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    Performance Patch coming soon?

    I think what this thread is essentially saying to me is that maybe it's time Codies implemented a system of user controlled sliders in game that we can manually adjust ourselves so we can adjust rankings on an individual basis. Of course, the game can be defaulted to what Codies set and the teams sign off on (although I'm sure they don't have to sign off on performance ratings) and could receive 1-2 updates to correct the default settings where they see fit. What I would imagine is a slider per department (as per R&D screen - chassis, engine, aero, durability) per team that we could adjust and also a slider for each of the different engines base performance like in MyTeam (this I assume differs to that of the engine R&D rankings?). That way when the game launches Codies can set their default to what they believe the pecking order is and if we believe otherwise because we are waiting on Codies to update the game or wait for more races, we can adjust our game accordingly there and then and then there is no more whingeing and complaining to Codies about performance updates. I know it's probably not as easy as that to incorporate but I'm sure they are capable of doing such a thing. I mean sliders and being able to adjust individual ratings are a thing in other games (Fifa, Madden, etc) so I don't see why it can't be a thing here - perhaps even allow us to adjust the driver ratings too 😉 I do not believe that not being able to do so is anything to do with licenses before anyone suggests as otherwise the engines would not change ratings from season to season, the teams order would not change season to season in game, so it is something that I believe can be looked at if Codies choose to do so. They do have an obligation to have the teams as accurate as possible of course (livery and performance) as to the season the game relates to but I do not believe that teams have to sign off for performance ratings as I'm sure you'd likely have arguments amongst them as to who has the best chassis, who has the best engine etc, like I'm sure EA do not need to get sign off for player and team ratings as it's all considered subjective - they always have some players reacting funny to their stats haha. Make it happen Codies 🙂
  2. martbloke

    What camera do you use?

    It is interesting as otherwise they wouldn't have Pro Career being locked to cockpit. If that doesn't scream any other camera is an assist, I don't know what does?!
  3. martbloke

    Why only first gear at start?

    I'm going to go ahead and say it is intentional in order to add the mini game for race starts - can you control it enough to get good traction and get away clean or get bogged down. If you were able to use higher gears for starts to limit wheel spin making it easy to get away cleaner, then everyone would do it and then we'd be moaning about not having that tension of having a bad start nor bogging down and how boring race starts are or how you can't capitalise on someone's mistake. It is a good idea don't get me wrong but then I think for the game it's a good thing they've done what they have if it is as I suspect and linked to the start mechanics to add that uncertainty.
  4. martbloke

    reset to track

    Just out of interest, is that DQ because they (sorry i don't know if that's you driving or not) effectively drove backwards outside of the lighter shaded yellow section on the map that covers where they spun in? I wonder if they stayed within it, if they'd been OK. It is unfortunate as you can see what they were trying to do and stay out of the way of the others and it's not like they were driving backwards on the track into oncoming traffic so definitely needs a fix there.
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    Least Favourite Track

    In game - Singapore (haven't played Hanoi yet but sounds like that could gazump Singapore) IRL (watching) - Monaco (such a bore!)
  6. martbloke

    Career schedule

    You can choose which 16 (or 10) races you want when you select the option, you just cannot change the order of them.
  7. martbloke

    Ex F1 Drivers/Test Drivers as free agents?

    Announced last week that he's signing for Renault next year.
  8. martbloke

    Is it worth 50 pound at minute

    Not entirely true. Of course they are releasing a game each year but not every section is built in that year. They do tend to split resources and in all likelihood, MyTeam was probably in production from when 2019 started production, so essentially 2 years in the making.
  9. martbloke

    Is it worth 50 pound at minute

    @Naxlr I'm the same as you and I am just monitoring the bugs section and what others are saying in the F1 Chat. I never buy at launch any more as have been burned too many times and always wait for the aftermath to clear up before parting with my money. I was lucky to be a part of the beta so I know a bit about the game, handling-wise, modes and mechanics and from that I would say yes it is worth it as there were only minor issues found. Unfortunately it appears the launched game was not as good for a number of peeps from what I am reading, specifically for the Xbox version, so I'd say IMO that, no the game isn't quite worth the risk of forking out £50 particularly if you are on Xbox it seems and I am holding off until I see the patches released resolving these issues (and confirmation from peeps that it is indeed fixed). Best advice I could give you is to review the bugs section and make an informed decision yourself really. It's your money and your risk at the end of the day. Some (and I would probably say most) have only had minor to limited experiences of bugs and if you are 1 of those, the game is indeed a very good game.
  10. martbloke

    F1® 2020 - Tips, Guides & Tutorials (+ share your own)

    Yep I believe so - either to set the AI difficulty and/or teams you can select from. Think probably 2015 or 2016 but can't remember off the top of my head.
  11. martbloke

    F1® 2020 - Tips, Guides & Tutorials (+ share your own)

    This is good. I don't see why something can't be built into the game similar to this helping people fine tune the difficulty. Kinda similar to F1 CE practice sessions when fine tuning your parts. Go out set a lap on a specific level, computer recommends an AI level, accept and test that level in a quick session or reject and retry the lap. Keep going until you are happy and then confirm. Mode can be rerun at any time.
  12. martbloke

    Race/practice live with real drivers

    Agreed and that would be awesome to incorporate for a MyTeam season. Imagine every race weekend you take your own team to take on the 20 pros. Don't see it happening but man that would be cool. Would be good to have the data stored too so if you can't log on at the time of the sessions, you can play at a later time with the actual data.
  13. martbloke

    MFD is on wheel when using cockpit cam

    Oh sorry yeah fair enough. Although it would probably need to be there for practice and qualifying (you can change from none to Hotlap in qualy). For the race though, it makes sense in not really being needed. The fuel mix is much needed though next to the fuel delta.
  14. martbloke

    MFD is on wheel when using cockpit cam

    Agree and disagree. Agree that fuel on the wheel screen would be a great and very useful addition but disagree with removing ERS. I find it very useful knowing what battery I have left and also how much I have left to deploy per lap to strategize best use of the OT button. Imagine running cockpit and having no idea how much battery you have left? That needs to stay.
  15. martbloke

    TV-pod as an assist.

    It's the same as track limits really. People having a pop at strict being too strict for their league but they won't put it to regular for fear of people abusing it. You just can't trust peeps. At least you can see them abusing that whereas cockpit camera you can't so having an option here to force it would help in that situation. I don't think there's too many out there that would use it or join a session with it forced tbh but there is a crowd and if it's only an option, then I don't understand the anger towards it.
  16. martbloke

    The biggest problem in f1 2020: tracklimits

    Certainly can be frustrating if you get a warning/penalty if forced off but that's where proper feedback is required to Codies like DrDraken states. The issue is the penalty system here not the track limits. The penalty system needs to account for the situation and penalise accordingly..or not in the case where you are pushed off track. The system needs to judge time gained/lost better. You get forced off, you should lose time and therefore not get a warning. If you get "forced" off with no contact and don't lose time, then a warning/penalty is just. What would help is if off-track did not have as much grip so traction is harder to get.
  17. martbloke

    The biggest problem in f1 2020: tracklimits

    What's so different to a league on strict conditions and a 1 off race? Nothing. I don't get your fascination with it being a league. The settings are for all and is not penalising you more than anyone else. Get used to it and drive correctly to be within the rules of the setting! Not a good example at all. Like I've said earlier, you need to check the external replay camera and you WILL see that the edge of your inner tyres are over the white line. you cannot judge on what you see from your driving view as you cannot see the outer edge of the tyre. The current system is NOT broken as is doing as is intended/described - STRICT and so makes so much sense. Haha that league shot just proves that your league players need to adjust and drive correctly. People (and incredibly fast people) are driving a lot faster and within the limits of the track. Skill will win as it should. Codies can put these limits anywhere but have chose for STRICT to mimic the real life rules of the sport. Whether the drivers and stewards IRL choose to follow those rules is up to them, but they currently are not! If Codies change where the limit is outside the white track line, it's still a 'line' as such for you to drive within like you would with this STRICT setting, just invisible to you - at least now you can actually see where the limit is. Plenty of people are driving faster and within the limits of the track so I don't understand your issue. You state it's all about pushing the limits to get the best lap time but when you push too far, you cry it's not fair. Pushing the limit is always about what you can get away with and is risky in anything you try and push the limit on. You can't go over that limit and then cry about that limit. Just learn to stay within it as you would have done in 2019. You say 2019 was better but that's because you go used to it and knew what you could/couldn't do. You have that here and at least it's visible to you so learn it, drive better and then you will win by skill.
  18. martbloke

    ERS Visuals inside Cockpit - HELP

    So on your steering wheel: the yellow bar is your overall battery storage you have left - to the left of the bar is the ERS mode you are in in numerical form (0 = none, 1 = medium, 2 = Overtake, 3 = Hotlap); the left white bar underneath this labelled 'D' is the max amount of ERS you can use through a single lap (as per the F1 rules). When this is empty before you have completed the lap, you cannot use any more ERS until you pass the finishing line where it then resets and allows more ERS usage. Note: if your battery (yellow bar) empties too before your 'D' bar is empty, you cannot deploy any more ERS so this 'D' box will stay stationary until you have battery to use (will blink red in this instance); the right white bar under the battery labelled 'H' is how much ERS you have harvested/gained through a lap. Again this is limited so if you fill it completely, you cannot harvest any more ERS. Harvesting is done mainly under braking or, as others have commented, you can harvest more when lifting and coasting. I assume 'E' and 'R' are the labels on your wheel as you may be in a different language to English so match these up with 'D' and 'H' above. Also to note that during the race your ERS is set to medium and will automatically deploy and harvest around the lap without you needing to press OT and so the 'D' and 'H' bars will deplete/fill up throughout your lap.
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    The STATE of this game....

    Although it's nice to see it confirmed and although I take this being truthful with scepticism (as anything on the net needs to be taken these days), this is how all companies in this industry works these days. People want, want, want and will always buy faulty games just to have it. Then moan after. Then buy the next game. Then moan as it's buggy and....well you see where I'm going.
  20. martbloke

    The biggest problem in f1 2020: tracklimits

    Why wouldn't anyone support a system that penalises drivers from going over the limits of the track? Only those that can't manage to stay on track consistently or want to abuse the limits wouldn't - not saying you abuse the limits as it's clear from your video that you are just trying to eek as much as possible out of the track as you can but unfortunately went a smidge too far. It happens. I am certain you will adapt just like you had when the limits were further back on the track and you pushed them to the limit to see how far you could go. It's just a slight adjustment period like learning a new track. You'll master it 1 day and then have no issues. Some people can't deal with change and as rage has said, there are some mighty fast drivers that are staying in bounds and have no issues so those moaning about the limits just need to get better at it tbh as it's proven it can be done. Skill will win. As has been said over many other threads, it's more an issue with the penalty system IMO that needs a slight adjustment. Doing what you did and getting 3 seconds for a time penalty is quite harsh just for 3 warnings. The track limits are fine. Either the number of warnings need to be upped, the system needs to recognise the amount of the track extend and penalise accordingly (i.e. if you extend by what you did, then have like 5-6 warnings like that before a penalty, but if you are say 1-2 wheel width at least passed the line, then have 3 of those before a penalty) or other systems like have x number of laps with no warnings and you win back a warning (you are on 2 warnings but because of clean driving, you win 1 back and now on 1 so need 2 more for a penalty instead of 1) and/or make off-track less grippy to deter peeps from going too far (this should be a given in the game anyways).
  21. martbloke

    The biggest problem in f1 2020: tracklimits

    Ok so test this. Do that again but this time pause the game, check the replay and then see if you were off track. I guarantee you were even by a smidge. Your racing view does not tell you where the outside of your tyres are in relation to the track. If on the off chance I am wrong and you were still on track, then create a bug report with the video and Codies will sort it.
  22. martbloke

    After Race Interviews

    Yeah there is clearly no real decent logic built in to understand how the player's race went like number of collisions, position started compared to finished vs expectations, etc. Bit lazy there.
  23. martbloke

    ERS Question

    I believe you are correct. I think they've mapped that medium mode per track on best usage for a race to allow the player battery available to use OT so would make sense it is 1 default mode like hotlap would be too. Think it is done so your battery stays around 95% if you don't use OT and when you deplete your battery using OT, it will harvest at a set speed taking into account player's braking/coasting too to get back to 95% if you don't use OT (around 10-15% per lap).
  24. martbloke

    Pay to test

    No I get that they are more complex, that is not what I was debating; it's using this as an excuse which is wrong. If you build something more complex, then your company should have the skills and infrastructure to be able to support what you produce to make sure your final product works and that includes a testing team to do so. If not then don't build it that complex. The reason they don't have the team that you suggest to test their product fully is down to profit. They want to make as much money as possible so where can they cut back? Testing of course. They have a limited beta for their consumers to test things for them because they decide not to employ that resource. They have those that purchase at launch or pre-order for early access to test the full game for them because they can patch things over the internet. Basically build and test 80-90% of the product (the main functionality) leaving 10-20% to be tested by their paying consumers cutting that cost massively as there is no remuneration required for them. You're basically saying that because games are more complex these days that they can get away with more (larger) issues and we should show them more leniency. Not in the slightest. It is their decision to not fully test their product and when things go wrong, they should be held accountable. These are issues being found by just playing the game. Things that would've cropped their heads had they play-tested their product fully. You cannot tell me they would never have found the multiple tyre compound disqualification issue had they not tested it fully? It's a product at the end of the day sold at full price to people and so should be a fully working, or near to fully working (minimal and non-game breaking issues across their entire line of platforms), product. But they are not these days because people give developers slack and keep pre-ordering or buying at launch every year even though they slammed the company the year before for issues. This industry is crazy!
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    TV-pod as an assist.

    Wow there's a lot of hate here for someone posting a SUGGESTION in the SUGGESTIONS forum for an OPTION to force view in a lobby (which is OPTIONAL to join) on those who want to play the same way. If you don't like to play cockpit, you wouldn't have to join a lobby or league that forces this you know? Kind of like you having an OPTION to join or not. Funny that. I somewhat agree with the bold although I find I will always be faster using TCam because of the fact you can see apexes clearer and hit them easier with more precision. Yes after a lot more practice you could match your TCam times using cockpit view but you will be more competent and consistent with TCam. It's why the ESports guys use it because it makes the game and racing easier. Also did not know you were on Codemasters' committee of deciding what will and won't go into the game in future? 🤔