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    good morning guys, After two 10-race-seasons of myteam i found some issues i think should be reworked > upgrading your facilities is far too easy/fast. After s1 I was about 70% done with aero and had two facilities maxed out. Don't want to imagine the progress in a full calender season. > by race 7(ish) i got the news about rule changes and that i had to update some upgrades. I don't know how random that is but it hit me with about 12 endangered updates in aero plus two in chassis (which i hadn't even purchased yet). Of course no chance to save many of them with 3 races left. The r&d points don't seem to be balanced towards the length of the season at all. On the one hand your progress is too fast overall (imho) but then the regular cost is too much to react to rule changes. Maybe limit the affected parts in relation to season length - and of course r&d gains and costs should be relative to your season length. 10 races 45%, 16 races 72%, 22 races 100%. I think this could be done pretty easy and should resolve in a more intended career-experience of a full season. > after season two the interviewer said "congrats, you are f1 champion 2020!!" - in text and audio. Well, thank you, thank you... Wait... 2020?? After season 2? I like to imagine Kimis reaction in that situation. > team reputation grows wayyyyyyy too fast. After s1 (again: 10 race season) i was at level 16. Imagine the real life scenario. No way a rookie team would be at mercedes-level after one (better: half) season. Brawn will never have a real champion-reputation. > in s2 the team-reputation-bar grows in the wring direction. Let's say you have 40% of your current level. You gain 25%. The bar DEcreases down to 15% but after the next session it is correctly at 65% - from where it DEcreases again. It's only the visual effect (and only team) that is buggy in season 2. The calculation seems to work properly. > Engine supplier: ferrari number one? I think it was pretty clear they were second strongest engine even after winter testing (...at best... probably even third). No idea how this ranking could make it in the game. Please correct this to the confirmed pace from the first two events - also for ongoing careers. It is obvious that all ferrari powered teams have lost about 0.8s towards last year, so yes this is crucial to the game imho. F1 experts speculate about a 50HP deficit. This really is another league. > driver market: i think it would be nice to know about drivers' requirements during the season so that you can develop your facilities towards the drivers needs. Right now it's more a rng mode if you meet their requirements. Also the watchlist does not seem to have any real fuction. I remember like 15 years back in EAs football manager. You could add a player to your watchlist which had affect on the chances you could hire him. You were asked about him in interviews, you could get in touch with him months before actually buying him out etc. This had affect on his buy-out or/and salary. Not only positive, the buyout could rocket up if you were flirting too much with your top-opponents top player. This is also happening in the real f1 world all the time. So if you want us to be managers, give it some more depth. Maybe with some bonusses for juniors of your engine-supplier or an event like Toto calling "guys, if you want to keep our engines, you have to give a seat to Russel. Deal with it!" There are so many options to give myteam some love of detail. > tyre degredation: it seems like degredation does not match race-length correctly. Not sure about it but with ~15% tyre wear at 25% hanoi i was hardly able to keep the car on track after 4 laps in both stints while reeeeeally cruising aroung doing .46 to .48 laptimes. Qualy time was .38 high, so i was really cruising around like on a sunny sunday at the beach. It is clear that you can't go flat through some fast corners all race long, at some point you'll need to start lifting and so on. But after 4 laps i had to actually brake to not fly off. Anyone else noticed something similar? That was my only 25% race so far so i'm not sure about it. > Driver pace: unrealistic compared to the real world. I mean the drivers within the teams, not only the cars themselves. Should be reworked to match the actual trend. > oh I almost forgot.. in game rev lights skip the yellow range. Only in dry conditions. This has been around since 2013 at least. Wheel shows them correctly, but the game just doesn't flash them at all. > AI aggression: during race whatever... but why do they have to defend their "position" or racing line on an out lap when i'm on a hot lap catching up about 5s during the current sector... and as the years before: in 9 out of 10 cases when it comes to contact, I spin out, AI drives on like nothing happened. Physics just don't matter. Not even when it's Vettel... > engine wear in shorter seasons: engine and gearbox wear should be increased for 10/16 race seasons. It is no challenge to manage your regular amount of components in half the length. > after damaging your front wing and using a flashback it still seems to keep some minor damage. Tested this specifically at race start so definitely no prior damage, ran into AI's rear, flashbacked to race start and had noticable understeer in left corners. Can't tell if the "damage" is always on the right side or on the side your wing had damage but i noticed it on the right wing side. Fells ike a "light yellow" damage but the HUD shows all green. > car revs up when shifting from 1st gear to neutral due to engine brake. This is not possible.
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    Weekly Event Rewards Missing? - Check Here (Germany)

    I didn't receive my rewards too. PC - moeppel0815