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  1. I've only watched the 1st 3 episodes but man alive it's packed full of drama and Codies need to take note of it all and bring it into the future of the F1 series of games. It really makes you feel the emotion of being in F1 from both an individual pov as a driver battling for the championship or battling your team mate to prove you are better and you are worthy of their backing and better contract and from a team perspective whether it's at the top and needing points, in midfield battling your rivals to get the edge or at the back struggling big time. I mean you really feel the pressure Dani Ric is under knowing your younger teammate is getting more backing and a better contract as well as fighting to prove you're better to earn bigger better contracts. You feel the determination from Sainz to want to beat his countryman and hero Alonso and Renault in wanting to beat their competitors McClaren. You feel the pain and disappointment at Williams knowing you're the worst and struggling to get better to appease the investors so they don't walk away, namely Lawrence Stroll. This all just needs to be brought into the game to make you feel all these raw emotions. I mean I feel wiped watching the 1st 3 episodes and they are sooooo much better than the game and in fact the actual races of last season. They even make the game feel so timid! Time to start bringing your A game Codies. Bring the feeling and emotion!