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    Multiplayer Lobby System

    How does single player prestige mode compensate for a poor multiplayer? Apologies but I don't see the connection to this thread..... am I missing something?
  2. XoxFlukeXox

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    Many thanks for the update.
  3. XoxFlukeXox

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    I disagree. In my opinion and that of many people who only play the multiplayer element of racing games, AI need to be removed completely. There are ways of minimising waiting times..... for ecample, hosts of public lobbies could start the race - project cars utilised this system and it worked perfectly. Last time we 'spoke' you stated you hadn't played this game online so unless that has changed maybe save your comments for discussions relating to career.
  4. XoxFlukeXox

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    Unfortunately they've already had our money so there's zero incentive or obligation for them to fix it. Many of us will probably not buy another Codemasters game but there are plenty more where we came from.
  5. XoxFlukeXox

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    Esports? Good luck with that. The xbox online community is dead which speaks volumes. The game is not even two months old and should be thriving. I played Project Cars for 4 years and was still getting full lobbys of 16 real people when I stopped playing. It's such a shame as the game had real potential.... I hope the devs use the feedback re multiplayer if they ever make another Grid.
  6. I'm only interested in multiplayer so makes no odds to me..... as it stands on xbox it's usually 2 humans and 14 AI. Stadia will probably be 2 humans and 38 AI lol.
  7. XoxFlukeXox

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    +1 I've already come to the conclusion that multiplayer isn't going to improve and have given up on this game. Will Codemasters care? No they've already had my money so makes no odds to them. Tbh, the monetry element doesn't bother me as much as the feeling of being let down by this game. Sorry to be blunt but quite frankly it's the worst multiplayer I've ever experienced in a racing game. It's a shame as the core game is good...... a missed opportunity 😥
  8. XoxFlukeXox

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    Then report the posts you are not happy with instead of pretending you are something you are not. Your claims of being a Community Leader are misleading.
  9. XoxFlukeXox

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    Have Codemasters appointed you as a community leader?
  10. XoxFlukeXox

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    Spot on !!! It is against the rules to impersonate a codemasters employee. You'd think he'd know this given his constant warnings and threats to others on this forum.
  11. XoxFlukeXox

    New GRID 5 (Start from here Codemasters)

    I suspect this isn't going to happen and the longer they stay silent on the issue the less chance there is. Public lobbies and the removal of AI are the most requested features for multiplayer, yet all CM will say is "the team are discussing it". If they were going to do it they would have said by now. It can't be that hard to do. The first Project Cars didn't have a lobby system when it was released on xbox. The players asked for it and SMS did it in a week or two. I have no idea what CM were thinking when they came up with the multiplayer design for this game. It's terrible.
  12. XoxFlukeXox

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    I appreciate your response Chris but in all honesty how long does it take for the team to decide yes we'll do something about it or no we won't/can't? I'm going to take it as a no. People are really annoyed to the point where some are unlikely to buy anymore Codemaster titles. CM have completely alienated a significant proportion of those of us who buy racing games for the multiplayer element. Many thanks for taking the issue to the team and your subsequent feedback.
  13. XoxFlukeXox

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    Hi Chris, multiplayer has also been mentioned a few times (to say the least). Do the team have any plans to address some of the issues raised? Apologies if you've already responded to this question on any other threads and I've missed it!
  14. XoxFlukeXox

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    Fair enough but that isn't how your posts come across.... one of the problems with forums I guess! To be honest though why should people give the game away when they've spent £75 on it.... it's a lot of money. For what it's worth I do feel for the devs and It's a shame things have turned out this way, the game has a lot of potential.
  15. XoxFlukeXox

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    90% of voters. Comments on this forum and social media indicate many people are not happy with the game. Multipkayer is dead so there is obviously something amiss. I have no doubt that some people are enjoying the game. For me career mode is OK, but I don't buy racing games for career mode. I'm only interested in multiplayer and this game is sincerely lacking in that department. People are entitled to have their say, hence my response to CordedDill.
  16. XoxFlukeXox

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    Where do I say anything about you telling ppl they can't vote? This about you constantly telling people what they can and can't say, not to mention calling Chris Groves when people say things you don't agree with. You also carry on like you work for Codemasters.... bit creepy imo lol.
  17. XoxFlukeXox

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    If you're not a friend of codemasters or an employee stop impersonating one..... keep it in mind next time you try throwing your weight around with people. So you are happy with the game, good for you. However the majority of people (nearly 90% if the poll is representative) are not. You have zero authority to tell people what they can and can't say.
  18. XoxFlukeXox

    AI in Mutilplayer

    Codemasters have been very quiet on this subject which makes me think the AI won't be removed. I don't think there's much chance of public lobbies either. All in all thus is the worst multiplayer racing game I've ever had the privilage of wasting £75 on Roll on Project Cars 3.
  19. XoxFlukeXox

    Game won't start after update

    Same issue for me.... not loading on xbox. Was this patch not tested?
  20. XoxFlukeXox

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    I appreciate that your team have worked hard to bring the patch out but I was hoping the AI would be removed from quickmatch completely. I do hope AI are removed asap and that the MP experience is vastly improved. Something similar to the MP on Autosport would tempt me to pick the game back up again.
  21. Just to warn people..... I got a corrupt game save last night on xbox.  I only play online but had got to level 99 on touring car and was 2nd on the xp touring leaderboard (not that that means much).  Luckily I had a back up that I took a while ago but I've still lost a 1000 races worth of XP. @justbiglee for future titles maybe CM should think about saving online progress to your servers and not to our saved games.  People put a lot of effort in to these games and when something like this happens it can make one feel rather annoyed with the developer ! I thought all the problems with Grid Autosport were over but obviously not.... really disappointed and have lost faith in you guys.  It's just been one issue after another :(
  22. It know there's a fair bit of negativity around GAS at the moment but despite it's problems it's still a great racing game and I think it's important we don't lose sight of that.  So I'm interested to know what people like about it.  Please try and keep things positive, there are enough threads for us to complain in already lol :smile:  Here are three things from me: 1)  Vehicle handling - I think CM have done a great job with this.  It has a sim feel but not so much as to be totally unforgiving if you make a bit of mistake. 2)  Racenet challenges - really like this, adds an extra element of competition 3)  Racenet Clubs/Team - Love this concept and really hope CM build on this for future titles (and maybe look to PGR4 for a bit of inspiration!) I know people are down about CM atm but as I said in another thread, I love racing games and without CM I'd have a choice of Forza or NFS and the odd title from random developers.  I totally applaud them for that and I get the feeling that a bit love goes into their games even if they don't always get it right lol. At the end of the day CM remind me of a dog with three legs... a bit messed up but still cute - and I mean that in the nicest possible way :) 
  23. Have been playing this game quite a bit since it came out and whilst I think it's it goes without saying that it's an improvement on Grid 2 there are a few things that are beginning to niggle already... I see in another thread that CM are discussing forum feedback today so hope some of this can included in that discussion: 1)  The Touring Car online playlist doesn't seem to offer much variety - I have been racing touring cars and it feels as though we are just cycling through the same few tracks in the same few cars.  (For example the ute on Mount Panorama comes up alot.  I like this track but it always seems to be in the ute class, I'd like to drive some of the other cars round there).  It seems we are cycling through a car and track playlist as opposed to to a track list and some of the car/track combos seem to come up alot more than others.  Last night half the races were in the classic mini around either Brands Hatch Indy or Circuit of the Americans.  Everyone in the lobby was fed up with it.  Also, the variety of tracks within the touring car playlist seems small - why can the street tracks not be made available?  I'd like the opportunity to race the different classes of touring cars on all the tracks that are in the game.  Finally why is Spa ALWAYS in A class and in reverse?  Over 100 races online and I don't think I've yet had the opportunity to race it the right way round and in another car :(  CM please look at this and ensure we get some variety ! 2)  The online repair bills mentioned in other threads are excessive.  I won a custom cup the other night, didn't hit anyone or anything and lost 3,000 G.  It would be fairer to charge a percentage of winnings. 3)  The online grid order is a bit of a killer - the fairest way is a random order.  I really don't think the current system facilitates a good racing experience.  As it stands I've seen good racers come into a lobby only to leave because they know that starting at the back leaves them little chance of getting to have good race with the other fast racers sitting on the front row who have 200 champ points to their name.  (Before anyone says anything, I don't blame them... after spending a year constantly starting on the back row in Grid 2 I know how tiresome it is).  I know you can set a random order in custom cup but tried that last night.... it put me on the back for nine consecutive races, guess I'm just unlucky !   I really hope CM address some of this because a lot are people (not just me) are finding these issues highly frustrating. It's a shame because I think the game is really good in terms of car handling but IMHO the elements of gameplay listed above may well make people "turn off".
  24. XoxFlukeXox

    The future of grid

    I just hope Grid does have a future..... IMHO there's a huge gap in the market for decent arcade-sims, with circuit racing as opposed to open world nonsense. I know I've moaned about CM in the past but at least the games are fun :)
  25. XoxFlukeXox

    hamilton tops uk sports rich list

    I agree that tax avoidance sucks but to be fair if I had his money I'm not sure I'd want to live in the UK either.  The miserable climate being the main reason !