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    Modo ERS manual en carrera ya!!!

    ERS is now more realistic. Drivers do not have the level of control over ERS as was in F1 2019 as per their feedback to Codies. For a race, ERS is mapped to automatically deploy and harvest for you throughout the lap/race (1-medium mode). You only have the option of more power from the OT button. For qualifying you only get 0-none and 3-hotlap mode to simulate a cool down lap (none) and your hotlap to set a qualifying time (hotlap). There is no use of OT in qualifying as in theory the ERS is set to deploy your battery at it's optimum setting anyways. However, in practice sessions you get access to it all - none, medium, hotlap and OT button. This is so you can practice your runs for qualifying (none and hotlap) and the race (medium and OT).
  2. martbloke

    Pay to test

    Don't buy the "games are more complex these days" excuse. Yes games are more complex, but the developers are also more skilled. You wouldn't take on a project with inferior skills to what the job requires would you? If you programme a game to be complex then you should know how to code that properly knowing how codes/programmes do and should interact with each other for the end result to be what you expected. Little bugs that could've been missed through testing are fine with me but when a bug pops up that is easily found from just playing the game and is obvious, seems like a lack of attention to detail to me. This isn't just aimed at Codies but all developers these days. No offence but I found this funny. You quoted about games in the 90s yet used examples from 2000s. Also, about the bold statement, if you count a bug as the game being broken (which I do), then yes they are left broken at the end of the support cycle before they then turn their attention to the next game. I don't think I've had a game in this generation where it launched with bugs and was finally 100% fixed. It's a waste of money to the devs to completely fix the game. I always see patches released to fix bugs that end up creating new bugs. Don't get me wrong, they are good at fixing the big bugs that do prevent you from playing or completing the game but do not fix every broken thing. At least they are "playable" by the end of the cycle.
  3. martbloke

    v1.05 Patch Notes?

    Seeing a few reports suggesting a few of the fixes in 1.05 aren't working - gearbox and tyre disqualification. Oops!
  4. martbloke

    Myteam progression throughout the season

    Yeah so I see you can do that but what I'm wondering is if there is anything that forces you to do so. Based off the information I've seen/read, it doesn't seem as if there is any real need to do so and it's if you want to to redirect funds elsewhere for a push in another direction. Nothing saying your outgoings are far more than incomings so shut down something to make it through the week/month/year or risk going under.
  5. martbloke

    Myteam progression throughout the season

    Just a general wondering, do you guys find that you always have enough money to do stuff and operate and don't have any scenarios where actually you are losing money and are needing to raise funding to survive? I saw a video on YouTube of a guy trying to see if you can go bust by not doing anything monetary-wise and also crashing out in every race at the start while taking his teammate out and could not bankrupt themselves. In fact they were still making money each week. To me that's worrying and does not resemble a business at all. You should have to really work to earn your money to improve even by a bit but seems like you can do very little and still earn money to improve and progress in your career over the year; the hard work is just to get a bump in earnings to progress faster. I mean it also seems like damage costs are quite low especially if you total your car. Just wondering what you guys think? Do you think if you developed a car to be in the top 3 whether if you had really bad form like the above, that your team would start losing money and that would affect you in falling down the pecking order? It doesn't seem that way to me.
  6. @BarryBL I know what this supposed to be fixing but this doesn't sound like it's worded correctly, lol. This reads to me that people were getting disqualified for NOT using the mandatory tyre and that was incorrect, which is actually what's it's supposed to do haha 😂 Think the last "not" needs to be removed 😜
  7. martbloke

    Sector time colors

    Agree and IMO it should reflect the real sport. This along with all other HUD elements have been argued for, for the last few years. I believe the colour differences are because of the practice programmes but don't quote me on that.
  8. martbloke

    Overtake button as hold rather than on/off

    I think this would be quite a good idea. There were suggestions that using the OT button for small bursts of acceleration for like 1 second out of corners wasn't really what it should be used for. Your idea along with how fast it depletes the battery, would eliminate a little of this and make people use it even more strategically. However, I still like how it is functioning atm so if it was to stay as is, then an option of toggle or push and hold for people to choose would be most welcome.
  9. martbloke


    There is dirty air but not a lot. David Greco told us in beta that they didn't want to have too much of a dirty air effect or to simulate it realistically as you would end up with trains all the time with the car being unable to pass due to being too unsettled to get close that easily. Makes sense to be fair. It's a game afterall.
  10. martbloke

    F1 2020 - Tracklimits

    Only saw video 1 but that was clean. The inside tyres stayed on track and at times very close to going off but appears on the line. If you get an invalidation while being on track, no point moaning about in a non-evidenced post. Report a bug report with your video evidencing as such and it will be looked at. I'm really sorry but I cannot believe what you say without that proof. I have had no issues with the strict limits and only when I am 4 wheels off track do I get a warning/penalty/invalidation. You need to check the replay as from your normal driving view, you cannot see the outside of the tyres and therefore cannot confirm if you are on track.
  11. martbloke

    Regular, strict & realistic track limits

    Then you need log that as a bug. If you make a mistake which forces you to go wide and clearly lose time, then that's not track extending nor corner cutting. Log it for the devs to investigate and correct. Simples. If it is not a bug then the devs will confirm with reasoning.
  12. LMAO!!! 😆 So paying for something even though you've already paid for it isn't foolish?? And people WANTED a facility to pay extra for these things that were already part of the full game?? Haha - wow! Guess they saw you coming from a mile away.
  13. Hmmmmm, why the contradiction? You get excited by liveries but then don't?? lol I've never once said that new additional items like DLC are bad. What I have said is what is given in the full game as part of the grind system should never have a monetary value added to it giving people the chance to unlock them early if they can't be bothered to play the game to earn said items that have already been paid for when you purchased the game. Also, the DLC should not be content that would be considered as part of the full game just removed to sell on later. Have you had your coffee and woken up properly yet?? If you're so happy with the current situation, why are YOU spending so much time arguing and not enjoying it? It's my opinion and not anything to demand that people cease to buy into it. Would be nice however so that there is a change to the industry rather than them finding mechanics to squeeze as much money out of people they possibly can but I guess you don't care that much about all that cash that you have under your bed there. It's your money at the end of the day so do with it as you please (said that already but never mind). Caring for others is actually seen as a nice trait. Guess I know what side of the coin you are on in that respect. Oh and congrats on spelling MTX correctly. Well done. Knew you could do it! 👊 Geez sensitive much! #Snowflake #TouchedANerve
  14. martbloke

    Regular, strict & realistic track limits

    It's definitely the penalties. I think it's every 3 warnings you get, you get a penalty of 2-3 seconds. As it's strict in that you go all 4 wheels over the track line, you get a warning, it's quite easy to get the warning. I have found though that you can go off track and not get a warning if you were to lift off the accelerator or brake to slow down so there is a system there to see if you gaining time while going off track however small that might be which is good. If you don't bother to slow then you get the warning which is how it should be as that is track extending. I think if both that the Dr stated above were implemented then all would be good for all. I am happy with strict as it is as I know what the limit is and try to stay within it so if I go beyond that, that's my bad and I deserve the penalty/warning - although the penalty system does need this little tinker.
  15. martbloke

    Disappointed by AI mistakes

    Agree, this is where the AI mistake mechanic could be ramped up a more when wet weather comes. It is certainly more difficult for the player and we make more mistakes in the wet because it's so slippery. I mean you see it IRL where they are constantly fighting with the car trying to keep it on track, even Verstappen lost it in Qualy on Saturday!
  16. See I don't mind this having to unlock things as you progress. Games need some kind of progression in them. But if it's that easy to unlock them, why add a real monetary value to them to be able to unlock them even quicker? To me there's only 1 intention there. I too would buy a DLC with classic or historic tracks as an add on. They have more meat on them than the classic cars. Classic cars are meaningless to me. People have differing opinions like us and that's not a bad thing. I just wanted to add my weight (and currently there's a lot of it, lol) behind the dislike for such things. It's your money at the end of the day (like @BelgiumDude) so can do what you like. I may not agree with doing so but that's how life is. Like others have alluded to you can earn these without actually sinking more money into the game although it could be considered a grind and this game is a massive improvement to 2019 with the new MyTeam and handling (once all the bugs are sorted of course), so don't discount it just yet. Maybe buy it in a sale like I will be - never like buying full price or at launch these days with how games are launched with bugs galore. 2K21 PGA TOUR may be a different story however (depending on info as it's lacking at the moment) as I love the The Golf Club franchise and have had countless hours out of TGC 2019 with there being 100,000s of courses to play due to the creative public designers - still my favourite game at this time! haha
  17. See I see this as you comparing it to the rest of the industry's use of MTX. My thoughts are that any MTX in a full priced game are not fair nor reasonable full stop. If you look at it in your eyes when comparing Codies' use of MTX against the rest of the industry, then yes of course it is reasonable use but they are wrong full stop in games that you pay full price for especially when it is used to entice people to pay to just unlock the content earlier and take shortcuts. The content where MTX is allocated to is what is expected to be included in the full game anyways and they're just adding a function where it is locked for you to earn the gear through playing the game (which is fine as it gives you something to work for), but by adding an unlock for real money, anyone who chooses to pay this extra cash is foolish IMO. You are effectively paying twice for the content (sorry @BelgiumDude, I call it as I see it). If you don't care about that then of course that is your right as it's your money and for those who have the money to burn, fair play but then there are those that don't really have that spare cash to burn but are yet enticed to do so because of the I want, I want, I want society we live in today, which of course they know, it's unethical and irresponsible IMO. Especially as it's paying again for content that is already in game and included in your original purchase price of the game. It is foolish to buy into it and it provides the companies the justification to keep them in, potentially going further with it and keep prying and feeding off those people. I get that it's a business and so they want to make more profit, but the above is not an excuse for MTX. If their costs have gone up and they are struggling to cover these with the price being as it is, then they should adequately price their product better (they'd still get buyers by the sounds of things). If that does not help and they are struggling to break even and/or make a small profit (as that's what businesses want to do), then they need to look at their product and look to cut costs. Does the game really need classic cars? It's a nicety but really makes no difference to the game. Don't get me wrong, paying for DLC which is in addition to what is expected to be in the full game is fine but if that DLC is just what should be in the game from the start but pulled out to later sell on as DLC and maximise profit, then no that falls into the same category as these MTX.
  18. martbloke

    Regular, strict & realistic track limits

    Isn't that what REGULAR means? lol. In all seriousness, REGULAR needs to be updated to reflect limits similar to real world racing and then all is good. I don't see any need for another setting when you have off (anything goes), regular (similar to real world with lenient limits) and strict (as is nowstrict to the rules of F1). The real issue though is the penalty system with regards to STRICT setting. If this was amended then no one would have an issue. Suggestions have been put forward for either upping the number of warnings you can get before getting a penalty, having the number of warnings you get before a penalty be scaled according to the race length as well as the actual time penalty amount or having a system where you can win back a warning by driving cleanly for x number of laps after you get a warning. It's already been shown that you can drive within the limits of the track with incredibly quick times and to be honest I hear that extending a touch wins you hardly any time so therefore staying on track shouldn't lose you that much time right? EDIT: Oh and another suggestion made was to decrease the grip off track as it's way too grippy. Should deter peeps from leaving the track that way.
  19. This is what I disagree with on MTX in a full priced game. It's not fair or reasonable to put an option there for someone to pay extra money on top of what they have already paid for the price of the game to buy something that is already included in the cost of said game. Yes it's optional but why is it there if you've already paid for it when buying the game? It's there in the hope that a fool pays for the item again and gives the company more money. It's there to feed off those who have no patience with games - believe me there are lots of these types of people now that streaming is a massive thing which people get paid for doing so the incentive is there to get as much content out as possible to win viewers to win advertising revenue. I'm not just hating on Codies for this but all companies these days that do it for nothing else but greed. There's just no need for it in such a lucrative market as it is. But because society is saying that they accept this practice as it's now the norm, really is not helping. It's like I said before how people now accept that games will be launched with untold numbers of bugs (some game-breaking) or unfinished content because that is the norm knowing that the company are only doing this because they have strict deadlines and see the money is still going to come in no matter what they do with it so why bother spending heaps of time on it before launch to polish it when it can be done little by little in patches weeks and months after launch. It's a ludicrous and unethical industry most of the time and the unfortunate thing is that people don't care because they want, want, want with games so the companies have no incentive to change for the better and are changing for the worse. They only see money and profits!! True it's a business so that's why they are there but still business should be conducted in a better way.
  20. Society is the problem. It's people who accept this that allow companies to do it as well as giving them more incentive to include more and take more liberties. Imagine if when MTX were introduced that nobody purchased any of them? They wouldn't be around. With games that are launched with bugs resulting from rushed timelines, incompetence, laziness or just incomplete because companies know people will still pre-order and buy at launch as long as they patch it later, imagine these games had no pre-orders and minimal purchasers at launch because the society are sick of buying unfinished products. Companies would soon actually make sure they are polished before release but that's not how it is. People these days don't care enough that they're paying full whack or over the odds for an unfinished/unpolished product to not buy it or pre-order it. They moan after on the forums every year and guess what? They still pre-order the next version the following year just to have it as early as possible. There is no incentive for companies to actually make sure games are released as close to finished as possible because society accepts this. I look at Ghost Recon Breakpoint. It got a hammering because people saw through the lies being fed during marketing and lack of everything about the game as well as launching a tirade of abuse at Ubisoft for MTX. It fell flat on its butt and rightly so. It forced Ubisoft to delay other games to make sure they are complete and their own identity - we'll see if it's actually worked. If people stop blindly accepting these exploitative models in this industry, change will happen but if you keep defending them and turning a blind eye, it will only get worse!
  21. martbloke

    Track limits are ridiculous

    Yeah are people not reading the setting? It's called STRICT! It's not called REALISTIC. Strict is strict by the rules and is correct. Stay within the track white lines (2 wheels at least) and there's no issue. If you have 2 wheels on track and it still gives you a warning/penalty or as you say, the AI go 4 wheels off and they get no warning/penalty then report that as a bug with evidence so Codies can correct it. What you see on TV is the drivers and stewards not going by the rules of F1 and making their own limits up. I understand that is annoying to see but then you do have another setting that allows you to drive that way. It's called REGULAR. I see a minority of people moaning about this but yet I'm seeing some super fast laps while staying in track. It can be done, you just have to learn to stay on track and not abuse track limits. If you are using strict in MP then don't forget everyone is in the same boat so no one is gaining an advantage.
  22. I've always been against MTX in full priced AAA games. They shouldn't be there full stop even if I can earn the item through just playing the game. It's feeding on those that have little will power to get more money from them and IMO is wrong. I'm fine with items held back for you to EARN them through skill or progression as a challenge or some kind of badge of honour but to add a monetary value to them teasing people to pay extra to get them early even though they are a apart of the full game that you've already paid for is just a greedy tactic to get more money. Yes I don't have to buy into it all and I won't but that's not the point. If things have been created for the final game to be unlocked by players by playing through, then you should not attach money to said items for people to be tempted to put more money into it. If you want to do something similar, create additional content and add-ons which can be purchased in ADDITION to the full game but don't then cut out part of the full game just to sell later. What I mean is obvious things that should already be a part of the full game clearly just kept back to sell back to us later. It's all about profit and feeding on those that just have to have things now with no will power. Basically like those who choose to pre-order the "special edition" to get early access. The content is not worth a 1/3 of the price of the full game firstly so these companies are rubbing their hands with greed. It's got nought to do with supporting the company and that **** excuse. If you want to do that go and invest in them. They make a decent profit from these games already otherwise they would've upped the base price of the game or given in already. MTX is OK in Fortnite or games similar as it's a free game. This is not! Anyways just a rant as I hate MTX in paid games although they may be optional - shoddy business practice.
  23. martbloke

    Pro career mode - change difficult level

    Gotcha. Small things which a user can do but I understand what you're saying now with the temptation of being able to restart when it goes wrong still being there and not locked out for you.
  24. martbloke

    Virtual Mirror..

    I'm confused. What's the point of toggling it? Surely you either want it on or off, I don't understand why or when I would want to toggle it on or off. Please explain your thought process? I guess a possible solution for you would be to use the look back feature and have the mirror off. That way you can choose when you want to see behind you albeit at a small cost of briefly not looking forwards.
  25. martbloke

    Pro career mode - change difficult level

    You are probably correct that Pro Career is not used much because of locked difficulty but what's stopping you from playing normal mode but playing as if it's Pro Career? i.e. 100%, cockpit, no flashbacks, sim damage (I assume it's sim damage), etc