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  1. Hi @justbiglee‌, me and my friend have entered, however, I can't upload a picture, could I send it to you through twitter or some other social networking site?
  2. I love every single idea that has been posted on here, however, the whole gymkhana thing with the new DiRT's has annoyed me, I or we want a full on focused rally game, perhaps real difficult stages such as Wales, as me being from Wales you know what true rallying is, also I would like to see the reintroduction of FWD cars, and not just the new R3s etc, I would like to see old Novas, Corsas, Clios, old 90's kit car, the lot, I love DiRT 3, but I only like it for the Rally part, anything else I dislike to an extent apart from trailblazer, please codemasters, take note to what we want, also I agr
  3. How will this work then, how will you take in our times
  4. We would like to sign up Team name Red Dragon I.T Rally Team I'm on iPhone so I can't send the logo, I can however send it through email Drivers - REV 1T oTRAo and SUBARU LAD Platform - Both Xbox 360 Livestream - Yes we would Add us
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