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  1. I wouldn't mind if they delay to add back carreer mode...as soon as we start to get some videos and more info 'til there..
  2. Was Super Monaco GP the one where you got to play as ZEROFORCE?  Yes! And build your way up to MADONNA (generic McLaren), @Britpoint 
  3. My bet: Monaco' GrandPrix weekend.. My dream: Super Monaco GP is back! (It had a carreer mode back in 1990...just saying) :smile: 
  4. I used to think it couldn't get worse....my mistake..
  5. I would like to see an Indycar game...I imagine they would allow driver transfers, better damage model and would be a lot lighter in terms of holding things...
  6. Maybe people on the forums are not polite enough....
  7. - If all the signing process takes so long, then send them earlier.Everyone here knows since 2010 that this "FOM needs to sign..blabla" takes a looong time, they can't say that as if it was a surprise. - When you say that If we were polite, they maybe would answer somethings is absolutely bizarre.They're acting like they are doing us a FAVOR.Business is not a favor.And we also are not giving them nothing.This behavior "Oh, If you ask me politely, I can consider giving you the honor to buy my product" is ridiculous. p.s: I'm not saying we shouldn't be polite.I just will never agree that we ne
  8. What's the similarity between John Snow and Codemasters costumers? A: Both know nothing. This is by far the worse interaction with community and way to promote a game I've ever seen. It's simple pathetic. And they came here sometime ago saying they would make different this time.Yeah, I see. Publish some FOM opinion like they are something to get excited about is like I ask my mom to write a opinion about me and use that as a proof that I'm good.
  9. I believe that the picture leaked is F12015. The scale of the wheel is differente, looks bigger (and more accurate) than previous games.
  10. Bernie says: "Build the tracks and they will come" Sorry, the new broadcast system doesn't allow cars and drivers.But we present you the new "Power Heavy Rain Mode" where you can just watch tracks being built with heavy rain!!! It's really challenging!!No cars, drivers or clear weather! Man, I'm really excited to show you how it looks! :)))
  11. It's just me or anyone else got worried about graphics in F1 2015 after watching some videos of Dirt Rallye? For sure the game looks to be fun..but the graphics are really outdated.Does anyone knows if the new Dirt is a current-gen game yet? Since they took some features out to build a new game, I really expect a mind blowing graphics for F12015...
  12. let's be honest: podium in F1 CE was pretty lame.I'm not here to defend CM but to say it's not an equal comparison.It's like saying: "This guy doesn't write a symphony because he doesn't put any effort...years ago some average joe wrote a pop song." I don't see CM doing a that bad graphic stuff just to put in..if was to be that way, they sure would have it by now..
  13. Why do they need to change the game every year?They never told us the reason fo taking out the paddock style menus or the interviews. I'm still waiting the "STORM" they were cooking...looks like a fresh breeze..
  14. Project Cars has a pretty nice carreer mode...if what I understood is right, you can start from Kart and getting "contract offers" til F-A.  Seriously, I like the idea of the broadcasf style and cutscenes and stuff like that, but as an ADITION not as a replacement. Said that, I would get F1 2010 and just add tbis features and polishing graphics, AI , weather and etc, but now, feels like we have year after year a worse game with better graphics.
  15. ...OR give you to choose a generic character face... actually, I don't mind being myself, but I do mind not having a rookie driver to be and build up for the biggest teams..
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