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  1. inspiretheworld

    Predictions as to what Patch 1.11 will bring us...

    Probably just a nose cone colour fix
  2. inspiretheworld

    Enough is enough CM

    People need to chill out when it comes to this game. Has anyone got any idea how long it takes to make a game like this, let alone changing something that is faulty/bug ? DONKEYS ! Now I know people are frustrated at certain aspects of the game but instead of full on kicking off about stuff shouldn't we try to be postive about what we actually want out of the game? Yes I agree that transfers mid season are silly. Easy solution to that is to only have them after the season ends. Done ! R&D does get extremely boring and I think we only need a few laps to determine the tyre wear and fuel usage for race spec, and maybe a hot lap or 2 for one lap pace. ERS should not be manual in my opinion. In regards to car progression, it just needs to cost a few more points to buy them and also the AI taking slightly longer to upgrade. All these negative vibes are going to give off the wrong impression when infact most of them may just need a few tweaks.
  3. inspiretheworld

    Can you do anything about league Ai ?

    AI are at their worst ive seen in a few games. Needs sorted!
  4. How's everyone's career going ? I'm onto Baku in my second season. Started at Redbull and finished 3rd. Got Redbull into the top flight with Ferrari and Mercedes, so 3 way battle. I decided to join Mclaren who was way at the bottom. Literally wasn't having it. Kimi joined me which I thought was really weird. Hamilton has moved twice. Once to Haas and now to Renault with Weber. Who infact are the top team now starting season 2. Other then that, only slight changes to teams.
  5. inspiretheworld

    [TUTORIAL] How to use the differential adjust during race

    The differential in real life works like this. The slower the corner the more chance of wheel slip so the more open (towards the left or lower value) you need the diff to be able to balance the slip. The faster corners can handle a locked diff as there is less chance of wheel slip so you can maximise the potential of the cars pace. Michael Schumacher was the main man at this back in the day. Watch onboards hot laps of him. He is constantly changing the diff.
  6. inspiretheworld

    How has R&D been changed?

    Offline the AI is great but online is another matter. Literally the worst I've ever seen in the past few years.
  7. inspiretheworld

    F1 2020 - Things to make the game better

    •More historic tracks •No manual ers •Better dynamic weather(wet and dry on certain parts of the track) •More simplified practice sessions with simple R&D (trying to just beat a certain time for qualy, same with a race time and then a session of just tyre wear stints. Simple) •Get rid of event weekends and bring a story mode into it. •winter testing •smarter AI, as in mistakes, risk taking, strategies, team switches. •Co op •2 player career or implement career into a online co op mode (R&D) • Different teams being ahead or behind each season in terms of raw pace. Similar to what is in this year's game just not during a season where a certain team would get a massive spike of performance. Can't think of anything else.
  8. inspiretheworld

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    I don't use traction control ! You clearly don't watch the esport drivers. Take a trip to YouTube and watch them.
  9. inspiretheworld

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    I agree with this. Onboard shots of last year's race or even video evidence, the bump isn't as violate as what the game portrays it to be. Hot lap of last year's race. Another note as well on this onboard video. Hamilton doesn't downshift like we do in the game. Going into 1st gear in game shouldn't be a thing. Can't do it in real life then why can we do it in the game? I think the game should punish you for driving that aggressive.
  10. inspiretheworld

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    AI are still diabolical online ! Still driving into you like you don't exist
  11. inspiretheworld

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Are you guys playing a different game to me ? I can match the AI in the rain in qualy and be slightly slower in the dry. Seems a slight bit of an improvement to before. I don't see where you guys are getting this op AI.
  12. inspiretheworld

    How has R&D been changed?

    The AI still upgrade but I think the rapid upgrading of certain teams has been reduced. In regards to the AI in the rain. They ain't that fast. Practice !
  13. inspiretheworld

    Gearbox problems

    I use manual gears and I have never had any problems what so ever. I'm driving for Redbull in my career and have only upgraded the first stage of any gearbox related thing. Maybes a certain car issue or you're just driving like a crazed child of sweets.
  14. inspiretheworld

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Anyone tested out the new patch ? What's the craic?
  15. inspiretheworld

    My Career Mode Summery: Season 3

    Anyone ?