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  1. New video!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uS8aXMi_5g
  2. Hello!I have my youtube channel and I decided to share my videos with you guys.Hope you like it.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zI-mhuv4vf8
  3. And i forgot to say: More DNF, there is no race in real life where all cars finish the race. More crashes in the race, expetually on start of the race (at first I think on Monaco).
  4. Cars are better in F1 2012, but tracks are better in F1 2013. My wish: FP1 and FP2, podiums, smarter engineer, more safety car and yellow and red flags, realistic damage, some problems in the race except DRS and KERS, better upgrading the car through season, smarter AI (this AI is terrible), interviews (maybe press conferenction), manual pitstop, live commentary. All in all, more realistic things like in real life.
  5. - free practice 1 and 2- more safety car, yellow and red flags- realistic damage- smarter engineer (give some advices of the weather, other cars, tyres...)- more mistakes of AI- manual box- some place like garage to upgrade car (it's boring that we can complete R&D and that's it)- more crashs, but not only in the race- some problems in race except DRS and KERS- podiums!
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