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  1. BillyDaKid

    Overtake button as hold rather than on/off

    I vote for push and hold or at least the option for either. I have forgot to turn it off a number of times and totally drained the battery.
  2. BillyDaKid

    Improving your car in My Team (share your tips)

    What difficulty setting are you all using? I done a few Grand Prix races first to set the difficulty level I wanted, I used the Red Bull and got the difficulty set to were I was running in the top 3 and had to really push to stay with the front runners so I set the same difficulty level in My Team but in the first practice sessions I was second fastest, qualified 9th as I was running single shot qualifying and made a mistake. In the race I got up to 7th from the start and stayed there until a safety car came out at the right time so I dived into the pits which the leaders missed, after it all worked itself out I found myself in 3rd behind the safety car. Safety car came in and I was able to push and start to slowly close in on Verstappen and pass him to finish second. With a very undeveloped car I would have expected to have to push hard just to stay with a Hass. The car also felt very well planted through the corners, again I would have thought at this stage the car would have been a bit of a handful to drive and slow.