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  1. Hello, fix is quite simple. Dont use low fuel setting in the fuel and tyre management practise programme. Or let AI sim that particular practice programme. I've not played for a month or two so suprised codies havent patched this bug.
  2. Playing on MyTeam and Bottas has tsken pole for every race and is way overpowered for his stats. Needs to be nerfed.
  3. I use ERS (overtake) on the starts for races, the AI dont. Thats why i gain a few positions.
  4. dino78

    What AI level?

    80 and leave it alone. Have done for many years. Happy with the difficulty for me personally.
  5. dino78

    Rain and R&D

    I wish i had rain. 10 GP into MyTeam first season and not a single drop anywhere.
  6. Suggestion make your text smaller.
  7. I always leave Monaco out of my 16 race season in MyTeam. Or if im doing a 20 race season then just crash out at start of race on purpose. Hate Monaco in the game and watching it in real life. Dinosaur track not fit for purpose but needed for F1 to schmooze the rich people on their swanky yachts.
  8. Good differential explanation here https://simracingsetup.com/f1-2020-news-guides/f1-2020-setup-guide/
  9. dino78

    Tyres management

    The only i have noticed is tyre temps drop right off during safety car period unless you aggressively keep them warm. Especially with the Hards, they drop to 70c and when the safety car period is over your a sitting duck. Lack of marbles on the track as a GP progresses is something that i would like to see fixed.
  10. The game cant be pushed back, codies have a contract with the FIA. The game has to be released on date x, come hell or high water. I'd give codies a break on the new tracks, takes a year for a new track to be added to the game and covid would have certainly delayed work. The chop and changing of the IRL F1 calender due to covid doesnt help.
  11. I've already made that mistake. Should have focused on aero and chassis initially rather than powertrain. The car is a dog. Massive understeer. Need my chassis and aero (front and rear wing) upgrades to come through soon.
  12. We need last years R&D tree back, agree this years is utterly awful.
  13. This ******* game is so bloody broken. My car is stuck in a loop at the pit entry trying to drive into a wall while the race continues. Utterly ******* ridiculous. My car changes into a ghost car so other AI cars can still pit.
  14. Thats what i am hoping. Really need some aero and chassis upgrades to the car in MyTeam. The understeer is so bad for my car at Silverstone its hard to keep up with my teammate.
  15. I recall last year reading somewhere that FIA wanted a proper simulator F1 game to be used for its growing F1 e-sports series. I think codies were mentioned as being asked to deliever it. I could be wrong. However it got me thinking, we've got a split in the fanbase of the game. Some fans want new features ala braking point, classic cars, classic tracks. Others want the core gameplay fixed to be as realistic as possible. A fine balancing act for codies here between attracting the casual fan and keeping the diehards happy. So what if the game was split in two seperate releases? The co
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