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  1. I can’t seem to find a game in Ranked, ever since I got the S Safety rating I have not been able to get a race going? Is that issue because not a lot people will be not there yet on the skill ranking? Is there an option to turn it off or allow me to play with any level of skill player? Just want to race lol
  2. DeadCell656

    League Assists Restrictions

    Not in Lobby’s, in the League when you set it up is where I’m getting the issue where if I allow braking assist it greys out ABS and locks it to off saying it’s restricted, is doesn’t give me the choice to allow it. If I then turn braking assist off and turn ABS on it locked out braking assist then if I turn braking assist back on to any level the game switches ABS off and greys the option out. Tried 4 Leagues all with different settings and I kept getting complaints either braking assist was restricted or ABS was restricted, there is no combination to have both of them unrestricted in Leagues, in Unranked Lobby’s I can set it up fine I can I have both assists allowed so it’s definitely a bug in the Leagues menu. Thanks for the input tho been trying a workaround for like an hour loading it and trying different combinations. Might just be a slight oversight from Codies as the Leagues menus are all brand new.
  3. DeadCell656

    League Assists Restrictions

    When setting up a League and setting assist restrictions. The game will not allow certain setting to work. If the braking assist option is turned on for players to use low medium or high assist the ABS option is auto magically locked to off and greyed out to players who want no braking assist but what ABS on. The only way the ABS can be set to on is if the Braking assist option is turned off completely so the game is limiting the assists I can turn on for players who want them? Can only have braking assist or ABS on so I have players who are forced into using Low braking Assist so the ABS gets turned on automatically. Can you please fix this Codemasters I don’t understand why the Assists menu is restricting like that. No other mode enforces that.
  4. Every time I try to access Theatre mode and I click on a replay to watch, error code and the game shuts down and asks me submit an error report. Can’t imagine there is a player solution to this so hope you see this Codemasters, I just had a belter at Monza and wanna see it 😝😁
  5. DeadCell656

    Invite to Ranked lobbies?

    I hope this can be added in the future as Ranked lobbies are much better with rules set so why can’t we invite friends?. And why can’t we run the Multiplayer Car against AI in official cars? Like a do your own team with a friend idea in private league.