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  1. Maun0Mato

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Who the hell wants to play historic mode? It has no progression and cars are absolute trash. 90% of the actual game content is unavailable, progress is not saved, some even lost their progress altogether ( like even the progress before this server issue ), patience is not something anyone should ask for in this case.
  2. Maun0Mato

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Took 45 minutes to finish a 4 stage rally due to service not being available, probably lost all progress too. F this I'm going for a refund even though I've exceeded the 2 hours, most of it has been complete BS. Lol, even the picture upload on this forum fails and had to retry...
  3. Maun0Mato

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Finally decided to pick this up and give it a chance, had few hours to play yesterday and and figured I'd play some more after work, think again... Not he best start. Why on earth single player career mode requires online mode is beyond me, just make a separate time trial mode or some **** that people can use to compete against each other, it's a small fraction of the players who actually care where they land on the global leaderboards.
  4. Maun0Mato

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    - Test track with gravel and tarmac and the ability to pit in and change the setup on that said track would be nice. - Time for some mud, New Zealand or Indonesia with some monsoon rain?
  5. Maun0Mato

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I must say, I really disagree with your points about Monte Carlo. Especially that last bit about seeing what's on the road: that's the whole point t of Monte Carlo - it's unpredictable and you never quite know what the surface will be or how much grip you have. The audio clues they give when you're on ice are very kind in DiRT Rally IMO. Audio clues? I play with headset and only difference I hear is when I go on full snow/ice compared to tarmac and there you obviously have visual clues too... However the texture quality of the roads are so poor that you can't tell the difference from ice/water/dry. I get the unpredictable part, immersion and all that crap, but If I drive on a road in broad daylight, I'll notice the difference unless it's black ice, which it's not in this game, it's just poor textures which also don't look that good in general. Same goes for Greece, I can't tell the difference from light/medium/heavy gravel, I'm running max details on road too so... Edit: Probably brought up already but can we get rid of the adamantium signs that are fused into bedrock and bushes made of titanium? Move the signs further from the edge of the road or something, some of them have very akward positions compared to the driving lines.
  6. Maun0Mato

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    - Make the cars not feel like 18 wheelers when you hit snow. A car weighing around 1000kg and with 300-500HP should not have that little grip, in game especially the 2WD suffer from ridiculous understeer. I know it's supposed to be slippery, but the effect is way too exaggerated... 4WD don't suffer that much but they suffer from some weird power loss when hitting a power slide, should also not happen with a 300+ HP car, there's some weird lag of power no matter if you give them a lot or little throttle, one could argue that it's turbo lag but happens no matter revs... - I want to see what's on the road, in Monaco for example, it's hard to tell if it's wet asphalt, ice or just darker parts of the road. - LSD is whack, not sure what's going on with this one, but on default settings the LSD just randomly locks the wheels even without them spinning ( at least they seem not to from visual/audio feedback ). Makes cars, especially RWDs very unpredictable, no matter speed or throttle input... Also, can we get an option to not have an LSD at all? Or maybe it's the co-driver pulling the E-brake... Make him stop. - Tire options? This is Rally... - Less random bumps on the road that aren't there visually ( especially in Greece ), sometimes get thrown off the road or flipped by stuff that's not there on the screen. - Why does the brakes turn into a handbrake if you make it go 1 notch below 50/50? It goes from heavy front brakes to instant handbrake.