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  1. Just a thought. In practice are you using max power I.e. full ERS, highest fuel (if allowed - sorry I don't own 2021) and softest tyres? If so, then ideally I'd say you need to be using mediocre power for practice to align as everything is cranked up in qualy. If you are already cranked in practice, you won't get any faster but the AI will.
  2. Look at where the Mercedes bar is on the before screen in the name of Merc - between the F and 1. In the after, both Merc and RBs are ending before F1 in that same name (just after the s in Mercedes). There's your slow down.
  3. But yet again I don't understand - why is it that it works for your own car and AI in My Team where yours and their attributes for each department increase and decrease affecting their performances on track yet you're saying that this is not actually how it's working and is not how they can update performances to match real life? What's happening in My Team? Have Codies programmed/trained every AI to drive at certain speeds for every possible conceivable combination of attribute (aero, engine and chassis)? Surely not and I would not believe that either.
  4. What I don't get is why, after all the moaning year on year of when the performance update will be, why Codies have not implemented an option to use official performance or user adjusted? Then add the function for the user to adjust AI performance on all areas - chassis, aero, engine (affects all using same engines) and reliability.
  5. Then 1 major question is, why did you buy the game then without checking? So I saw exactly the same backlash last year yet here we are using the, "We paid good money for the game so expect it to work with no issues" thrown around. Yes that's true but guess what? If you see a game franchise by a company that is bugged to h3ll year on year (with the same sort of bugs too each year I might add), why do you blindly buy the next instalment without waiting for reviews, seeing how it is or reading what is on the forums (official, reddit, etc) hoping for a different outcome?? There are peo
  6. There is no chance of that happening. This appears to be the norm these days. Part of cancel culture. Cry hard enough to get what you want/think you deserve rather than being a little grateful for what is already in front of you. Sad times these last 3+ years.
  7. martbloke


    In short the UI is cr@p and has always been cr@p for this! MIN and MAX relate to the mathematical number. -3.5 is the lowest number; -2 is the highest number in maths terms, hence MIN and MAX. -3.5 however is the max camber that can be applied and by this we mean the top of the tyre is at it's closest to the chassis (most pointing in): /-\ -2 is the least camber that can be applied, i.e. the furthest from the chassis and closest to being perpendicular to the track (pointing upwards): |-|
  8. Sorry I have only just seen this. Not been on the forums much. I believe ERS Assist On is the AI doing all the changing of ERS for you so you don't have to worry about it whatsoever; this also includes Overtake. I haven't actually used it at all so don't quote me on that 😉
  9. Yep I believe so - either to set the AI difficulty and/or teams you can select from. Think probably 2015 or 2016 but can't remember off the top of my head.
  10. This is good. I don't see why something can't be built into the game similar to this helping people fine tune the difficulty. Kinda similar to F1 CE practice sessions when fine tuning your parts. Go out set a lap on a specific level, computer recommends an AI level, accept and test that level in a quick session or reject and retry the lap. Keep going until you are happy and then confirm. Mode can be rerun at any time.
  11. So on your steering wheel: the yellow bar is your overall battery storage you have left - to the left of the bar is the ERS mode you are in in numerical form (0 = none, 1 = medium, 2 = Overtake, 3 = Hotlap); the left white bar underneath this labelled 'D' is the max amount of ERS you can use through a single lap (as per the F1 rules). When this is empty before you have completed the lap, you cannot use any more ERS until you pass the finishing line where it then resets and allows more ERS usage. Note: if your battery (yellow bar) empties too before your 'D' bar is empty, you can
  12. There is dirty air but not a lot. David Greco told us in beta that they didn't want to have too much of a dirty air effect or to simulate it realistically as you would end up with trains all the time with the car being unable to pass due to being too unsettled to get close that easily. Makes sense to be fair. It's a game afterall.
  13. Agree. Can't remember which game it was but you were in your driver home maybe 2012 perhaps), and you would see a run down of the next track on a TV screen before proceeding to the session. Was good and similar to the above. Why these things get removed is beyond me. Hopefully for the future there's is like a beginner's or tips n tricks hub in game with this all. Especially seeing as eSports is exploding given the big interest over it during lockdown when the real F1 drivers took part too. Certainly has and will bring more beginners to the game wanting to learn more on how things a
  14. Howdy PJ! This is a good video and I think it would be better if you could add a tips & tricks section to the actual game where you could access these as they are created/uploaded. Not everyone who owns the game comes to the forums and driving guides like these as well as rules or setting up your car would be most welcome to people to view at their pleasure in game. Any chance of this happening?
  15. So the issue is that with it labelled MIN and MAX, people think "Min Camber" and "Max Camber" whereas the min camber is -2.5 which is labelled MAX because -2.5 is the highest number and max camber is -3.5 which is labelled MIN as it is the lowest number. This is the confusion caused by your UI. It does need correcting IMO whether someone understands it or not as it definitely is NOT clear in game. When you refer to MIN/MAX it should be for that setting alone so if you are talking camber, MIN/MAX should relate to camber, not the number value. My preference is that you actually have
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