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  1. SimHub Dash Studio Dashes for F1-2021 F1 Dash F2 Dash ERS / ENG / BBAL / DIFF on the dash ERS / ENG / BBAL / DIFF change notifications (V)SC Delta Simple Launch helper SimHub Arduino LEDs 16, 24, 32 LEDs configuration F1 LEDs F2 LEDs Download
  2. @Hoo Any news on this bug? I disabled the the Events (I do not need them to show some telemetry data and let the leds light up) and still get telemetry send to the hardware every time I press a button on the steering wheel. I think CM simple forgot to set a flag to disable this piece of telemetry to be sent through any kind of SDK.
  3. Change your driving style Some kerbs are evil Needed about 4 -6 hours to get from Mazespin-style to Schumacher-style.
  4. Can confirm it's life. But have to start the F1_2021_dx12.exe via double-click in explorer. Start via Steam is not working.
  5. Ah, sure, makes sense. My bad I forgot about this. Thanks a lot.
  6. @Hoo UDP Data in My Team is only in 2020 format?
  7. Just want to come back to the topic for the correct numbers for the LEDs. @Hoo Any way we can get this information, please. It is really time consuming to read it out with eyeballing them. THX in advance.
  8. Thanks for the update. Espacially like "Added the MFD panel index to the PacketCarTelemetryData to identify what HUD screen the player is currently viewing" 😉 May I remind you to a post from week one I currently not able to find. I asked for the values when the RPM Leds light up. Well, we developers can read them out, but this is inveting the wheel for the 42nd time. Other game (sim) developers give me the numbers, some when a new car is added and I don't have to ask, some I have to ask. I am currently a bit short of time (new job incoming and wont leave my old job in a mess and
  9. I need the index of the current shown HUD page. CarSetupPanel -> Index = 0 PitSetupPanel -> Index = 1 CarDamagePanel -> Index = 2 CarEnginePanel -> Index = 3 CarTemperaturePanel -> Index = 4 Any possibilty to get this info?
  10. Assetto Corsa Competizione Dirt Rally 2 Automobilista 2 i-Racing Wreckfest
  11. I just uploaded my DxDiag.txt. Might help. Get it here: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=BDB2B98C015B2778&id=bdb2b98c015b2778%21328865
  12. Same issue on my Fanatec GT3RS on PC. Latest Drivers, Win 8.1
  13. Entering the Racenet Event, F1-2014 starts new, save is corrupt. Hope this gets fixed asap!!! You morons @ codemasters are doing the same mistakes again and again and again and again ..... !!! Yes I am upset and pissed!!!
  14. Change the thread title to "QOTW #9: What is the biggest degredation to F1 2014 from previous games?", please. Because there is no improvement. The grahics are the same or worse than last year. The sound is the same as last year. The gameplay is the same or worse than last year. Even the errors are the same as last year.
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