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  1. EnsiFerrum

    F1 2019 Trackir no works

    Works well on my end. You have enabled it on the options?
  2. Just set the Aspect Ratio to auto. Problem solved. Have the same monster display on my Rig and with auto all is well.
  3. It works very well, but because of the width of the screen it is not really needed. Not the screen is following the head movement, bit what you se on the screen. Turn the head to the left, the view turns left also. Didn't know if F1-20xx supports 6 DOF bit in ARMA3, eg you can shift to either side to have a glance round corners. You might wanna have a look here:
  4. I Remember we had this discussion in the a few weeks back. Virtual mirrors might be one approach. I would prefer a "radar" system like in ACC, or as a mod in AC. Would fit perfectly in the HALO. Unfortunately CM has their own philosophy of "HUD" elements ( and the dash, but that's another, never ending story). Either you have the same monitor as I have (Samsung 49") or you're using TrackIR (as I do), or both. I can understand the people well asking for some kind of virtual mirror. At least I don't need 'em. The arrows showing there is another driver are rather useless, and everything but intuitive.
  5. Hope the rotaries on the Fanatec F1-2019 will both work with all positions recognized
  6. EnsiFerrum

    Why does the sound cut out randomly

    Experienced the sound cut out bug as well. Just a few minutes ago, middle of a RX event 😞
  7. EnsiFerrum

    Fanatec ShifterSQ and Paddles - Mapping Issue

    Map sequential shifter to the shift paddles is the key. You need to have the shifter connected to the wheel base for this feature to work.
  8. EnsiFerrum

    Suggestion for wheel dash

    Based on my F1-2018 dash for SimHub. Discussion is open.
  9. EnsiFerrum

    Halo HUD

    Some guy from the SimHub community has this already in the works: SPOILER_HaloTestF12019.mp4 "So I grabbed a screenshot of the released gameplay footage of F1 2019...the halo has changed a little bit but it lines up quite nicely with the camera view...." But would be nice to have it built in the game. And no, it is not my own work. I do stuff like this
  10. Yeah, I am chosen .... again. Party Hard
  11. EnsiFerrum

    Season 1 content missing

  12. EnsiFerrum

    No Force feedback Dirt Rally 2.0

    These are my current Fanatec settings. For Dirt 2.0 I use the Profile "S_3".
  13. Softlock isn't working atm for Fanatec gear 😞 Have the very same problem with all my rims.