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  1. I'm sorry I still don't agree. The AI there in that pic is turning slightly to stay on track. It's only a disappearing space because you've come across without looking who's there and not left space for a car that's there,essentially driven into them because you didn't expect them to be there. The AI also upon contact avoided any spinning by turning into where the contact came from (hard right) so was able to stabilise themselves - what would be interesting is if they actually had front wing damage at that point like a human player would have. I still also agree the physics there were fine as you wouldn't have expected the collision meaning your reaction time would not be as quick to stop the spin and also the AI having reacted and steering hard right increases the force applied to you car causing the spin. I agree the red arrows maybe should turn red earlier or potentially a lighter shade of red if not fully alongside. Other than that, this is NOT too aggressive AI and there is no issue. I will not be convinced otherwise I'm afraid and this is not an attack on you but this is what I mean by people taking something quite alright and turning it into a massive issue or bug because they think it's wrong because they are hard done by by their own failures. Codies then listen to all the overreacted screaming and change something without proper video evidence to prove their points. It's not an issue or over aggressiveness and AI should NOT be nerfed because of comments or situations like the above IMO. This is what makes a game worse but at the end of the day, Codies are the ones who make a final decision in changes and so they too are to blame for biting.
  2. I wouldn't say 100% it wouldn't. I think I would agree with the way it has reacted. The AI is holding straight, you are coming across the AI so you have the sideways force left. As you're still steering left at impact, the back is forced to stop going left by hitting the AI but the front will continue and therefore send you in a slide left. Presumably in your worry to correct suddenly to the right, you oversteer and cause the into a spin right. You always see F1 cars try and spin left if the back of the car hits the front of another car on their left. I don't see an issue. It's not aggressive AI and I don't think it's incorrect physics there. I think it is frustrating that it has happened for you but IMO it was caused because you came across the AI expecting them to back out. When the proximity arrows is red, a car is alongside you even by an inch. If they are not red but double arrow and you are going to brake or move across to that side, you need to be careful. That's what real F1 drivers do as the car is a delicate machine and any damage could mean race over. It's about time people understood that and drove accordingly rather than trying to be a big bully playing bumper cars and stupidly divebombing. Admittedly things like what has happened to you can happen and it happens IRL so I don't see an issue. I like realistic, random things that could happen (not bugs of course). If I didn't, then I might as well get my scalectrix out and race on rails with no chance of contact.
  3. You see now this I would put down as a racing incident not the AI being too aggressive. They clearly went for the outside on the racing line where you were not. It was then your movement across to the racing line in the braking zone which caused the 1st contact. The AI was even trying to slow when you spun (you can hear the engine) but unfortunately they hit you again. The only thing they could have done is try to steer left to try and go around you otherwise the only option is to literally stop. Unfortunately for that video, I disagree that it was aggressive AI.
  4. martbloke

    patch 1.05 ruined AI

    Regarding getting feedback, I do wonder why games companies can't have some kind of feedback form prompt when you launch the game after say 2-3 weeks or x many hours of playing it for everyone to have access to and get better feedback from more people.
  5. Sadly if this is true, we have ourselves to blame - by we I mean those who complained the AI were too aggressive. This even happened in the beta but there were also people, I included, who said we had to be careful what we wish for as it'll make the game too easy like before. The AI in beta, and sounds like at launch, were great IMO. It's people who like to divebomb to overtake who get hit by the AI then moan they're too aggressive. You just need to learn that F1 cars are delicate in collisions and so be smart with your overtakes sheeeesh! Anyways, I'm hoping this actually isn't the case and this comment is an overreaction!
  6. martbloke

    Held in pit box after stop is complete - race ruined

    I get what you're saying and I would love full control in the pit lane which is another way to go. Would take that all day. The issue would still be there however as it's when they release you from the box that is causing the issue. The 5-10m I was referring to was more distance behind rather than the width of the pit lane. You'd need ghosting to occur if they allow 2 wide in there because there's no way people will be willing to give up a place to allow someone else to exit before you at most tracks seeing as they converge to a width allowing only 1 car at a time at exit as per Silverstone. You'd have collisions and blocked exits all day long! Haha. If Codies could program it so that if you are at a track that could allow 2 wide, then the release could be quicker but if you are behind even by a foot, your car gives way at exit. Perhaps that would work although I'd still say people will be kicking up a fuss.
  7. martbloke

    Tyre Wear Analysis Silverstone

    Just note my numbers were example numbers so that 10% wear was based on tyres that have a 40 lap life. It's also not taking into account any setups or driving styles. Anyhow I agree that truly you should not be able to do a full race distance no matter what the scaling of race is selected on Softs. That is an issue. If they get the 100% distances correct for wear, then the scaling will take care of itself.
  8. martbloke

    Held in pit box after stop is complete - race ruined

    Maybe they need to make it so that it's up to the player. Have a 3rd pit light (lollipop) which is amber. Red = player cannot do anything as the pit crew are working on the car/stationary for a stop/go penalty. Amber = full control to player to leave the pit box BUT there is danger of an unsafe release i.e. another car close to the back edge of your stationary car (maybe 5-10m). Changes to green when all clear (see below for what classes as all clear). Green = full control to player to leave the pit box and no car near i.e. car nowhere near the back edge of the car, not alongside and has cleared the front edge of your car. If you release under amber and effectively you are going to hit the other car going through the pit you ghost to avoid an actual collision and if the other car is coming in for their pitstop i.e. their garage is after yours, you stay ghosted until the other car boxes or if they are exiting the pits i.e. already pitted and now leaving, you stay ghosted as well as slow down until you are behind the other car still ghosted in case there is another car behind the 1 you would have collided with. In each case you get the unsafe release penalty whatever it is. That way it's your call and you can either risk it or wait until green and then go.
  9. martbloke

    Tyre Wear Analysis Silverstone

    The OP shows another bug not the only bug 😉 Does indeed seem incorrect that you can use Softs for the whole race considering today it showed only about a third of the race they were used for although we never really know the final wear of the tyre. What was the tyre life of the tyre stated as? I know you should be able to preserve life to make them last a little further but surely not that much!
  10. martbloke

    Tyre Wear Analysis Silverstone

    In that case then the 2018 fix planned will indeed fix the tyre wear bug. I did wonder if the parts were also affected by this as they too are also scaled otherwise you'd never need to take a penalty.
  11. martbloke

    Tyre Wear Analysis Silverstone

    OK. Can you confirm how the 2018 tyre wear worked, please? I did ask Faya to explain as I never purchased 2018 due to the constant bugs but got no answer.
  12. martbloke

    Tyre Wear Analysis Silverstone

    Oh and then to add to that that if you do 25% race length, you are setting a slower qualy time than you would in a 100% race length qualy session. Your flying lap on 100% would start on 97.5% life of a tyre but in 25% it starts on 90% tyre life. By half way in your flying lap you are on 85% life in a 25% session compared to 96.25% - massive difference!
  13. martbloke

    Tyre Wear Analysis Silverstone

    Yes in the race ONLY, you are correct and the game is correct. It wears x2 in race for a 50% race and x4 in a 25% race. The issue/bug is not with the actual race itself, it is that the scaled wear is applied to practice and more importantly qualifying which is wrong. You are not scaling these sessions only the race. In qualifying I'm doing exactly the same in a 50% race selection as I would in a 100% race selection - full qualifying is full qualifying no matter what. Here's the issue, as the scaling is applied in qualifying - example 100% race selection, soft tyre life = 40 laps, in a 50% selection it's scaled to 20 laps and 25% it's scaled to 10 laps - the wear rate in qualifying is x2 or x4 incorrectly. You qualify for Q3 and in Q2 let's say you did 3 laps on the fastest timed tyres in Q2, 1 out, flying and in lap: 100% race selection (wears 2.5%/lap) = final tyre life is 37 laps = 37/40 = 92.5% remaining life (and starting tyre wear in race) 50% (wears 5% each lap) = final tyre life is 17 laps = 17/20 = 85% remaining life 25% (wears 10% / lap) = final tyre life is 7 laps = 7/10 = 70% remaining life. As you can see, although all qualifying is exactly the same (full qualifying), the wear is not correct. All should be 92.5% so when the tyre wears correctly in the scaled race (x2 for 50% and x4 for 25%), the pit strategy is the same for all 3; but as it's not. Say for a 100% race it's 80 laps as an example, using the above figures and say you pit when the tyre is at 22.5% remaining wear for your 1st stop, you'd pit on lap 28 which is 35% of the race gone (92.5% - 22.5% = 70% / 2.5% (wear rate /lap) = 28). Therefore for a 50% race (40 laps) you'd expect to pit on lap 14 (which is also 35% of the race) and for a 25% race (20 laps) on lap 7 (which is also 35% of the race). This surely you cannot dispute as that's the point of the scaling. Now take into account how it works now: 50% race, starting tyre life = 85% and wears 5% / lap. Pit at 22.5% (let's say 25% or 20% due to wearing 5% a lap): you'd pit at lap 12 if waiting for 25% final life or 13 for 20% life. That's 1-2 laps early than you should. 25% lap race,stating life = 70% and wears 10% / lap. Pit at 22.5% (say 20% due to lap wear). You'd pit on lap 5 again 2 laps too early. What should happen is you tyre life is not scaled for practice and qualy but is then scaled when you get to race. You'd then all start on 92.5% life and have correct pit strategies: 100% starting life = 37 out of 40 laps = 92.5% - pit strategy as a I've pitting on lap 28 50% starting life = 18.5 (37 / 2) out of 20 (40 / 2) = 92.5%. At 5% / lap wear you'd pit on lap 14 (22.5% final wear: 92.5-22.5 = 70/5 = 14) 25% = 9.25 (37/4) out of 10 (40/4) = 92.5%. At 10% wear / lap you'd pit on lap 7 (22.5% final wear: 92.5-22.5 = 70/10 = 7). It's simple math and if you still don't get it then I can't help unfortunately. It also says it all in the option: RACE LENGTH.
  14. martbloke

    Tyre Wear Analysis Silverstone

    Yep that is the tyre wear scaling. It is bugged. Basically if I choose 50% race and you choose 100% yet both of us choose full practice and full qualifying, the expectation is that if we did everything exactly the same in practice and qualy with no difference whatsoever and get I to P3, the wear on the starting tyre for both should be exactly the same - no difference whatsoever as we have done everything exactly the same o we the exact same distance and tyre; no argument. Currently this is not the case. The person who chooses 50% races has double the wear in practice and qualy (those choosing 25% has x4 the wear) when they are not doing double (x4 for 25%) the distance and so the starting wear of the tyre is way more than those who have chosen to do 100% races. Bug is a fact! The scaling of the wear is dependent for the race ONLY to enforce realistic pit strategies that compare to a 100% race over the shorter race distance. You pit on lap 32 in a 100% race; you should pit on lap 16 in 50% race and lap 8 in a 25% race all with the same wear.
  15. martbloke

    Tyre Wear Analysis Silverstone

    To what change are you referring? Only change I've heard they are doing is correcting the tyre scaling issue affecting practice and qualifying when you've selected less than a 100% race distance - which is a bug. Other than that I e heard nothing else reading tyre wear issues and changes.