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  1. Who cares for a ranked mode that can be manipulated?? The quickest way to get your opinion dismissed! lol. This is the exact reason why there is an unranked mode that you can invite anyone into.
  2. martbloke

    What position will you come out after pitting?

    I guess what I am trying to say is that this is just like real life though. No one knows what will happen only what it looks like what will happen. IRL, the drivers could be slow coming into the pits, they could stall it when released, where they are expecting to be ahead of 3 cars who are close racing together could become 1 car as 2 enter the pits, you could come out behind or ahead as the cars suddenly for some reason sped up (hammer time knowing you're coming in or a faster car finally clear of a slower car). It happens. Basically as long as Jeff or the MFD can know how long it takes roughly to go through the pits (like they do in real life for each track), how far back the cars on track are, they can then give an estimated position (like it does now) and time difference (ahead and behind to decide if it's a possible gap you can land in) upon exit assuming all stays roughly the same. It's what they do IRL. If you are expecting the MFD and/or Jeff to be able to say the exact position and exact time difference you will be in, then good luck with that. If anything bit of estimation only adds to the immersion and fun of racing. Knowing exact details can be less exciting like knowing exactly how the weather is going to go - boring!
  3. martbloke

    What position will you come out after pitting?

    I don't think it needs that much of a change you are suggesting. Jeff will already know the length of time it takes for a pit stop. All he'd need to know is how far back from you cars are timewise ignoring positions and then take into account average lap times from the last 2-3 laps of those cars. Done. Even if it's just telling you that at that point you are checking MFD or asking Jeff you would come out in X position which gives you a gap of y to the car behind when you exit and z to the car in front when you exit, then it's down to the player to understand if they will hit traffic or not. If you leave the MFD open on the lap, you'll see how this changes through it at intervals like a delta to see if it's worth jumping in. I think it can be easily done and does not need to cater for all AI levels. I mean IRL the engineers have a decent guess of gap but cannot know for sure that the car they are expecting to jump ahead won't suddenly hit the boosts a do a lap .5s faster or clear the car in front of them and then go 1s faster.
  4. Yep. Check out Aarava's video too just today which shows you can move and change the size of every HUD element. Can even change the opacity.
  5. martbloke

    What position will you come out after pitting?

    I actually like the idea of Jeff being able to tell you a rough position like the MFD. What would be even better and not just related to Jeff telling you but also for the MFD, is that it also tells you a rough time of the car ahead of that particular position so you can better judge if it's in traffic or clear air. I mean teams do try and get them in clear air irl so why can't we have that info? Predicted position after pit = 9th Predicted gap = +5s (8th) - could even be +5s (17th) if the car ahead is a lapped car
  6. martbloke

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    Agree with the wait and see for sure. I think the new ERS sounds like and will be fine for the game. It will be those who don't really like change and those who mastered the old way and therefore think they had an advantage who will oppose it.
  7. martbloke

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    This is an interesting idea! Would be cool also if it showed you the track and corner numbers so you can see easily what section of the tracks you are referring to and the outcome of your selection so you can see what sort of usage a lap would be from your setup so you can judge if you'll run out of battery at any point in the race e.g. Start Corner End Corner Mode ERS Usage 1 2 3 -10% 2 5 0 +15% 5 6 1 +1% Obviously you'd need to make sure your battery will survive for the whole race so if, as an example, you have a 50 lap race, you need to make sure the usage per lap is no greater than -2% otherwise you'd run out of battery before the end - can make it only -1% to allow 50% battery available for the overtake button throughout. Think this would be quite complex to strategise for people though particularly through the race - say I used Overtake in the 1st lap and spent like 60% on it, I'd run out of battery about 10 laps before the end if there was no way to change the above, lol.
  8. martbloke

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    I know it's still WIP, but the only thing I saw different in car setup screen from the videos was you can set the tyre pressure for each of the 4 tyres now instead of just front and back. Everything else is the same.
  9. martbloke

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    So essentially you want the old ERS being able to change it on the fly through a lap for each corner which, although adds another dimension to strategy and also another way for drivers to out-perform someone, is unrealistic as confirmed above by Barry and other drivers and, IMO, is just too much for this game? Pre-programming multiple ERS mode presets before the race for you to use in race is exactly what it was before (6 modes to choose from). The only ways I can see your idea being different from before is that you cannot change modes on the fly yourself and would have to request the change via Jeff who will take some time to analyse if it's beneficial or not (maybe a lap or 2) and then confirm or deny the change - if confirms then changes the mode for you to give you more power (to be clear I don't particularly like or dislike this idea, probably more dislike). Or perhaps you have control to set up the ERS mapping for the race and only 1 preset that you get stuck to for the entirety of the race (like you setup) and then you can manually use the Overtake when you need it - again not exactly realistic being so rigid but gives you the control over mapping pre-race you ask for. Other than that, from what I can see of the new ERS, you have the power to do exactly what you described in bold above - use overtake to keep up until DRS then disable Overtake which then (potentially) the AI will start to harvest, no? I think it will be OK you know. The Virtual races are on Auto and there's been a lot of exciting moments in it with hardly if any moaning about not being able to change ERS mode. I think people are kicking off a bit much about this when in practice it will be no big deal at all after a few races 🙂
  10. martbloke

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    What is burn it all? I still see there is a max deploy limit per lap which I assume would be mainly tied into what is used when toggling Overtake on. I guess your battery could be fully depleted if you left Overtake on for a few laps?? A bit like you could when in mode 4 or 5 currently. I'm assuming the AI part of the new ERS is to keep your battery at optimal levels and just allow the user to determine when to ignore harvesting or optimal battery level by flipping Overtake on or off? I really don't see the AI part of this using all your battery leaving you no way to use Overtake at all as your battery is dead. I'd imagine maybe keeping the battery around 80% or above throughout where the AI has been mapped to deploy and harvest at points around the lap to maintain this level. The rest of the 80% would be at your disposal via Overtake. Drain it all and when you toggle Overtake off, the AI will look to harvest more than deploy to get back to around 80% no? Sounds good to me (numbers of course just theoretical).
  11. Sorry I assumed the X and O buttons in the bottom right were PS4 only. Thought for PC they'd be numbers or letters?
  12. martbloke

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    Ah couldn't see that video earlier up to see it in action as it was a private video but have seen a glimpse of it on IntoTheBarrier's video. Looks like a button press to toggle overtake on which then changes the HUD option to 'DISABLE' where you need to press the same button to disable overtake, which then changes the HUD option to 'OVERTAKE'. Can't see how any other mode would be selected other than this. I do wonder if ERS will be tied into your fuel mix selected so if you go to MAX or RICH, ERS is deployed more and if you go to LEAN, it doesn't deploy but harvests more? That would sort practice/qualy laps out (sort of) but not if you want to save fuel in race but use full ERS (not overtake that is) to help with your speed. Just baffled how this will be working with all the possible scenarios it would be needed in??
  13. Unless that is photoshopped, that is a shot from PS4!! Customisation on consoles?? Yay! EDIT: Also, 5 drivers in the table?? Was it that last year or just 3? Can't remember but anyways 5 is good!
  14. martbloke

    F1 2020 Gameplay by Content Creators

    I don't know until I get hands on but Jimmy Broadbent tried wet and at 1st he found it tricky. When he actually slowed for the corners properly he got good lap times. Looked good. Check out his video.
  15. martbloke

    F1 2020 Gameplay by Content Creators

    I think for cockpit cam, this is in the right place as it would sit on the halo. Problem is for those not in cockpit cam. Solution is to bring the whole PC customisable HUD to consoles and let the user choose. Moving it to the top without the ability to move ourselves will not happen because the top is reserved for their notifications e.g. fastest lap and such. Never liked how big these were to be honest so give us control on consoles!!!
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    Is it me or does Jeff have a different voice? Just heard him in Jimmy Broadbent's video. Also he's just said his lap time in Time Trial mode. Don't think that was in 2019 was it? Maybe we'll be getting more info, and more relevant info, from Jeff now?
  17. martbloke

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    I will say I think I got the numbers wrong earlier on ERS modes. Just watching Jimmy Broadbent's video in Time Trial and it's currently in mode 3. Maybe 3 is qualifying mode where ERS is max deployment through the lap??
  18. martbloke

    Upshifting early causes a spin in 2020?

    It had better be tweaked and actually be reversed to eliminate the stupid downshift quick and back again to get better rotation in the corner. If you downshift to a lower gear when revs are way high, then you should be potentially spinning IMO. I thought upshifting too soon causes better traction and like said above, a bit of bogging down as the engine tries to rotate your wheels in too low revs - why that would cause a spin I don't know. Isn't a spin caused by the rear rotating faster than the front? I did however see in the F2 video of Arthur Leclerc's race the other day in 2019 that the gear HUD kept going red when he downshifted way too soon which I assume was causing him damage. Some peeps suggested he got the mechanical failure maybe because of this and maybe something they're testing for 2020 which may deter peeps from using this glitch??
  19. martbloke

    (Suggestion) Extra down shift

    So according to Jimmy Broadbent's gameplay video, this downshifting to get more rotation is still a thing! 😩
  20. martbloke

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    I get what you are saying but I doubt that those guys have actually fully tested ERS in the game as yet and are speculating - I don't see it changing in the Time Trial videos I've seen. I think there is more info to come on this but I do think we will have some control over it. Mapping it in advance? Unlikely but we will have something to do while in race I think. EDIT: I could of course be wrong as changing between 3 modes during race, what's the difference to what it was before with 5 modes? Could just be an overtake toggle in it's simplest form as you suggest.
  21. martbloke

    Official HUD in F1 2020

    No offence but I never get this argument of drivers not seeing graphics so who cares. If they didn't see graphics, why is there a HUD in game? I mean seriously. If you turn the HUD off then having the official graphics for HUD elements makes no difference to you, right? Anyways, if there is a HUD, why can't it be official graphics? I would prefer more info on the wheel but that clearly isn't happening and as I don't tend to race using Jeff commands all the time, a limited HUD is good for me and so why not have official graphics? Is a "would like" but not a game changer for me.
  22. martbloke

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    Wow, there really are differing opinions on ERS. Before it was "ERS is unrealistic and needs to be automated with the potential of an overtake button;" Now it's, "Put it back to what it was before as it's more realistic changing ERS in every corner!" I was 1 who liked the added challenge and strategy of manually changing ERS whenever I wanted but after some time, I feel it is just too much for a game and even some drivers suggesting it just does not work like that too so, am of the opinion it needs this change. I mean watching all drivers in these virtual GPs on auto is really quite fun and good racing so I don't think it needs this constant changing throughout the lap. My assumption is that these are 3 modes (I assume 3 as there is a number to the left which I believe went from 0 to 2) and pre-mapped for every circuit. Choose "0 Disable", and you will get no ERS benefit (or minimal) where it will only harvest, "1" (don't even know what this could be called) and you get normal harvest and deploy (50/50 use) around the track (potentially harvest under x speed or y braking points, and deploy out of z corners while then stopping deployment after half the straight - maybe used for acceleration only) and then "2 Overtake" to constantly deploy throughout the whole lap/all straights with minimal to no harvesting.
  23. martbloke

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    Seriously?? I assume you mean something more along the lines of their internet speed/stability rather than the hardware they use to race? Singling people out because they have just a controller or what is classified as "not decent gaming rig" is a big no no!
  24. martbloke

    Team Ranked mode

    I see a minority of people are annoyed because they can't invite their friends to ranked mode, so why not have a new ranked mode for teams. You and a friend race as a team against other teams. You therefore have your own normal ranked status affe ted by normal solo ranked play but also another team rank status. Racing in both should affect your safety rating of course.
  25. No to inviting friends to ranked lobbies 👍