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  1. XoxFlukeXox

    The future of grid

    I just hope Grid does have a future..... IMHO there's a huge gap in the market for decent arcade-sims, with circuit racing as opposed to open world nonsense. I know I've moaned about CM in the past but at least the games are fun :)
  2. XoxFlukeXox

    hamilton tops uk sports rich list

    I agree that tax avoidance sucks but to be fair if I had his money I'm not sure I'd want to live in the UK either.  The miserable climate being the main reason !
  3. XoxFlukeXox

    How to get better at Grid: Autosport.

    Hello Gurrens, I think the best way to get better at any game is practice, practice and more practice.  I like to get a good feel for the cars first and work out which ones feel best for me, then I get to know the tracks.  Hope you enjoy !
  4. XoxFlukeXox

    Improving Codemasters Image

    For me two of the most important things have already been mentioned: 1) make sure the games actually work on release. 2) longevity I could have happily played Autosport until the next Grid is released but unfortunately the technical issues with the game has driven a lot of people away along with the limited online playlists.  One thing that would be good would be the opportunity to play betas of your games before release to enable us to have some input into the finished product and provide an extra layer of testing :)
  5. As in me getting t-boned out of first place by a scottish american on two occasions during the same race on Algarve for absolutely no reason and me doing it back in the next race..... There are two sides to everything so I think  the mature thing to do would be to nip this discussion in the bud.  Wouldn't you agree?
  6. To be fair I usually find around 80% of guys to be fine, 15% have issues with it (usually younger lads and older men) and the other 5% are a bit slimey and think women are only online to be chatted up lol And you would have some physical evidence to support that.....? As in ?????  It's 7 years worth of personal experience.
  7. XoxFlukeXox


    Lol.... @djspeedy76,  I apologise your thread has been hijacked !  But I'm sure you understand as I'm aware you've also had problems with EVO in the past (hence scramble's angry comment about so called boosting).
  8. XoxFlukeXox


    All this from a guy who was racing clean with us up until a couple of weeks ago when you bought into EVO and XplicitNitro's nonsense gossip......  Then YOU started ramming into swany. then me, then pootash and you have the nerve to cry rammers when we do it back.   Then you go and create your own NSR team on racenet and go around trying to crash others to create further animosity against the real NSR.  I'm truly sick of you hypocrites... you start the problems with your antagonistic behaviour and offensive chitter chatter then when it doesn't work for you, you blame us and come on here and complain.   I note how you all like to tell new players we're rammers so they join in with you too... you'll need another bandwagon soon to carry that pack mentality around with you. The latest thing seems to be for you all to wait up to smash me.  I assume it's so that Flukey will back off out of first place to come and help me out.... all so your EVO buddies can gain more XP for their precious leaderboard by taking the win... and you're meant to be mature adults.... pfffttt. The crux of the problem on Grid is this.... CRL/EVO started all the nonsense way back and would have rather raced us dirty and had a chance at winning instead of racing us clean and losing and Xplicit Nitro will never get over the fact we refused to let him join NSR despite his threats to hack us.  Oh and feel free to carry on telling everyone I'm a cheat and codemasters took 2million XP off me for modding... I didn't realise having your save game corrupt was a form of modding, if that's the case I'm guilty as charged your honour.  
  9. To be fair I usually find around 80% of guys to be fine, 15% have issues with it (usually younger lads and older men) and the other 5% are a bit slimey and think women are only online to be chatted up lol
  10. XoxFlukeXox


    Give it a rest scramble.... Stop trying to cause trouble and let people enjoy the game.
  11. I have to put up with streams of unprovoked sexist abuse night after night, it's been the same on xbox for years.... my solution is to mute them, block them and ignore them - I'm aware my silence and lack of verbal or written reaction bothers some players who will try anything to get me to rant lol. Some of them are from teams that are represented within this thread. You'd be amazed at the amount of guys who seem to have issues getting beaten by a female.  Some ppl need to toughen up a bit lol.
  12. How do you know they are "bullying" and not just reacting to the way they are treated by others?  I'm also guessing certain "victims" like to follow these "bullies" around trying to get the better of them and then complain when it doesn't work out for them.  Simple solution.... leave the lobby and find another.
  13. Just to warn people..... I got a corrupt game save last night on xbox.  I only play online but had got to level 99 on touring car and was 2nd on the xp touring leaderboard (not that that means much).  Luckily I had a back up that I took a while ago but I've still lost a 1000 races worth of XP. @justbiglee for future titles maybe CM should think about saving online progress to your servers and not to our saved games.  People put a lot of effort in to these games and when something like this happens it can make one feel rather annoyed with the developer ! I thought all the problems with Grid Autosport were over but obviously not.... really disappointed and have lost faith in you guys.  It's just been one issue after another :(
  14. XoxFlukeXox

    24 hours at Daytona

    I agree that the issues drained resources, but that doesnt mean " I know we promised to fix these issues but have had others come up so screw it, no more resources are gonna be used to fix the issues we said would be fixed". If you ask me that is exactly why they are having the issues they are, I know between the last two grid games, I am not going to pre order another CM product ever. And may never purchase another.own every dirt-colin mccrae- toca- race driver game ever put out. Purchased every DLC except for drag racing and feel like my loyality to this company was in vain. I agree.... I wasn't trying to make excuses for them.  IMO the corrupt game and freezing issues were inexcusable... CM owe us a  damn good, bug free game (bug free from day of release) and they need to honour their promises.  Unfortunately if they don't sort it out I don't see much of a future for them.
  15. XoxFlukeXox

    24 hours at Daytona

    I'd hazard a guess that the problems around corrupt game saves and the subsequent freezing issues on xbox multiplayer diverted the resources that could have been used to address the issues listed above.  Grid Autosport is a good game but it could have been brilliant !