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  1. Tommy Lee Jones. Did Jeremy Clarkson find a new job already?
  2. that's very sad news, I wish you all the best for your future endeavors :S However, rest assured that you definitely pulled off one the best early access of a non-indy studio ever done. You set the bar for any future EA title and its already higher than most will ever reach. And i'll miss your patch notes buddy!  Farewell!
  3. Thats what i love so much about F1 2015 and its improved physics, it actually allows you to react on these things and adjust your driving style accordingly because you can feel your car now and put some trust into it. No more sudden oversteer or other unexpected behavior, you can manage your race now and set your speed including proper tire and temperature management. I rate this part of F1 2015 far above many other 'race-sims' out there, and i'd even say its the best recreation of open-wheel racing ever, hands down. 
  4. this cracks me up everytime...instead of being honest to yourselves and learn to drive better in the wets you rather blame the AI. The AI's driving in the wet is imho one of the most improved aspects of the game and one of the best out there. They even make mistakes if you put enough pressure on them.  As a general hint for driving in the wet, adjust your race line and everything that comes with it. brake points, apex approach, turn exit...its all going to be completely different compared to racing in the dry. If you just stick to the same line as dry you will be slow, very slow Sometim
  5. damn i should have refreshed the page before posting my comment ;) And yes, dont play with our feelings!! :D
  6. strange, i just fired up the game and today's daily event is a Cossie on a German stage
  7. Awesome, just awesome....i only did a few laps on Lydden Hill but i love it already, thanks Codies, you continue to amaze! Tarmac physics are defo different in RX, however i didnt test if it has been changed on Rally tarmac as well
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