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  1. 4 hours ago, TRJoey said:

    So when is it best start saving points etc . Half way through to spend season 2 ? And if I kept my points for season 2 do they transfer across if I join another team ? 

    If you join another team your points don't go over to the new team. 


    I'm only doing 10 races seasons and I think it was towards the last few races that it popped up in the messaging area saying that the regs were changing. 

    They ain't that expensive to adapt but if there's a few areas that are changing then it might become tricky. I had 2 areas changing in the first season but I covered it all. 


    Another thing I noticed for you guys is if you restart a race (say you crashed out due to the "brilliant AI") and you changed your engine parts before a race start they go back to the previous ones if you restart. 

  2. 1 hour ago, magpieracer48 said:

    Cool to see some awesome liveries. I do think mods should be posted elsewhere though. 

    BMW Sauber


    Late 90s Jordan


    Early 2000s Jordan


    Early 2010s Sauber


    Stewart GP


    Late 90s Mclaren 


    Late 2000s Mclaren 


    Toyota F1save_46.thumb.png.010922add5848b6beb9dceb4dd2e9086.png

    Early 2000s Williams 


    Early 2000s Arrows 


    Ive tried the mclaren and the yellow jordan but cant get the colours right. Far to hard. 

  3. I've so many different ones. 

    Ford rs turbo rally livery




    Toyota corolla rally livery. 




    Random red one which looks sick


    Good old force India 







    Got loads more. 


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  4. Now I've been trying to think of an epic question to ask you and always just come up with nothing, but finally thought of something. 

    In normal conditions you get rubber laying onto the ground obviously from the cars which is called "rubbering in", but when you try to drive on this surface in wet conditions it's nearly impossible to drive on it due to lack of grip, hence why the drivers drive off the racing line for grip. Is this something you're going to implement into future titles? Obviously the AI would need reworked in order to have a cross over point where they start to race off line and then back onto it when it starts to dry. I just think this would be awesome to try implement. 



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  5. 40 minutes ago, Worntoathread said:

    Did you have a big regulation change to put you at the back of season 2? I started the second season as 5th and three races later I'm already on par with Mercedes as the best team.

    I'm seriously disappointed how easy it was, I upgraded some facilitied, purchaced some perks and now the R&D points come rolling in by +1100 per race and the car is already far beyond the Mercedes TT performance. I feel I have to stop developing my car too fast on purpose now which takes all the fun and challenge out of it to be honest.

    Yeah, all the chassis and aero department needed adapted. Didn't upgrade at all when that came into effect. 

    I'm sure if a few of us let it be known that the speed is too fast then hopefully they can sort it. Maybe make the department's more expensive to upgrade. Double or triple the price. Defo needs adjusted if you guys are saying it's bad. 


    Its still good though. Really enjoy my team. Started as Lotus Renault (the black and gold livery) and now I'm Jordan f1. That green and blue monster haha. 

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  6. What AI level is everyone at ? 

    I've completed my first season on 100 AI, cockpit view, no hud, no assists and finished in the top 10 on 14 tracks. Won 1 and got 3rd in another. My car in the first season was was probably the back end of the mid pack throughout the full season. Started my second season on 102 AI and as the 2nd slowest car. Bare in mind I did all the practice sessions in the first season, but still struggled to update the car as fast as the AI. With the money I got for finishing 4th in the constructors I signed Perez and updated a lot of my behind the scenes stuff. Finished 9th and 11th respectively in Aus, but still the second slowest car now going into the second race. If you guys are saying that once I've updated the behind the scenes stuff to level 2 then I should be at the top by season 3? If that's the case I'll just make it harder for my self. I'm updating the AI level every season until I'm on 110. If it's still a walk in the park I'll drive with my eyes closed haha. 

  7. On 7/16/2020 at 5:12 PM, substyler said:

    i am in myteam season 5 now. i got more than 100 million and nothing to do with it. no new options to improve anything. what is the plan for money after season 4 or 5? I hope in futre F1 games will be more "end game" content

    Season 5.... You been to bed since the game has been out ? 😂

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  8. I totally agree. Look at the falafel it caused when they introduced the stepped front nose. Then the t wing and now this pap. You can't win. 
     That was banned for safety reasons.... Probable down to it being able to chop your face off if something smacked into it. 
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