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    Thrustmaster F1 Rim

    @Lukas1111 Press Y, X and MODE at the same time while you hold the wheel centred. It will calibrate that as centre point of the wheel for the game.
  2. martbloke

    Ferrari F1 Thrustmaster Xbox Mapping

    When testing the beta and after a lot of tinkering, I settled on the following (same setup as you): Paddles for gears Up gear paddle for clutch A for DRS X for MFD Y for OT B for Pit limiter (and look back although I use virtual mirror as race in cockpit) Double square for voice control/Jeff Start obviously for pause No shortcuts as I use the right wheel (left and right dpad) to change fuel mix on the fly when MFD is either closed or on the fuel setting - I don't change brake bias at all.
  3. Disagree but you are correct. The micro-managing of 2019 was unrealistic and just not what ERS is about. In FP you have access to it all, none, medium, Hotlap and OT so you can practice for qualifying (none and Hotlap) and race (medium and OT). Makes sense to have access to all in practice, don't you think?
  4. martbloke

    No Team Radio ever

    If you mean the engineer talking to you, it is there so if you are not getting that through and have the option to allow your engineer to talk to you on, then it's a bug. Edit: check the bottom post of the below otherwise report it as a bug:
  5. martbloke

    F1 2020 improvements

    1. Won't happen due to licensing - you can customise your own separate MP car or F1 Team in MyTeam though 2. Would be cool with new, nice camera views too but how often do you see the crowd? Would be cool for a more realistic sounding crowd though. 3. Already in game. You can unlock podium celebrations
  6. martbloke

    My team difficulty possible bug

    I think you'd need to do better testing. On 1 GP, do qualifying on 98 and see the AI times. Then restart the session/career and re-do the qualifying on 88 and see the AI times. If they stay the same, then there's an issue. If they are considerably lower on 88, then there's no issue. Don't forget to take video/screenshots to add to any bug reporting for Codies to see the evidence and try and mimic in order to fix.
  7. Now that videos are pouring online for F1 2020, it's disappointing to see the full driver names still in the positional table. Please tell me that Day 1 patch will add an update to allow only the 3 letters to show for drivers (their abbreviation)?! This way the table can be narrowed to make the HUD look a lot cleaner and this is as it is IRL so I don't know why you have to show the full name. If it's because with F2 drivers mixed in abbreviations could mean any driver then I raise you with, we know what drivers are in our race/season and in what cars so who cares. make them 3 characters for the love of god please! Merci beaucoup!
  8. martbloke

    F1 2020 - Tracklimits

    It does use the full width of the car including wheels. Like I said, if you see an occasion where you are on track and you get a warning for track extending or corner cutting, it's a bug and needs to be reported. What I will say is that you HAVE to check the replay to be fully certain. In play cameras are misleading as you cannot see the edge of your tyres so where it looks like you are on track from cockpit or TCam view, you are likely not when you check the replay.
  9. martbloke

    Driver Position Table - 3 Letters Please!!

    Yep true didn't think of that but then as Tom has stated, 1) why not have it optional or 2) for single player have the 3 character abbreviation and for MP/leagues have the full name - even then I don't see why it NEEDS to be full name for MP/leagues; only for spectators I would suggest. In the MP/league lobby you can have the players name and in brackets show their 3 letter abbreviation so you know who is who before the race.
  10. martbloke

    F1 2020 - Tracklimits

    Where you have 2 wheels on track and you get a warning that is called a bug and should be reported to get fixed. As per my post, IRL limits are NOT STRICT like this setting is said to be. This setting mimics the limits as stated in the rules, not what the stewards decide at each race. If codies were to rename the setting to realistic or add another in, then there would be no issue but the fact it's called STRICT tells you and everyone that it is strict track limits so stay on track. It's simple English (or whatever language you choose in game - I believe strict means the same in all languages). If you want to run wide to open a corner up to allow you to take more speed through it and gains an advantage, that is called track extending. Oh and by the way, the Mercs were told to ignore the curbs yesterday and stay on track so IRL drivers can do it. Again I'll state it again, STRICT is as the title describes. It is not meant to mimic IRL driving otherwise I'd expect it to be called REALISTIC or something to that effect. The actual FIA rules state the track is defined by the white lines and no driver should go off track unless there is a reason to do so (i.e. avoid crash, driver error, etc). STRICT means the rules are STRICTLY followed. It's just the norm for stewards to ignore these rules and allow drivers to track extend which is wrong in my eyes and I hate seeing them do so IRL. It's abusing the rules. Anyways I agree with you that it's not the limits that are the issue, it is the penalty system. It needs to understand whether you have gained time while going off track or gaining an advantage like keeping a position. I think it does this at the moment but needs improving. You keep you foot down while going wide a smidge and that is track extending and you should be warned. But you don't gain any time I hear you say. Well then staying on track by a smidge won't lose you any time. Simples. Stay on track. Either the number of warnings needs upping or scaled depending on race length or something else to recognise and impose realistic penalties.
  11. martbloke

    F1 2020 - Tracklimits

    Dear god guys. Learn to drive ON the track. Keep 2 wheels inside or on the white track line and there's no issue. The setting is called STRICT not REALISTIC. Strict is as per the rules which is you should not be going off track. Track is defined by the white lines. Hence strict will warn you if you go 4 wheels outside the white lines. You can drive a good lap while within the track limits you know 😉 EDIT: And if you refer to real life GPs again, please note that the stewards do NOT follow the rules on track limits and actually make their own rules each race week. How do you expect Codies to be able to program something to keep up with that? To do it as STRICT, it's as per the rules 😜
  12. I think it depends on the platform. I saw something on another post somewhere that apparently Twitch's t&c's state to abide by the games NDA and release dates or something like that. I don't know if that's true or not and whether YouTube may have something similar.
  13. Answer = no. Just play and enjoy the game! Haha
  14. martbloke

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

  15. martbloke

    DAS coming to F1 2020?

    Hell no I hope not. No point spending resource on something only 1 team so far uses and which will be banned from next year. No sense in doing it IMO and why add yet another thing for us to micro-manage while racing mapping to an already exhausted list of buttons when IRL it's a push/pull system which we cannot do.
  16. martbloke

    Thrustmaster f1 wheel settings

    Nope unfortunately. It's a Microsoft issue not the game or wheel. They only allow the same buttons as you have on a pad. I too have the Thrustmaster TX F1 rim and it's annoying I have like 3 A buttons.
  17. Ah but do you then think they have an advantage? I mean if I were a ghost car, I could race like I was in time trial with no possibility of having to race another car so no need being off the racing line. Also would mean their safety rating would never change or would improve as they wouldn't be in any crashes. No go from me.
  18. martbloke

    Cool down lap added to game

    Yes but only if done right so it doesn't get boring it that you can skip it. I'd also like to say that I'd like to have the whole reconnaissance laps before race start where from your pit, you can drive to the end of the pits and do a proper practice start, then drive around the track and then back through the pits again. Then when you're ready, drive around and to the start where your engineers will collect you to put you on your starting position.
  19. And you know the numbers like I know the numbers yeah? Why the change in allowing to invite friends to them? Something must've prompted that? Oh and if you check again I did say it was a low number so not sure where you get the "great" from?? You know that old saying, "It's always the minority that spoils it for everyone". Anyways it's besides the point. It's not exactly in the sporting nature for any competitor of any ranked mode to be able to change the dynamics of said competition themselves so being able to invite friends to your ranked race goes against this imo. If you both end up their by luck then fair enough.
  20. martbloke

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    Well if it is, then that will of course be discussed in the beta when it's tried out now won't it?
  21. martbloke

    Cool down laps for F1 2020

    It could be quite good if they made something cool for this cool down lap. Maybe all the stewards come out to the side of the circuit waving their flags, the crowd volume turned up so you can hear the roar, more radio chatter (team boss too maybe) if you exceed or completely fail on your objective hearing that ecstasy in their voices or sheer frustration/anger and if you finish on the podium, would be cool to manually drive all the way around, into the pits (or pit straight in Monaco) to your position marker while giving it a little tap! Otherwise no it would get boring real quick and skipped a lot after the first season.
  22. martbloke


    Agreed and to be honest, now on console we can customise HUD options, we can scale the tower slightly and move to the left so it's even less intrusive. 3 initials is the way to go though no matter what and why not have the full tower? You could quite easily have it default to 3 or 5 but like you say have a button (or Jeff command) to expand the tower - either as a toggle so you have to collapse it manually or have it expand for a set time and it will auto-collapse. Would certainly help with checking gaps for pit strategies I feel.
  23. Well they would if the abuse was affecting others for the sake of getting their buddies to get higher placed in the race like intentional blocking or crashing! Possibility is low but certainly is not 0%. Ranked mode is a single driver ranked mode against everyone else not a friend-sesh! I agree that if they are the same ranking for the lobby, then of course have the ability to invite them but that's it.
  24. martbloke

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    I guess we'd need to understand why teams/drivers do not continually change modes throughout a lap IRL like people do in game to fully understand if it was realistic or not really. Is it because you'd destroy your battery the more times you change it? Is it because it doesn't actually give you the advantage we see in game i.e. there is a lag of getting the power set to actual produce? Does it cause problems for the car if it was done IRL like people do in game? Same goes with fuel. Only then can Codies build a more realistic version of ERS that takes these reasons into account and appeases all. Do they add more wear to battery if you continually change modes? Do they add more damage to tyres when entering higher modes of ERS (more power = more spinning of the wheels)? If it turns out to be because teams just don't want to keep micromanaging this, too time consuming, or just no reason at all yet it can give you the benefit IRL as we see in game, then well you could say game on then but there must be a reason why drivers do not do this IRL and are saying such which needs to be conveyed in game for the old ERS to return. If teams do continually and manually change modes throughout a lap, then isn't the new ERS just that? The AI changing ERS for us and we, the driver, having access to overtake? To me this is what the new system is representing and I am fully behind it. You could add the facility of planning your own mapping but it would have to be the 1 for the race not multiple you can switch anytime as that's just going back to the old ERS system which has already been said to be unrealistic.
  25. martbloke

    What position will you come out after pitting?

    No I get what you are saying and it's the reason why cars pit under VSC because they gain time as the car on track is travelling slower compared to normal, so what would be normal pit of say losing 20s you only lose 10s on them. That's where my initial reply to you advised that the game would know average lap/sector times of say the last 2 laps of all cars (or whatever is best to best gauge a predicted future position of cars) so it can keep a prediction going in the MFD. If you have that open (or keep asking Jeff), you can see the predicted gap on exit changing and then you can decide on when is best to pit. No need to cater Jeff for every AI, just that coding to take into account average lap/sector times for a credited position on track when exiting pit would do if for all. Predicted position: 9th Predicted gaps: Ahead = 17th +1.2s; Behind = 10th -5.3s The 17th place is the actual car ahead on track not positional as you are looking at gaps not positions.