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    Would you like the F3?

    Totally agree here. First they need to tidy the base game, then implement the use of F2 better for career. Then and only then would I accept having the extra content of F3 in there. There's no point adding content while not working on the current content making sure all bugs are corrected before adding on top of it. That's a recipe for disaster which is what they've been doing the last few years.
  2. Popcorn at the ready 🍿 waiting for the huge backlash ....... 😂
  3. martbloke

    Bad things in F1 2019

    What happened to number 3? Did that get deleted? Haha, joking 😂😂 From what I've seen and heard, agree with it all. Career has been a bore now since 2017 and had high hopes of this rivalry theme they've injected for this year BUT sadly it's so brief you blink and you miss it. There's no feeling of rivalry in this game apart from those 3 short challenges in F2. Get a story writer in. With this I don't mean have a career like the Journey in FIFA as you want to be able to play career over and over with different teams and not know how the story goes. But what I mean is get them to script how to show and make the player feel they're in a rivalry with another driver whether it's your teammate or any other driver or team as you progress through the season. You could start with a rivalry with your teammate, which goes in hand with a team rivalry against another similar places team. As you progress the season, you build another rivalry with another driver particularly if you are going for the championship or if doing badly, rivalry with risk of losing your seat to a test driver or F2 driver. Your team gets massive upgrades pushing you further up the field than your current rival team? Show the emotion and jubilation of building that gap between you and them as well as building a new rivalry with another team. There's just no emotion in the game!
  4. martbloke

    Fed up— rain and AI in the rain

    I do wonder if this is a factor for a lot of people saying they can't keep up with the AI in the wet. People these days make a setup to be purely for the fastest lap they can get in the dry and use this in their races expecting great handling, speed and smashing the AI. If people are doing this then your race strategy is way off. Your AI level is therefore not entirely correct causing you to be so much slower in the wet and if you used a more realistic race setup, for the dry you'd see you will also be a few levels down in difficulty. Also when intermittent weather comes, you're f****d! If you are playing realistically and using setups meant for the given conditions and still too slow, perhaps there is an issue, perhaps you're needing more practise, who knows. I feel a lot of peeps want to push themselves massively and are ego driven to be on the highest possible level rather than cater for their true skill and just have fun. Having said that I also believe there are some who are genuine and have issues.
  5. martbloke

    F1 2019 R and D

    Of course, let's give "massive thanks" to the company fixing something that should have been tested and fixed before release instead of just implemented without thought. That's definitely something to give them a pat on the back for, not! Where's the apology from them for the broken mechanics? Way to go Codies <sigh> 🤦 Can we stop thanking them for shoddy work please and thank them where it's actually due? I too though am intrigued to know if this is actually fixed so I will be waiting patiently, watching 👀
  6. martbloke

    Tyre life in qualifying programme

    Ah OK, thanks for clarifying. I misunderstood the patch fix then. Good way they've done it actually now you say this as it is good to understand in practice how the race wear will be but of course the qualy program is affected. Maybe they could put a fix in so that that program has 100% tyre life no matter race length so you can determine qualy time - OR fix the target time to show according to the scaled tyre wear per lap (I'd expect the target time to be like this across all programs tbh).
  7. martbloke

    Tyre life in qualifying programme

    I thought tyre wear scaling was fixed in a patch 2 patches ago? Either it should now show 100% distances in practice and qualy then scale accordingly for the race or should show the scaled distances in P & Q and should wear correctly i.e. 4 driven laps = 1 lap wear (25%) or 2 driven laps = 1 lap wear (50%) - should then resort to 1 driven lap = 1 lap wear for the race.
  8. martbloke

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    Yep it is immensely stupid having Ferrari anywhere near the back runners. Would they ever accept that in F1? Never. The only way this would happen is if the rules changed to not suit Ferrari and let's face it, they'd sooner leave F1 than race last all the time. They'd moan their heads off until whatever rule that did not benefit them was abolished, lol. Ferrari should always be around the contenders for the title top 1-3. Anything below is a disgrace, haha.
  9. martbloke

    not change the front wing

    Yep I remember a Tiametmarduk video from the 2018 game with him saying he had to do the same. Another legacy bug not fixed! EDIT: I say it's a bug because although minimal damage, it still affects driveability of the car. 😱🤦
  10. martbloke

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    It's just where you can set the AI for the league IIRC. There are 3 options there under the 1 AI setting.
  11. I get what you are trying to say here but I don't buy that as any excuse. 1) if you are going to sell a game at top price like the big companies it needs to be of similar or better quality - fact. Just because it's a new game and officially licensed doesn't mean it has to go AAA price even if the quality is poop. 2) The size of Codies makes no difference on them not being able to tidy the basics of the game up from year to year. Legacy bugs are still present. I mean if they sorted those out, it would already be a better game. Also if they can make the game with the components it has now, then there's no reason why they cannot make them with no bugs. What has caused these bugs is their decision making is rushed, not well thought out and generally poor testing which had it been thorough would've picked up these bugs and game breaking issues with features they've introduced. 3) I only accept the excuse they're smaller than the big companies if they could not implement certain features at all due to resource and budget. If they bring something into a game, this excuse then goes out the window if it fails or is bug-ridden; that's just bad coding, lack of testing and general incompetence. I'd be put on performance plans if it was me in my job but no doubt, it's just all overlooked in the gaming industry as the norm which is ludicrous!
  12. martbloke

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    There's already an option in the league menu for the AI point scoring. The option allows AI to be present AND score, be present but DO NOT score and AI off.
  13. martbloke

    Career mode is now broken!

    Have you set the car up just for qualy? Have you considered setting the car up for a race during practice where a full tank of fuel will affect your car? Just wondering as I know a lot of peeps play/set the car up to drive the fastest possible without considering race implications.
  14. martbloke

    Request: Roadmap - Bugfixes

    Sadly will not happen. Games companies don't publicise when they will fix a fault with their game in advance. They'll take feedback from us, investigate, fix it and drop the patch. It's only then that they tell you what they fixed. Timelines are for things that are not broken but planned like additional content for example. Publicising a timeline to say, "Hey this is what is broken in our game which we are aware of but they won't be fixed until this time," is not good for business (i.e. reputation and advertising the game) and also what's to say they can definitely fix the issues? They won't know until they investigate and if they've already investigated they might as well fix it there and then not hold off til later. I'm sorry but we'll have to just keep giving feedback with examples, proof and what you did that may have caused the issue so they can find the issue quicker and get a fix in as quick as possible.
  15. There is not a chance in hell 2020 will be any better. Surely everyone who has bought their games from 2016 onwards can see it just copy/paste including the legacy bugs with additional content that is either ridiculous, unnecessary and a big waste of time developing when they could have fixed the underlying bugs which in turn cause more bugs. People are just so easily fooled into buying the game by "clever" marketing or this obsessant need to be part of eSports each year.
  16. martbloke

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    I'm hoping (a big hope of course) this makes people think twice about pre-ordering in future. Would make a point to Codies that their "guaranteed" income figures have reduced and therefore need to start polishing their games before release. What I will say is the feature has been removed but will be back with a bang next year as a "new" feature to bump sales. Can see it now, "F1 2020 now with online Co-op championship" emblazoned all over their advertising. Would guarantee all of you pre-ordering wouldn't it?! #gamedeveloperploys
  17. This is exactly what I will doing for 2019 as still not bought. Was itching to buy day 1 after playing the beta but had to stop myself due to knowing how the games have gone and not being allowed to test all modes. Glad I refrained. Waiting for a price drop so the pre-owned prices drop to and will probably only focus on Championship mode and F2 - career is a joke with silly mid-season transfers, stupid R&D speeds for some cars, a bore as ever with no real emotional pull into it rivalry-wise (which is ridiculous considering it was all about rivalries this year and yet all you get is Weber and Butler in 3 meaningless scenarios!) And of course now nerfed AI (beta and launch AI was so much better being more aggressive - seem Tiametmarduk's videos recently with the AI pulling out of battling with him in corners 🤦). Multiplayer also sounds like it's a joke too so that doesn't exactly leave many modes left does it? Dear oh dear...
  18. martbloke

    F1 career mode constructor standings is useless

    Yeah I mean this is where I feel Codies need to just take a step back, have a deep look at career and revamp it to bring the player into it via more emotions. You need to feel that rivalry and pressure to do well. Need to be doing well in your current team to earn a drive for a better team for instance. Threat of being demoted perhaps. 1st team driver getting the upgrades over you perhaps. Like you say and have different points prizes for finishing in different positions and therefore play I to that with the press to make you feel the heat and the will to beat that team. Just a bit emotionless if you ask me!
  19. martbloke

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    Ditto. I'm going by what peeps are saying on here. I'll buy 2nd hand and atm I'm more interested in Championship mode and it's more F2 that's getting me buzzing! The AI were great in the beta and I hear that's now been nerfed a bit, a whole mode seems to have a massive mechanic faulty AF (career - R&D, transfers) and MP sounds like destruction derby! Not massively appealing atm.
  20. Not strictly true as to the only thing he's said. He has criticised the handling and also the setups.
  21. martbloke

    Race start

    This is a must and also something I've said since they've introduced manual starts. In fact they should allow the reconnaissance laps before the race where you keep driving through the pits before taking to the grid as well where you can also do the practise starts. Just needs to be a highlighted area at the end of the pits you drive to which then engages a practise start. Would be awesome IMO.
  22. martbloke

    Career mode is now broken!

    So Red Bull, Merc, Ferrari, Alpha, Renault and Racing Point all look to have natural looking R&D in your pic. I'm assuming there were no transfers in these teams and do they have Butler in them? (I'm suspecting not). Williams insanity is likely due to either transfers happening with them or the fact that Weber is a driver there. I'm certain they try and keep Weber and Butler competitive vs you in order to keep up the rivalry. But transfers definitely seem to bump R&D for affected teams.
  23. martbloke

    Race start

    Surely it's also to do with how much traction the AI has in game allowing greater acceleration. From what I'm hearing from people, they have immense traction which is helping them with corner speed & exit allowing them to appear OP on straight line speed too.