When i play and stay with wired Headset/Controller in party, i have big fps drops. When the Controller turn off, my wheel setting change and the ffb go up to 100% (with Fanatec DD2 and torque key a big problem). Other friends wont play the game, every 5-10 minutes the ffb turn off and they must restart the wheel, big sound problems, fps drops, MP issues and and and. The 21 game have a good handling, great look and make fun to
  6. Its not a big Problem. Put your sensitivtiy to 2250 (when DD1 not possible try 1080/800 or Auto) When you have ffb problems, wheel shaker or screen issues, dont drive in Performance mode, use only quality and turn off the VRR in your xbox, TV or Monitor (when you gabe vrr). When it dont work, write me.
  7. Turn off VRR on xbox, Monitor or TV. When that not help, set the performance mode to quality.
  8. VRR out (xbox, TV, monitor) and Quality mode, not performance mode
  9. I know what you mean. In my League we have some csl User (xbox) they can drive with sensitivity 800. Its not perfect but ok. On Series X and good Hardware i Fonds another problem who make the wheel not playable. VRR and 120herz refresh rate must turn off (xbox and monitor/TV). And you can try a game game setting: not performance mode! Only quality.
  10. Make your sensitivity on 800 or 2250 (DD2 ist playable with 2250, its not oerfect but playable). Also you must put down the FFB.
  11. Habe you try it Auto and not 800 or 2250? Or 2250 and the 360 angle setting down in game.
  12. When i stay in start formation and change something in the setup, i habe no FFB when the race start. Same issue in race and qualifying when i push the Microsoft or Menü button. PSCG-MGER-GDSA-GMJG xbox Serie X Multiplayer 5 players. Two others try it and had the same issue. I dont know the forum usernames. I and others. I go back on Microsoft dashboard, go in wheel settings, push all buttons, restart the wheel base. No Video There is only one solution. Close the game and turn of the wheel base. Problem after that solution: the race i lost.
  13. The screen freezing and shaking for 0.1 - 2 seconds. Its happend eery 1-5 seconds. PSCG-MGER-GDSA-GMJG Xbox Series X Every Mode (TT, GP, MP) 1-8 Players, they had not the issue because they dont use 120Hz (refresh rate and VRR) N/A Try to change settings on xbox and TV No Video In gane i change setting from "performance" to "quality", i turn of my VRR settings on console.. With that solutions the issues us fixed to 98%. Now i have very mini shaking on screen.
  14. Its absolutly a good solution but CM must fix it, its not normal that you must Set a setting from 2250 or else. Peoples with csl must make 800 but sometimes it doesnt work.
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