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  1. Since my big rant 🙂 a lot of things have been overworked and finally DR 2.0 reaches its final destination as worthy successor of DR 1.0. I'm very pleased with what has been done since April BUT @Codemasters : You easily could have avoided that big sh-storm (all around the gaming community) if you would have handled it fair and square by simply doin what you did with DR 1.0 : At least a 6 Months Pre-Release (Beta) Access for a fair prize (like with DR 1.0), instead of being greedy, selling "Deluxe Versions" and whatnot for an actually half-baked title right away (at that time .....)

    So thanks for all the improvements & efforts, also to the DR community and please think about it before you even consider to bring DR 3.0 around 🙂

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  2. Might already been noticed but at the club description the Term "Cockpit" is flagged as "inappropriate language" lol, so can't edit with that "term" in use. Time to take things not so literally, I guess, lol again.

    I also would like to have at least one restart per stage = shake down and race.

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  3. Rocco you know my posts @S3 Forum (Fairman) and I always give constructive sometimes humorous feedback. I didn't know much about much rambling cause normally I do not visit such huge Forums, like this or EA or Ubi,  it's pointless, cause mostly you get served random "Algorithm"-answers...I just read some coments here and there (Steam for example) all about FFB, but no decent, transparent answers except for "Betatesters find FFB good" or just lately, first it said they keep looking for it and then "Nah, FFB is good".....I mean : WHAT ???!!


    Another anecdote : Just recently there was that Netflix show about F1 (1st Season) and a few days later CM announced a special deal for their old F1 2018 at Steam, such a funny coincidence isn't it ?

    This is what CM is in the first place - don't be naive guys just because they sell some fancy toys....I will continue kicking butts until the FFB is fixed. 😄

    Because Dirt 2.0 is actually worthy successor tho still half baked. Which is a shame....


  4. Hey Rocco,


    you are also a member of S3 Community, so do I have to tell you about the differences regarding public policy and customers/devs communication ?

    These guys here are not my friends until they deliver what they've announced in big shiny letters - its a typical CM thing to handle things this way, and as paying customer I don't need to accept it....

    I really don't know why you're standing up protecting CM.

    I know CM since Toca and CMR and after CMR 2.0 I simply went away because it was clear that they make a lotta promises, talking big and do a lot teasing but in the end they are too afraid and too much mainstream-oriented to take risks to go Hardcore.

    With DR 1 they regained some trust on my side - hell, I even bought D4, even it is just a pile of ****....I ereased from my HD within two days.

    Well the FFB was slightly better than the actual one, yes, but lets be honest : Compared to the titles I mentioned it was still lame.

    And thatraises old prejudice on my side.

    So is it just that  ? CM just is unable to provide a full functioning, decent, sensitive Force Feedback ????


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  5. I really wanna know what kinda Betatesters CM have. Guys@Codemasters, Sims like AC, Raceroom, rF2 have excellent FFB know for years ! ! Noone around who  got the idea to take a look at e.g. taking it as reference for this long awaited title (specially by simracers) ? You once wrote advertising that you're "not afraid to release a challenging Rallygame"....so what ? :).

    Just the usual gibberish to sell your stuff ?


    Sry but for Simracers a decent, sensitive FFB is one of the first things to take care of - eyecandy and stuff ist right down on the list.

    I still wanna believe that it is simply a bug, or you need to exchange your Betatesters for folks who really know what they are talking about...

    The other thing is the public policy : No SEROIUS official comment whatsoever regarding this issue, only blahblah - don't you dare to stall guys :(

    Whats the target date for a FFB fix ? Hm.....?

    Any reliable info on that ?


    Wheel is a Fanatec CSL PC/Xbox, CSP V3 Pedals

    Fanatec also provides the SDK Developers Tool, but I#m worried you even don't know what that is - Amateurs :D