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    Overtake button as hold rather than on/off

    Optional for sure although this new ERS is based of feedback from Lando, right? And didn't his engineer tell him to hold the OT button for 4 secs last weekend? Food for thought there 🤔
  2. martbloke

    Suggestion: 'Realistic' Team Radio

    Doesn't reduced setting not do this then and Jeff only tells you critical info?
  3. martbloke

    AI difficultly

    I get what you are saying and that is fine to have your car being better or worse at different GPs but it's the AI that needs this balancing. The AI (your teammate included) is not always balanced from track to track. You could be a tenth or 2 up or down from your teammate at 1 track which means your difficulty set is correct but then go to another track that you believe you are not bad at and you could be a second off your teammate. That's nothing to do with your car not being great with the track, that's the AI being far superior on that track on the difficulty selected which is proven by your teammate being far superior to you in the same car and all other AI being further ahead than what was seen in the previous race. That's what's being said here. Yes a little can be your driving style on the track and also not having the best setup but a lot to do with AI balancing from track to track. It's never going to be a perfect system where 1 difficulty level is perfect for you throughout the season and this year's game I believe does better but could still be improved.
  4. martbloke

    AI difficultly

    It's a good idea for the game to track and adjust difficulty bases on tracks. Didn't the driver academy in 1 game kind of do this and give you or set your difficulty depending on how you did? It would be similar but of course per track. Could even give you a mini game type thing before the season starts which covers all types of tracks that you complete so it can get a gist of what difficulty you should be playing at them - if it could be done. Like the idea though BD!
  5. martbloke

    F1® 2020 - Tips, Guides & Tutorials (+ share your own)

    Agree. Can't remember which game it was but you were in your driver home maybe 2012 perhaps), and you would see a run down of the next track on a TV screen before proceeding to the session. Was good and similar to the above. Why these things get removed is beyond me. Hopefully for the future there's is like a beginner's or tips n tricks hub in game with this all. Especially seeing as eSports is exploding given the big interest over it during lockdown when the real F1 drivers took part too. Certainly has and will bring more beginners to the game wanting to learn more on how things are done.
  6. I think the answer is in the game, lol. Sounds like F2 doesn't affect anything and either the articles have misled everyone or they were misled by Codies 🤔😂
  7. martbloke

    Too strict??

    Nope all is good. Strict is labelled strict for a reason. It is strict to the rules. You must have 2 wheels on track. You go all 4 off track then it's a warning. Simples. You want to race like what's on TV? They don't race with strict rules. In fact they ignore the actual rules of racing. The setting is not called REALISTIC. You can do decent times by staying on track.
  8. martbloke

    HUD design and MFD shortcut for ERS

    Have you tried customising your HUD with the customisation tool to move the practice programme widget or shrink it so it all fits? Can even move the mirror if you need to.
  9. martbloke

    ERS not working

    Not really dumb though is it? You can change through all modes in practice sessions! Practice you can use all - none, medium, hotlap and OT button so you can test for qualifying and race. Qualifying you can only use none and hotlap (none is for your cool down lap - note: shortcut keys do not work here) Race you can only use medium and OT button
  10. I had same issues with my Thrustmaster TX F1 rim but had no resolution or attempt to investigate as they said it was fine their side. Hope they do look I to this though as I'm seeing multiple reports of lack of FFB across wheels.
  11. martbloke

    Too strict??

    Yep not a bug unless you have 2 wheels on track and it gives you a warning/penalty. If you have 4 wheels off track (over the white line) then it's correct. It's called Strict not Realistic.
  12. martbloke

    Cant change ERS on Quualifying

    I'd double check that. Looks like you are in race as cars are lined up on the grid so OT button is available to you to use. Unless I'm mistaken, it should be showing your button to use to switch OT on and off there although I wonder if it only shows when the race begins and not before??
  13. martbloke


    I'm not the greatest driver out there and in the beta was playing on 85. Was the correct difficulty level for me. Would be higher if I drove in TCam but I drive cockpit as I prefer this much more, and find I drive slower in this view. Likely because you don't see the corners as clear and therefore it takes longer to get the same lines as you would using TCam. Anyways, difficulty does not affect ERS usage AFAIK. It will affect AI speed so it's all about finding your ideal difficulty for the new game. I was driving 90 or 95 I think in 2019 when I played last. If you are finishing your battery in 3 laps, then you are using it way too often. What race length are you racing? Some people like to use OT as a bit of a boost out of corners to get up to speed quicker. Some choose to only use it when close to cars to actually OT as it's a lot of power and in combination with DRS and slipstream, man you fly by cars that have no DRS. TBH there's no real need to use it if you are in no man's land between cars. You can use it a bit here and there to get closer to the car in front or if the car behind is catching at a fast rate but not too much otherwise you will find you have no battery to use when you really need it most to overtake or to defend from a car right on your backside. You just need to practice and find that balance between using OT in combination with fuel mix. You may also need to practice how you approach corners to harvest your battery more. Coasting was said to replenish battery better than hard braking in corners (although I hadn't tested this to be sure). You'll get there. It's like learning a new track. Takes practice but you'll find the right tactic.
  14. martbloke

    Qualifying Times Scripted?

    The OP's issue is that his teammate was in garage when he skipped to Q2 with 1:30 left on the clock. I don't know about you but with the animation of the crew getting your car to go out and having to do a lap before starting your hotlap, 1:30 at Australia is nowhere near enough time to get your outlap in. He would have had to do a qualy lap as an outlaw to come close and then do a PB qualy on those used tyres? No chance. To answer the OP's question as others have already done so, yes when you skip or fast forward, the times are scripted and have been in their games for some time unfortunately. I don't know why they don't have the processor power to be able to allow each car to drive around as like the human controlled cars and post a legitimate time. If you fast forward, it's just fast forward those animations appropriately. If you skip, it should have a message advising "Simulating qualification session..." and in the background be running the cars around track as if you were still in session but at a very fast speed to again get legitimate lap times according to the AI difficulty set. Makes no sense to do scripting apart from being lazy IMO.
  15. martbloke


    I'd have to disagree. The AI don't have unlimited battery, they just use it better. It adds a new strategic element to the game where you have to be careful with how you use the OT button and not use it just for the sake of using it. It is certainly an improvement over the unrealistic micro-managing of past iterations. Just look at the video showing Lando at Austria last weekend charging to the podium place on the last few laps.
  16. martbloke

    DRS Assist

    It's a good option to have for those struggling with mapping buttons and shortcuts.
  17. martbloke

    Customisation is a MASSIVE disappointment

    It's good idea and suggestion of being able to move/rotate the sponsors within a particular section on the car. Maybe something they could add later perhaps.
  18. martbloke

    F1® 2020 - Tips, Guides & Tutorials (+ share your own)

    Howdy PJ! This is a good video and I think it would be better if you could add a tips & tricks section to the actual game where you could access these as they are created/uploaded. Not everyone who owns the game comes to the forums and driving guides like these as well as rules or setting up your car would be most welcome to people to view at their pleasure in game. Any chance of this happening?
  19. martbloke

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    So the issue is that with it labelled MIN and MAX, people think "Min Camber" and "Max Camber" whereas the min camber is -2.5 which is labelled MAX because -2.5 is the highest number and max camber is -3.5 which is labelled MIN as it is the lowest number. This is the confusion caused by your UI. It does need correcting IMO whether someone understands it or not as it definitely is NOT clear in game. When you refer to MIN/MAX it should be for that setting alone so if you are talking camber, MIN/MAX should relate to camber, not the number value. My preference is that you actually have a car animation for all settings so when you change a setting, the animation of that part is changing as per your setting. You change the camber to more negative (e.g. -3.5), the animation shows the angle of the wheel changing per click to show the user (beginners and those versed in mechanics) what you are actually changing. Far more intuitive that way!
  20. martbloke

    Zandvoort Hotlap

    Yeah see to me it should be mapped so that doesn't happen. The whole D bar (green bar) should only be empty as you cross the line to be optimally mapped for a hotlap, not as you start the final straight where it would be most beneficial. Would be cool to see if that is the same for the AI too. If it isn't and there's is mapped properly, then even more a bug that I believe it currently is. This is all on the assumption that ERS is mapped to deploy x amount of your lap availability at certain points around the track and is not dependent on player input that could cause the D bar to deplete faster or slower of course. If I am wrong and say if you are in higher revs for longer than is necessary, ERS depletes faster, then fair enough it's a user issue, but I do not believe this to be the case.
  21. Barry - I know it's not the beta forum but there was a chap in there who had this and was using Auto gears if you can fish that report out.
  22. That sounds like the wrong session too. You should only be allowed to go into None or Hotlap for qualifying. You should NOT be able to use OT, or medium - these are only race and practice modes. If you could switch between all, suggests it's Practice so would be good to see that video! 🙂
  23. martbloke

    Zandvoort Hotlap

    @BarryBL Somewhat confused. Can't see the issue OP has posted as no video or photo but surely for qualifying, Hotlap mode should be configured to use all your 'D' bar ERS available across the entire lap so that you run out as you cross the line. That is the most efficient use of it, no? Surely it shouldn't run out before the line otherwise its Hotpartofalap mode. I would understand if they started the lap with minimal ERS battery that depleted before all the 'D' bar available could be used, but if there is plenty of battery, then surely this shouldn't happen. Suggests someone has mapped the mode inefficiently!
  24. Correct it stays in medium for the race and you only have use of OT to get more power. It drains your battery very fast when using OT so you have to use it wisely through the race. For qualifying you only have access to none and Hotlap; not OT. None is to simulate your cool down lap to replenish your ERS and then you switch to Hotlap for your....well Hotlap 😁 You have access to all ERS modes in practice so you can practice both qualy and race strategies if you wanted to.
  25. martbloke

    rain, rain and rain

    But it looks so good right? 🤣