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  1. On 7/28/2020 at 3:18 PM, fraggi said:

    Ragarding Point 2:

     I just Simulated my first season forward until the end of S1 and when I saw the driver Transfers I was happy at first since Sainz moved to Ferrari but then I looked at the rest of the grid and its just mayhem... Merc and Renault are the only unchanged teams. VET and RAI retired and what followed must be the silliest of silly seasons.... 


    My Season 2 Lineup:

    Latifi an Stroll at AlfaRomeo

    Giovinazzi and Magnussen at AlphaTauri

    Norris and Russel at RacingPoint

    Leclerc and Sainz at Ferrari

    Albon and Grosjean at Haas

    Matsushita nd Kvyat at McLaren

    Hamiltom and Bottas at Merc

    Gasly and Perez at RedBull

    Ricciardo and Ocon at Renault

    De Vries and Verstappen at Williams

    Aitken and Me at My Team





    Not too bad a lineup; a lot of changes though - of the real teams only 6 drivers have remained out of 20; mental!!. Verstappen being the only real issue I would have there in all honesty. Potentially an issue with Albon at Haas from Red Bull - he's probably not quite good enough for RB but not bad enough for Haas, lol.


    Seems like the transfers are a domino effect triggered by a retirement or you poaching an existing driver. Why? Why can't a team give a new driver a go (from F2) rather than poaching from another team or that team/driver saying no to them and not move? Why does acclaim not really mean anything for AI drivers - I'm talking Verstappen here as surely Williams don't have the facilities Max would demand there?


    It's all a bit strange!

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  2. It's certainly a nice idea and ties in to the argument of the official graphics.


    I would prefer the option to be able to define how many I want in the tower and also to be able to hide and unhide it on the fly while racing; maybe even a hide, full or minimal mode a bit like Apple iTunes player - full would be the full defined tower and minimal could be you and the driver in front/behind. Would be quite annoying and a lot of clutter having the full tower on all race. Better yet, maybe a combo tower - top part showing the top 10 and then if I am outside top 10, the lower part showing me and driver ahead and behind so if I am say 17th, it would show 1-10, then a small step under showing 16, me, 18.


    To be honest there's just so much they could do with the tower to make it better. For instance, for qualifying I really want the official graphics that shows the full tower and the knockout zones for Q1 and Q2 as well as difference to being safe if I'm in the KO zone. A big thing in my book is being able to only show the abbreviated 3 character name of the drivers - small change but big impact when it comes to reducing clutter.

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  3. 34 minutes ago, Aef251 said:

    When playing career or My team, I’m not sure it matters if the starting performance is correct. It all changes so fast.

    And in Grand Prix, I’m not sure if I would be in a rush to open tha gap between Merc and the rest of the field.

    All I want is a stable game that works for all accounts and no longer has the wheel/camera bug. Performance and cosmetics are very low priority in my world.


    Exactly, nicely put!


    I can imagine most reducing the difficulty just to catch those pesky Mercs post-update! haha. Just unreal how dominant they are in this era of F1. Crazy good.

  4. 10 minutes ago, ZixClon said:

    Finaly my MGU is dead. Its seem its not 100% you get the failure. But 100,99% (101)

    Its a bit sad that mecanical failure is not ebale in the game. Its making the carrier or my team boring. You can run the whol3 season without a single mecanical failure

    I agree some kind of mechanical failure would be good to have although they'd have to be careful how it's done as you wouldn't want it too often and it will annoy people if they are having a good race and it happens. People will be calling it out as scripting like in Fifa.

  5. Ah OK I get what you're saying and yes the track limits could be better if it followed real world for a lot of people but that changes from race to race and so Codies would have a tough time following what they decide each weekend and updating the game.  Strict is fine because you can see where the limit is so drive within it. The penalty system does need some work to judge how much time is/could be gained to properly initiate warnings/penalties. That's the issue in my mind.


    I also agree with you about warnings/penalties for track limits shouldn't really be affecting safety rating. That's daft IMO. Maybe a major corner cut perhaps but even then that's debatable.

  6. 23 hours ago, Newtown99 said:

    (for example, turn one at Spa - there is no way a warning/penalty should be given for cutting as close the the wall as you can get) 


    Completely disagree. Don't care what corner it is but if you cut it with 4 wheel outside the track line however little, you should get a warning/penalty. Corner cutting is a big no no from me.


    It's track extensions that should allow leniency but only when you do not gain out of doing so. If you gain in some way, a warning/penalty is justified.

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  7. 41 minutes ago, MARKYSPARKY99 said:


    You cannot change to LVL 3 because this is part of the regulations involved with the FIA. During qualifying laps, you are not allowed to use 'Overtake mode' (ERS LVL 3). Therefore the options available are:

    LVL 0 - OFF

    LVL 1 - Medium


    LVL 2 - Hotlap


    Hope this information helps!

    Not quite correct. Qualifying you can only use none (0) or Hotlap (2). Medium (1) is only used in the race along with OT (3). Practice you can use all 4 so you can test both qualifying (0 and 2) and race (1 and 3).


    On 7/10/2020 at 6:44 PM, LChaves01 said:

    For those of us that like to drive our outlaps in Qualy, the fact that the shortcuts stop working with no warning it's really ridiculous, i don't want to be wasting energy on the outlap, and i want the option to change into Hotlap at a single button press. 

    There's a 0 mode in FP and Qualy... haven't searched for it come race day because 1 works just fine and i mostly turn off the SC.

    Race day you cannot switch to none (0). It automatically switches to 0 for you in the pitlane when you pit but I do not believe it does this under SC and believe it stays in medium (1).

  8. On 7/28/2020 at 8:32 PM, TheCroc84 said:

    I think to make money more valuable once fully upgraded on facilities r&d should cost resource points and money.  This will also slow down player progress as at times its too easy to leap near the top inside a couple of seasons.

    Also just noticed that the rush option for R&D is the exact same R&D cost as just the normal decelopment but is only percentage failure that is increased.


    I say rushing development should cost more R&D points and also money here to simulate paying overtime as well as the increase chance of failure due to overworked workers.

  9. 6 hours ago, Jobling1983 said:


    Ok so straight away. Crashes out in Bahrain gets -$30k in damage. Crashes out in Hanoi gets -$10k in damage. WTAF!! should surely be higher in damages if you crash out 1st off and then be consistent.


    EDIT: now I've watched the whole video, it confirms my suspicions that there's no real need to watch what you are spending. Get money, invest it all and don't worry about any negative cashflow. Yes you may not be able to invest anything until you start getting a positive cashflow BUT I'm sure your acclaim continues to increase and so you can attract more sponsors offering more money so there's your positive cashflow sorted.


    That's actually quite poor and makes the mode too easy to get up the rankings with no real risk of stagnating at the bottom IMO. A blip on a very good mode and hope that sort that and iron it out. I'm putting it down to being their 1st try at this mode so will give some slack but needs to be improved either later on in this game development in patches or for the next game.

  10. 8 hours ago, marioho said:

    While we are at it, does anyone know the difference between these commands?

    This pairing:

    • Engineer quiet
    • Fewer updates


    • Engineer talk
    • More updates


    • Shut up jeff
    • Leave me alone

    I think the more and fewer updates are linked to what the type of updates you get from him i.e. everything, only important updates, etc like the option in the settings. The quiet and talk ones may be related to him saying nothing for a period of time maybe. Just guessing here 😉

  11. I like the track limits but as you say the penalty system needs a tweak.


    However your actual point of those who track extend or corner cut should not be around those that collide with everything and everyone l, I completely agree with. Why does corner cutting or track extending affect your safety rating? Safety rating should be purely based on how safe you are driving i.e. crashes or dirty tactics leading to an incident like aggressive squeezing causing a another driver to crash (hard to code I know).


    Maybe a blatant corner cut could be considered unsafe and therefore affect your ranking but track extending definitely not. The idea is that they'll get penalised by the in-race penalty system for these and just leave it at that quite frankly. Hardly unsafe.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Nuvolarix said:

    Dear Codemasters,

    another small suggestion here: during my last qualifying session (Q2) I was currently in P10, all my tyres were gone and I was in the garage watching the last lap of my most dangerous opponent... but suddently the session is over, I guess as soon as the time reaches 00:00! While my opponent was still driving before the chequered flag, and I found out it got my P10 only to the screen of end session!

    It would be nice if any session would end only when the last driver takes the chequered flag.


    Thank you for reading.




    Absolutely agree and this would help with the silly simmed AI times too I feel, certainly for those who wait to see the end of the session.

  13. 1 minute ago, zZ A M P Aa said:

    There is no practice mode. Part of the problem. You have to force it yourself using a private unranked lobby. But its do able and the cars are more realistic to drive than they are on TT. 

    Sorry did I mention online practice? Nope. I have never driven Zandvoort nor Hanoi so I would want to practice those and have no interest in online play so why do I need to create an online lobby when I have an Offline TT mode where I can drive these and practice these on my own without interference? I don't.

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  14. 25 minutes ago, zZ A M P Aa said:

    I didnt claim only league drivers should be using TT and I didnt say anyone should stay off it. I said the idea of it is to see where you stand on the leaderboard and that practice sessions are for practicing. 

    I'd like to know where these so called practice sessions are please?? If I want to practice a new track all on my lonesome with no other car around to wreck my practice I have to load a GP mode race with full practice sessions and use those? Heck GTFO!! TT is the place for this my friend. It's not always about setting the fastest time possible although that is what the mode is made for, but this is the best place for practicing.


    On the other note, flashbacks should be made to invalidate the lap time if used and if it's by design not to, then this needs to be added as a suggestion, if it is made to and it is not, then that's a bug report so add that to your list of things to report along with gaining time under flashback. Simples!

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  15. It is odd that there is a simple solution to correct this (simple in my head at least as I don't know how complex they have coded the shortcuts) yet Codies are sticking to their "By design". It's clear the design has not gone down well so needs changing.


    I guess the current issue, as suggested above, is that the shortcuts adjust the mode by 1 and so those that are locked out in-between in qualy (1 and 3) and race (0 and 2) cannot be accessed by this +/-1 movement so it cannot move up or down by this block. Solution is to simply have 3 tables of ERS mode to select from depending on the session.


    Practice ERS table = 

    0 (none)

    1 (medium)

    2 (Hotlap)

    3 (OT)


    Qualifying ERS table = 

    0 (none)

    2 (Hotlap)


    Race ERS table = 

    1 (medium)

    3 (OT)


    This way the shortcut can increase/decrease by 1 in each table to get the desired and allowed modes - sorted!

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  16. 11 hours ago, alon11esp said:

    This is my onboard camera, for me, it's very nice 😝

    I'll share with you some of the onboard cameras (I use a fixed camera setup for all the cars, included the F2 cars)

    If you like this camera angles, I'll share the settings

    F1® 2020_20200723224024.jpg

    F1® 2020_20200720221709.jpg

    F1® 2020_20200720222301.jpg

    F1® 2020_20200720222014.jpg

    F1® 2020_20200720221907.jpg


    From a cockpit user, if I were to use TCam, these angles are really nice. Low for the TCam & tight but able to see your mirrors! Great shots too!!


    EDIT: In fact, can you please send me those settings. I may give them a sneaky go at some point 🙂

  17. Totally agree.


    To me it already seems like there is little to force you to be wise with your money other than having cash to sign your teammate. I mean damage and running costs do not seem to be that big at all in comparison to sponsorship money you get weekly and so I don't seem to see anything that could really throw a spanner in the works in terms of cashflow and actually force you to close a department down or have to do something drastic like that to survive. Just seems like, here's your cash for the week, invest in whatever you want without any risk of having a bad week money-wise.


    It would be cool if at the end of the season, you expected to hit a certain position in the constructors and so invested in you departments/resources expecting a big cash inflow at the end of season to cover costs but actually you didn't hit that position and so have left yourself with higher costs than income and a potential cash deficit so need to close a department or decrease the size of the department/resources to stay afloat which then affects the ability to build a better car for the start of the following season and/or produce upgrades throughout too.


    I am basing this off what I'm seeing in videos as I don't have hands on so please forgive and correct me if I am wrong. The last Aarava's video I've seen (episode 22 I think - season ender of S1) and he's a midfield running team at the end of season 1, receiving $2M+ a week with sponsor weekly money and performance boosts with running costs of $200k+ where all departments are level 1 except for 1 which is level 2 and plodding along fine in the R&D tree even with these low level departments. It just seems like there is a lot of reward with little risk when it comes to money from what I'm seeing and IRL, it appears to be the other way around with big teams like Williams struggling for cash and could of had (possibly still do) a very uncomfortable future in F1. Manor/Caterham have come and gone, Force India have changed hands and were struggling until Mr Stroll came along.


    I know there's a lot to buy/upgrade in MyTeam but seems like you can do just fine in this mode going up the pecking order like in normal career mode by doing very little. I posted it on another thread somewhere where I saw someone try and bankrupt their team by doing nothing to get money in and crash him and his teammate out each race but was still able to get a positive bank balance. Maybe I'm being too critical.


    How is everyone finding the managing of money vs difficulty getting by and improving your team? Is it too easy and just feel like it's a side mechanic added to the normal career mode where if you didn't pay too much attention to it, you'd still be fine or do you find the money actually playing a big part in the success or downfall of our team? Particularly interested on if you feel that if you don't get enough money in whether your team and car actually feels that or you feel that you could run out of money and are feeling pressured into making some drastic changes like downgrading departments or drivers?



    EDIT: Sorry Croc for a slight deviation to your initial thread but felt it was linked. Tell me otherwise and I will take this elsewhere 🙂

    Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 11.27.46.png

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  18. 45 minutes ago, SIMRACER123 said:


    Your aware that every reason you have given for cancelling your pre order the game was exactly the same in 2019? Which begs the question, why on earth did you pre-order in the first place....

    Haha too true.....however simple answer is, because that's what everyone does isn't it? Pre-order game, get game, complain about said game and company and pre-order their next game....rinse and repeat!

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