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  1. Ok, so who can give me an answare about this problem or where I must ask this?
  2. @Faya Hi, I noted, after a firmware update of my TX Racing Wheel with F1 Add-on, when I move the encoder quickly for setup the DMF It got only one input. I saw on settings and It remove the input after my second input. So now I can't move quickly the ERS or Fuel and it's a little bit frustrating for me right now. Can you help me to understand if really can be the driver update of my wheel? Because this "problem" I had also in June but I don't remember how after maybe a game update everything was fine. Thank you... Oh when we will know something of F1 2020 😁?
  3. Sorry but, why didn't start the third event in Catalunya?
  4. Last things, I just ReEdit my profile. 👍
  5. This is my sim. I really hope to get the F1 Beta this year. Thanks again. MostRoninronin
  6. I Edit my profile Yesterday. How long do I have to wait for an answere? Thanks, MostRoninronin ( roninronin@hotmail.it )