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    I'm sorry but what? I mean both games are the same thing. You control 11 players on the pitch to play the sport of football, you control 1 player in a car to play the sport of racing. You decide the outcomes in both as you are controlling the destiny of the player(s). The difference between the 2 is that F1 is a constant race with no real breaks whereas football has stoppages and so they can give a more broadcast feel by implementing replays. I don't remember replays being mentioned for F1 while in race we are talking HUD. Anyways back to this game, what you're actually saying is you want the HUD but not the TV graphics! Gotcha. Long way around to it but got there in the end. So not so much a clutter issue but a distraction issue and so want a different design where it is effectively plain. That's a good enough arguement I guess. What I will say is that with a translucent design, you will probably find that a little more distracting as the colours of the HUD info will blend into the background and make it hard to read so you'll spend more time trying to read the info.
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    So what HUD elements do you need then as an individual driver in the game? If you're gunning for realism then no HUD suits that. I'm just intrigued to know where you're coming from to see what HUD elements are realistic for a driver and that do not make it 'godlike' yet are different to what Codies and the official broadcasting give.
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    I'll give you the radio message icon as that's not required but everything else is as Codies HUD and so it's no more clutter than that therefore the clutter excuse for not having the official graphics is illogical. Your argument is not about the official graphics it seems; more about reducing the HUD completely so for you there should be no argument ..... there are already options to remove what you don't want - sorted! 👍😜
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    Oh I don't mind people having differing opinions but it's the illogical reasoning that baffles me.
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    I don't get this argument of being way too cluttered. Apart from the tower (I'd actually have a max of 5 positions showing), how is it any different to Codies design (fonts/graphics aside)? I mean it shows the same data as Codies just in a different font/graphic and even the tower is the 3 letter abbreviation rather than the full names they are currently using. Madness all in spite of not wanting it, lol!
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    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    Gotta have more realistic damage model (more sensitive to collisions), formation lap, warm down lap to drive into parc ferme, manual pit control (manual spee limiter so can get speeding penalties), more human AI (mistakes, aggressiveness so they too can get penalties and affected cars due to damage), more immersive career mode so it's not so repetitive (better R&D, add more excitement (cut scenes - grid walk, fans cheering, commentary before races/qualy to build pressure on the driver if gunning for the title, beating teammate/rival, etc), fix penalty system and most of all for me please have a much wetter engineer. I would love my engineer to be so in depth that I don't need any HUD whatsoever. 1 that would tell me exactly what and how much damage I have, exactly where I am in the race, my fuel usage exactly rather than being vague, pit stop windows, distance from the next car ahead and back, lap times I need to be putting in to catch the other drivers and what they are doing). More realistic setup also are a big thing for me with all practice sessions available. I don't wasn't a wet qualy where the AI is fast assuming they have a wet setup and then still be super fast in a dry race. I want it so that the AI can gamble on a dry race in a wet qualy so there qualy is affected but be ok for the race and vice versa. I hate it when I have to compensate for the weather which will affect my race but the AI is not. Just some things :-)