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  1. Petri Helmikkala

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Server Connectivity Issues

    These connection issues really kill the game.
  2. Petri Helmikkala

    Replay file

    Just wondering how I can share my fantastic crashes and best moments when driving the game with VR? Did not find any way to do that. So, I suggest that we can save the replay file and run the video again in a normal monitor. Then I can create a fancy video once again.
  3. I am sure that developers messed the top speed and acceleration in every car. Example Lancia Fulvia HF have about the same stats as "rally" Saab 96 V4. I co-drived this (http://ralli.verkkonen.net/kuvat/matti/2011-07-lahtihistoric/photos/268-01.html) in couple rallies. Saab top speed with rally tyres is 154 km/h. Acceleration is a lot of slower than Lancia's in this game. In this game I can drive easily over 170 km/h.
  4. I agree with you. There s a lot of mistakes in pace notes. It could be fun that we have some possibility to change original pace notes. I think all HC rally fans ask for it. I think I would change 50% off the original pace notes. Almost half of my daily events end to a tree because of the bad note from co-driver.