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  1. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. 1A. Started russian gp. One first lap got a ps4 blue screen. Data is corrupted. Please eject disc and reinstall game. Got dumped back to ps4 home screen. Couldnt get back into game. Restarted ps4. Restart was stuck in loop. Pulled power cable. Restarted ps4 got back into the game and restarted the russian gp 2. Platform 2a. PS4 3. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 3A. 1.05 4. Game-mode? 4A. My Team 5. What are your replication numbers? Minimum test attempts are 4. Please also add EXACT replication steps for us to try too. 5A. Havent replicated 6. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue 6A. Had to pull the power cable out of back of ps4 as restarting ps4 was stuck in a loop. 7. What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) 7A. Control pad 8. Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears. 8A. No forgot to take screenshot
  2. dino78

    Changing tires in variable conditions

    Has anyone else noticed in the actual race that when on slicks and weather is worsening to full wets the AI are much faster than you? I had this at Singapore where 3 laps from the end it was full wets conditions, noone pitted for full wets. However the inters were a real challenge and the AI was flying around on the inters. I moved brake balance forward and loosen the differential but the car was still horribly understeering and there was a queue of cars behind me. I had this at Silverstone as well.
  3. dino78

    Is it worth 50 pound at minute

    Codemasters have done a good job with this years release. My Team is much better than i thought. There are a few minor bugs which will get sorted out. What people fail to grasp is that codemasters have to release a game every year contractually and arent anywhere near as big as EA who release yearly fifa games. AAA games take 3-5 years per release and codies are knocking out a game in 1 year. So you do have to take the rough with the smooth. Is it worth £50? If your a f1 fan then yes certainly.
  4. dino78

    Pressure should be on to add new tracks

    Mods need to lock this thread now. Its beyond stupid.
  5. dino78

    Halo Hud for future

    Yep also agree and want the places order on the screen as well
  6. dino78

    Dynamic Weather Changes

    A percentage slider for each race weekend would be good and add some unpredictability. Ie. For Silverstone i might move weather slider to 85% chance of rain. Or for Austria i might move it to 5% chance of rain. Id still like to be able to decide if i wanted a wet race, or dry to wet or wet to dry etc but if i want some randomness i could use the slider.
  7. dino78

    Make practice less mandatory or less the same

    I agree it feels like a chore at the moment. There does need to be an option for people who dont have enough free time to simulate practise or programmes within a practise session without being penalised. 1. Keep Track Acclimatization, useful for learning new tracks, refreshers or for new players to f1. 2. Look at changing Tyre and Fuel Management. Both are an utter chore at the moment and i dont both with either. Fuel run should include low and high fuel runs. 3. ERS programme needs some guidiance from Jeff. Its too easy just to drive a lap.and not touch ERS and get Purple reward. Have jeff tell you when the team want ERS deployed because the team want to optimise ERS deployment for that track. 4. Move qually run to FP3 (that way you have to use fp3). Basically team will not run the engine in higer engine modes till fp3. Actually qually run should be in RICH mode only. MAX should only be used for actually qualifying as they do IRL. Also "party mode" should be an option in the powertrain R&D. 5. Race Simulation needs to be done with all three compounds. Id reduce the number of laps for this to three per compound. 6. Add an R&D testing programme to run in FP1. This is to test if the new components work and make you faster or not. 7. Id like more communication with jeff in practice. Example, in practise on mfd have addition options: car is understeering, car is oversteering. Brakes arent stopping me in time etc. Jeff would recommend what do do ie lower the differential, change the brake balance or we'll have to make a change when youre back in the garage. 8. When your back in garage speak to the engineer ala in project cars i.e. car is understeering. Engineer makes changes and you go back out to see if the change has improved or worsened the handling.
  8. dino78

    Ideas for F1 2021 on next gen

    Re (1), occured to me as well. Get news on what updates are going onto competitor cars and what updates failed etc.
  9. Re point (5). I love the R&D tree as it is. I've been playing F1 games for 20 years and i have dreamt about the R&D tree that came in a few years back. Its brilliant. What i would like is a 2nd tree so i can choose to focus my resource points on next years can and do the bare minimum on this years car. This happens IRL often. Id also like it if we had to develop the custom packages for Monaco and Monza. IRL there is a specific Monaco only steering rack used and a Monaco specific areo package. Also for Monza there is a specific Monza only rear wing that is used by the teams IRL. Re point (7). I play single player career or My Team only. Ive never noticed any issies with temps probably cause i have never looked at it in the mfd. Project Cars 2 does tye temps better. They are on screen and you can see them heat up and you can feel the grip or lack of until they get up to temperature. Speaking of temperature its something brought up IRL all the time at every race. Whether its the tyres or the brakes etc. We dont get that in the game from Jeff. Maybe something to look at in the future as an addition?
  10. Id like to be able to see if the car infront is regenerating electricity for ERS as you do IRL. Theres a red light at the back of the cars if they in regeneration mode so driver behind knows for safety reasons.
  11. Im 10 races into my first season in My Team the only saftety car or VSC i have seen is one that i have caused through my own **** driving. In last race on the main straight of monza, gasly engine blew up, no saftey car or vsc. The race before that Hamilton had a mechanical failure at spa and no VDC or saftey car. Personally i think whatever the variables are for safety car or VSC, they need to be looked at.
  12. Buying the driver perk for reducing gearbox wear by 10% helped me. My first gearbox in My Team made it to race 5, when it failed completely. The driver perk for reduced wear has definitely helped.
  13. dino78

    MyTeam Fuel load Bug

    I have repeated the above in the italian gp in My Team. 1. Do race strategy programme in RICH fuel mode. 2. Dont do the fuel strategy programme. 3. On the grid overfuel by 2 laps. 4. Run the entire race in RICH mode and the fuel will remain at +2 laps.
  14. dino78

    MyTeam Fuel load Bug

    So in My Team, 50% distance on ps4. Belgium GP. Did what was recommend above and did the race strategy programme in RICH fuel only for 5 laps. Didnt touch or simulate the FUEL programme at all. Start of race (23 laps). My fuel tank has 22.6 laps of fuel. I click right to add more and it drops to 20 laps and warning comes up that the car is underfueled. I cannot raise the amount of fuel at all. So i exit the game and go back in. At this point the game crashes and the ps4 needs a hard restart i.e. take power cable out of the back of the console as it wouldnt restart for 5 minutes it was stuck. Anyway get back into the game, back on the grid. I try changing the fuel again and again have the same issue of underfueling. So i exit the game go back in and this time leave the fuel as it is, 22.6 laps. I start the race on intermediates. In STANDARD fuel mode and my fuel gauge is going up not down. After 5 laps im +1 laps on STANDARD setting. We get a saftey car, i drop to LEAN mix and when saftey car ends a few laps later im on +3 laps of fuel. For the rest of the race (lap 8 onwards till lap 22) i run in RICH mode and still end up +2 laps over on fuel. I have no idea how thats happen. Anyway im going to try the same thing with the practise programme at next grand prix to see if i can repeat this. Cause i can pretty much run in RICH fuel mode the entire GP, i think.
  15. dino78

    MyTeam Fuel load Bug

    Dont want to confuse the issue further, but i do my race programme with my fuel set to standard and not using ERS manually (its set on medium). I still get fuel issues in the GP. They disappeared when i dont do the fuel programme. I can start the race with an excess of fuel the problem is when the bug is triggered the fuel load drops like crazy in standard mix and i have to drive in lean mix unless i max out the fuel tank. However i will try running eith fuel mix in rich on race programme as suggested above to see if that makes a difference.